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WoW geek love brings two players together on a reality show

While I'm loathe to promote the tired idea of WoW gamers being lonely, misanthropic geeks without the ability to connect normally with normal people ... this video is kind of hilarious.

Essentially, two contestants on this speed dating show were failing to achieve chemistry when they discovered a mutual love of WoW! With this common ground firmly in place, the two spontaneously had a successful conversation about characters, raiding, and the game in general.

While I'm not ready to say this video proves how awesome WoW performs as a social dating tool, it's still kind of cute to see two reality show peeps suddenly start chatting about raids. I wasn't entirely shocked to see the chap's a WoW player, though -- that hair is straight out of the sin'dorei catalog.

[Thanks to many, many for the tip!]

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The Call of Nyorloth: Your favorite Azerothian relationships

Nyorloth, the newest blue poster on the forums and a lore specialist, has already opened up the floor for lore discussion with a great topic for Love is in the Air. There are many types of relationships all over Azeroth, from romantic to bromantic, friendly to rivalrous. The question is which work the best?

I think my favorite relationship in Cataclysm was the father/son bonding and relationship building that went on between Eitrigg and his son Ariok. Eitrigg seems to want to bring his son along for the ride as he redeems his people and weeds out the bad blood amongst the Blackrock clan. Ariok is proud to serve under his father, and that relationship feels real, honest, and not forced. Just a father and son doing something together that they love -- subterfuge and war.

Head on over to the thread and help out Nyorloth with his first post on the lore forums. Another hearty welcome to Nyorloth!

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