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Tips for getting customer support live chat working smoothly

No one likes having to interrupt their game time to contact customer support, but doing an online chat with is at least slightly less painful than waiting on hold to talk on the phone. However, browser snafus can ruin the chat experience which makes your wait even longer. Fortunately, CS rep Araxom has some tips on avoiding chat trouble, which is commonly caused by pop-up blockers. So before you try to start a live chat, here's what you should do: Now you're ready to chat! Just head over to the North American or European Support Portal, answer a few questions about the problem you're having, and then select Live Chat. Good luck!

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Class design and balance Q&A session coming this Wednesday

Q & A
Hot off the heels of its wildly successful Mists of Pandaria live Q&A, the WoW dev team plans to hold another online Q&A, this time on the subject of class design and balance. Community Manager Zarhym's just announced that it will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 9, from 10:45 a.m. to noon PST. The chat will be held on CoverItLive, hosted by Bashiok and Zarhym. Answering questions will be Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street along with Celestalon, Koraa, Watcher, Wradyx, and Xelnath.

As with the last Q&A, the chat will use the CoverItLive system, so make sure you're signed up and familiar with it if you want to ask a question. Check after the break for the text of the announcement.

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Mists of Pandaria live developer Q&A transcript

Blizzard held a Mists of Pandaria live developer Q&A this evening. It was moderated by Community Manager Zarhym, with most of the questions being answered by Cory "Mumper" Stockton and Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street. The questions ran the gamut from serious to silly and offered a lot of great insight into the upcoming expansion and the inner workings of the development team. Highlights include, but are not limited to:
  • The new Pandaria faction hubs
  • New guild levels and perks
  • New talent system
  • Pet Battle system, including a possible spectator mode
  • The possible abolishing of prime glyphs
  • Ghostcrawler's feelings on #OccupyGregStreet
  • Matticus. Just ... Matticus.
The developers have already expressed interest in holding more of these chats, and I know I'm all in favor of it. For more information on the content of this evening's chat, check the official site, or stick with us after the break for a complete transcript.

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WoW Insider Show today at 1pm Eastern

Our podcast is kicking off the weekend today at a special time -- I'm heading off to Gen Con this weekend, so we're recording the show live this afternoon at 1pm Eastern. Along for the ride will be Lesley Smith and The T, and we might even have another special guest or two in the mix -- tune in and find out. We'll be chatting about all of the biggest news of the past week in Warcraft, including the leaks about the new expansion, Cataclysm, Icecrown and how big it'll be, what to expect at BlizzCon next week, and the return of a certain black dragon.

Plus, we'll answer your emails, so feel free to send anything you'd like us to talk about to, and you might even hear it on today's show. It all kicks off this afternoon at August 13, 2009 1:00 PM EDT over on our Ustream page, or, as always, you can find the embedded stream after the break below. See you there!

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If you're around this evening and want to listen in to some extra podcast discussion, head on over to the Twisted Nether Blogcast page around 9:30 pm PST this evening -- our friends Fimlys and Nibuca of TNB have asked me to join them on their podcast, and it's sure to be a good time. We'll be chatting live with listeners, too, so if you've ever had questions about how we do things on the site or haven't been able to listen in to our own podcast, now's your chance.

And speaking of the Twisted Nether Blogcast, they're also holding their own meetup at BlizzCon, just a few weeks away. Ours is on Thursday, but if you're around on Friday night, you'll be able to stop on by the Anabella again, and say hi to lots of great folks from the WoW community. Both Turpster and I will be there for sure, and there'll probably be at least a few other staff members in attendance as well, so it should be a really fun night.

And even that's not all -- our very own Turpster is also set to make an appearance on Rawrcast's live BlizzCon show on Saturday night of that weekend, where he'll likely be talking about everything we've seen at the convention, as well as helping out with some quality giveaways. Lots of great events and shows are being put on by the community around BlizzCon, and of course we're really happy to be a part of them.

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The Guild season 2 finale

Yes, The Guild season 2 finale is out now on MSN Video and Xbox Live, and it's a good one. There's revelations, revenges, an epic battle, and even some spiritual reflection on Vork's part. And it's probably fair to say that after this episode, The Guild will never be the same.

That's it for this season, but The Guild isn't going anywhere -- they're planning a live Ustream chat this evening with the cast and crew to talk about the season and the future of the show. This season's episodes should also be "unlocked" from Microsoft soon, so they should be showing up on YouTube as well.

We'll be watching, as usual, and we'll bring you news of the third season when we hear it. It's safe to say this season and the big Microsoft experiment turned out to be a big success (despite a few complaints about the exclusivity), so hopefully we'll hear more on what's next soon.

Thanks, Savant!

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All Things Azeroth holds a few contests for their 100th episode

Our good friend Medros is just about to hit episode 100 of his podcast, All Things Azeroth (and come to think of it, our podcast isn't that far off, either), and to celebrate, he's doing one of our favorite things: giving stuff away. He's got two different contests going on. The first one is giving away a Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit (made with love by Papa Hummel himself), and to win that one, you've got to listen during the 100th show and be in the live chat, which starts at 8pm EST next Monday.

And the second contest starts right now: Medros wants your best WoW screenshot -- drop him an email (the address is on his site) with the screenshot attached, and they're choosing the best one to win a copy of all three soundtracks from the Collector's Editions of the game. Very cool -- this isn't that big soundtrack set, as we understand it. This is the actual soundtrack CDs from each of the Collector's Editions. Nice prize for sure.

You don't have to be listening to the show for that second prize, but if you're around next Monday night, be sure to tune in and give him a listen. Congrats to Medros and All Things Azeroth on the 100th episode of their show -- here's to many more!

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