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Login server issues this evening

Many players are getting login server errors when trying to get into the live servers, the beta servers or when attempting to pre-order their copies of Cataclysm. Blizzard says that it is a known issue.

This is a known issue. We are working on getting this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We'll keep you up to date with any developments.

Update 8:45 p.m. EDT: Many are reporting that the login servers are working again, however is down for maintenance.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this tip in!]

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Solutions for login issues

We are continuing to get tips from readers that they are having login issues. If you are one of the many still having trouble logging in, commenter tknogk suggested flushing your DNS and Blizzard has backed this up with more detailed advice.

Blue poster, Syndri, suggests three possible resolutions for the login problems:
  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Flush your DNS cache.
  3. Power cycle your modem and/or router.
If none of these solutions solve your problem, Syndri seems to be closely monitoring the login server down post in the Technical Support Forums and you may be able to get further help by posting in there.

Please let us know in the comments if this solved your login issues.

Edited to add:
Blizzard is not saying it is the fault of the people having problems. They made changes on their end and we just need to update things on our end in order to be able to connect properly again.

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The login server is currently busy [Updated]

Many people have been writing into our tip line that they are unable to log in to their servers at this time. Both Battle.Net and non-Battle.Net users are complaining that authentication is down for them. I received the above error message myself, however my husband is able to log in just fine.

We'll keep you updated should Blizzard say anything officially or other developments arise. In the meantime, I will be trying again later as the message asks me to do.

Update 7:46PM: Most people are reporting that the authentication issues are fixed.

Update: The following message is currently displayed upon login.

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Official connection issues support page

There have been a lot of login server related issues lately with accounts, and from all indication they don't all seem to be for the same reasons. Tom may not have the same issue as Sally who isn't necessarily getting the same error message as Jimbo. As much as the problems are annoying me, the more widespread problems tend to clear up pretty quickly. Usually. For some of the odd, lingering issues you may run into, Blizzard's Support page has added a section for connection issues within World of Warcraft with some common solutions. Note that these won't necessarily fix every issue that crops up with the login servers, but it should solve some of them!

The most common solution that seems to work out for people is the suggested edit to the file, using something like Notepad. Look for the Data folder within your World of Warcraft folder, open it up, then open with a simple text editor. Check to be sure all four of these lines are contained within:

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There appears to be another round of login server issues tonight, and the many reports flooding into our inboxes here at WoW Insider suggest that this problem is exclusive to merged accounts. As you can see by the error message above, my account is having the same problem.

Now, I've been one of the louder advocates about switching to account amongst my guildmates and the other WoW Insider writers, I absolutely think it's a great concept. Just as I fully support Steam, I support any Steam-esque services of a decent quality. This here? Quickly losing my favor. If the error message above is truly what it implies, that the login server is failing due to heavy traffic, I must repeat what we've said the last dozen times something on Blizzard's end has fallen apart due to too much traffic: Come on, really? You underestimated your service's popularity? Again?

If there are any further chapters to this story before it's fixed this evening, we'll be sure to let you know.

Update: The error is getting more sporadic as the night wears on, so I'm personally going to assume that it is, indeed, a traffic issue. None of us know that for a fact, of course. Still, if you try now, you'll have better luck getting in than you did a short while ago.

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Authentication server and official forums down [UPDATED x10]

As of 4 PM EST (WoW Insider's timezone), it seems that the authentication servers are down for the count. It's very likely this is related to the midday rolling restarts they were planning for many realms, but we don't know for sure at this point. Along with the login servers, the official forums are down as well. That's pretty expected, as the two generally go hand in hand.

How long will these two stay down? We don't really know, but hopefully it won't be terrible long. We're coming dangerously close to primetime, so I suspect that things might get worse before they get better if the authentication server doesn't come up within the next hour or so. Hopefully it will be solved much more quickly, though.

Keep an eye on this spot, and we'll let you know if we learn anymore. All updates will be behind the cut below.

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