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WoW Insider Show Episode 113: LFG with a vengeance

We had a fun show as always on our podcast last Saturday -- Gregg Reece joined Turpster and I to talk about the most popular stories of the last week. We talked at length about Hallow's End and how it's going for everybody, the new LFG system coming to patch 3.3 and what to expect in there, as well as last week's developer chat on Twitter and whether or not Blizzard should do it again.

And of course we answered your emails, and actually went longer than I think we ever have before. Not three hours long -- we're only doing that if we can get 25,000 followers on Twitter (and hey, though we're not there yet, we're actually moving pretty steadily towards that). But it was a nice long show this past week, full of the usual information and fun. Hit it up to listen on any of the links below, and enjoy -- we'll be back next Saturday afternoon as usual.

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Long, exceptional, and hidden questlines

A query on the forums for what the longest questline in the game might be brings up this amazing page over on WoW Wiki-- a great collection of "long, exceptional, or hidden questlines" in the World of Warcraft. We've covered pretty much all of these quests before (including this cool compendium of quests you've got to do if you haven't done yet at 70), but this is a great and well-written guide to (mostly) higher level quests that have to be done to be believed.

As for the actual longest questline, it appears to be the "Fallen Hero of the Horde" line (that Alliance can do as well)-- it starts around level 50, and rolls all the way around the world and up to level 60. But I actually agree with some of the other posters in that thread-- while Fallen Hero is actually a great quest, the longest, most annoying questline in the game is probably the Dungeon Set 2 quests (also known as the Tier 0.5) armor. Back in the days of 60, Blizzard wanted to give players a way to obtain Epic armor without raiding, so they invented a long, grueling questline (with multiple branching paths) that would let you upgrade your first set (Tier 0) armor, piece by piece, into an Epic, eight piece set. I never made it any farther than the bracers, although I know for a fact that lots of folks got the whole thing done (and this was after completing the eight piece Tier 0 set in the first place). As long as the Fallen Hero questline is, I believe the Tier 0.5 questline wins, if only because it seems so much longer.

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