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Breakfast Topic: We need more WoW lolcats

Lolcats are somewhat an internet tradition at this point. They've passed beyond the realm of mere meme. They've transcended that status. No, they've ascended from that status. Lolcats are something special; a viral imprint on our collective unconscious, communicating in a strange, instinct-driven pidgin that idealogically appeals to both the young and the old.They are the zeitgeist of the troll heavy internet, reaching out for a simpler, more pure time.

Which makes it odd, to me, that we haven't seen more WoW lolcats. Sure. There's "Leeroy Cat." There's that awfully cute baby screaming "For the Horde!" He comes in both flesh color and in orc green color. (I've always kind of hoped his parents are okay with him being the iconic Hordebaby, because I think he's never going to live that down.) And I recall the one cat who talks about being in my account, sharding my purples. But that's about it for the iconic, WoW related lolcats.

And that can't be right. I'm clearly wrong here. You folks know some good WoWcats, right? And, if there is, in fact, some black hole out there, sucking our WoWcats into its vortex with the life-sucking void of a goateed hipster on an emo bender, then we're going to do something about it. Right? Right? Because, it just doesn't seem right to me.

Show me your WoWcats! We needs them, my precious!

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Breakfast Topic: Inexplicable dislikes

Last Monday, we did a breakfast topic on things you like in WoW that other people don't understand. Today, let's talk about the opposite: things you hate that other people don't get, or that maybe don't make any sense at all. You know - that thing that just irks you for no apparent reason.

As an example, I hate partially filling a talent, like going 3/5 in something. Can't stand it. I'm enough of a min/maxer that I'll still do it if I think it'll help my game appreciably, but when leveling (for instance) I'll go out of my way to avoid doing it.

I don't like Blacksmithing or Engineering, for some reason. I've tried them on several characters, and always ended up dropping them for another gathering skill. And it bothers me to no end that when you log out via /camp there's no way to skip the 20-second "you're not in an inn" timer (even at level 80), but there is when you log out via /quit.

So those are some of mine. What are you senselessly bothered by in WoW?

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The lolcats have been lifted

It's now safe to go back to the forums -- the "lolcats," "lolwut"s, "lolz," and all of the other nonsense Blizzard put in players' posts have been deleted, finally. Blizzard hasn't given any hint why it took so long -- of course there's the chance that they just let the joke go on long enough (and trust me, you shouldn't be too angry at anyone who pushes an April Fool's Day joke longer than you think it should go), but it seems a little more likely that the folks in charge of the joke stumbled a little bit -- for a while there, it seemed like we might have "lolz" forever.

But no, things are back to normal, and all of the "lol wut"s that you see on the forums are players' own fault.

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WoW Moviewatch: Lolwowcats

Voodooray has been a busy guy this week. Fresh off the success of Voyage comes lolwowcats, a condensed history of WoW ... illustrated with lolcats. I'm not much of a fan of captioned kittens, but I know that they have a devoted fanbase, so here you go!


Previously on Moviewatch ...

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Breakfast Topic: What does that mean?

The people who play WoW share a common set of experiences and they naturally tend to talk a lot about these things in shortened language, using terms that most everyone in the game learns pretty quickly. In addition, WoW players are denizens of this larger group of people who just use the Internet and have developed many special ways of talking about that as well.

But we often forget that some people coming newly to the game (or even the Internet) may have no idea what we're talking about. Also a lot of us learn the meanings of words like "pwnage" and "noob" without ever actually learning where these words come from.

Are there any specialized words in the WoW community that, to this day, don't make any sense to you? Are there some words that you think you understand a little but not very much? Which words do you understand completely but wonder about how they came to be used this way?

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Forum post of the day: I can has WoW

Anyone who's spent way too much time on the internet has seen the phenomenon of lolcats -- pictures of cats doing funny things with leetspeak text underneath them. Fane of Tichondrius posted a challenge to WoW forumgoers to come up with their own, wow-related lolcats by using the lolcat generator. Most of the pictures are admittedly pretty meh, but there were a few gems, which I've hosted beneath the cut.

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