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Breakfast Topic: Do you have qualms about playing the other faction?

Horde and Alliance crests
This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Talk to any self-proclaimed altoholic: They'll tell you stories of rolling characters on both sides of the two factions that split the World of Warcraft. For many, their attachment to one side or the other is merely dependent on "What do I want to play today?" However, for me, playing the other faction has some serious consequences: pangs of agony, nervous twitches, tummy trouble, you name it.

I started WoW on one side but quickly found myself tempted to try the other (I heard they had cookies) and never looked back for years. I filled out all 10 slots with the faction I loved. Seven 85s later, I get the whisper from my officers that they are swapping sides as a pet project. The worst of all isn't really that I'd consider playing the dark side again; it's that my closest of guildies are happily getting entrenched. Lured by the real-life friend of another, lo and behold, they found a level 25 guild that would gladly receive some potential recruits... and now my guildies want me to join them, too.

Now don't get me wrong -- I don't deny the opposite faction their right to exist (well, except every time I get killed in Tol Barad), but it feels so completely wrong to be rolling this character (not to mention having to delete my mid-30s mage). What about you? Have you ever had a question of conscience to even begin to create a character of the opposite faction?

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Breakfast Topic: Does your guild membership depend on guild perks?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

A few months ago, there were no such things as guild levels, guild perks, or guild reputation (except for on beta, maybe). We had good old-fashioned guilds, without levels or perks, full of players who stuck together purely out of common goals in raiding, PvP, etc., or just to enjoy each other's company. Hopefully, you were in a guild that matched both of those criteria.

Now, we have guilds that can level and gain some pretty impressive perks. Perks include bonuses to experience, honor, justice points gained, increased mount speed and more. In order to gain some of the benefits of guild membership, you have to gain reputation with the guild. This isn't like the old days, when your guild perks were being able to raid or PvP with the guild or when guild "rep" was making sure the other members and officers liked you.

I've been in the same guild around two years now, which is about 80 percent of my WoW history. I tried a couple before my current guild and found some to be too casual (accomplishing nothing) or too pro (full of jerks). My guild now sees all the content when it's relevant, including 9/12 heroic ICC on six hours per week of raiding and with a two- to three-month break from raiding as a guild. I enjoy the mix of the great atmosphere with what we can accomplish.

The guild perks are for me, well, just perks. Even if it took years to hit guild level 25, I'd stick where I am. On the other hand, I know a good raider who guild hops almost bimonthly to ensure he is in the best position for raiding and other achievements. What about you? Are you loyal to your guild for what it is, who the players are, or do you need the perks?

What is the most important factor keeping you in your current guild?
Its playstyle and activities.1575 (16.7%)
The people in it.6901 (73.1%)
The guild perks and achievements it earns.959 (10.2%)

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Officers' Quarters: Super PUG showdown

Every Monday Scott Andrews contributes Officers' Quarters, a column about the ins and outs of guild leadership.

These days, even smaller guilds want to -- and can! -- run 25-player raids through guild alliances and PUGs. ToC was easily puggable, particularly since it was a short, simple run that could be completed in about 90 minutes or less for most groups.

ICC is proving to be more difficult. And, of course, it's far longer and more intricate than ToC. Even so, the early bosses can all be mastered by a competent PUG. This week's e-mail deals with an extremely successful and long-standing PUG whose leader suddenly wants to change the way it works.

Hi Scott,

Some real life friends and I are a part of what I think of as a "Super PUG." We're in a group of about 30 people spread among six guilds who raid together every week. Raiding only once a week for four hours maximum, our PUG downs bosses that real guilds sometimes never see. If we were a guild, we would be one of the top 5 horde guilds on our server.

Most of our success can be attributed to our main tank and raid leader. He's extremely patient and very effective at getting the group organized and rolling. He's the one who collected the names of the best players he pugged with and got us all together. We all have a lot of respect and gratitude for him and for the opportunities that he's given the group as a whole.

He's also the leader of the biggest guild in the raid at about half the members. Lately he has been making noise about wanting all of the raiders to join his guild. The reasons why aren't really clear to us, but for some reason he feels it's important. Cataclysm maybe? He's always tried to recruit us, but lately he's started getting... aggressive.

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Reminder: Declare your loyalty to enter to win a T-shirt from SwagDog!

Have you declared your faction yet? and WoW Insider are teaming up to give away a trio of their custom t-shirts -- to enter, you've just got to leave a comment on our post from earlier this week (not this post -- leaving a comment on this post gets you nothing but a grimy sense of self-satisfaction), and make sure you declare your loyalty to the Alliance or Horde.

Why? Because we're giving away three custom-designed t-shirts in total -- one to a random Ally, one to a random Hordie, and a third to a random commenter of the faction with the most supporters. If more Alliance comment, they'll get the third t-shirt, or if more people shout that they're "For the Horde," then an Orc, Troll, Forsaken, Tauren, or Blood Elf will get the extra freebie. We haven't tallied all of the comments yet, but I believe (this is an unofficial estimate) that the Horde currently have a slight advantage. So if you're Alliance, or you have some Alliance guildies who haven't commented yet, tell them to "grab your sword and fight the Horde!" and send them over to the post. Or if you're Horde, you might want to try and solidify your lead.

The contest ends tomorrow night, Friday the 3rd, at midnight, so while you can only comment once (remember, on that post, not this one), you've only got a day left if you want to get your comment in. Good luck!

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Forum post of the day: I'm just not that into you

Tymestryker of Aerie Peak is frustrated because players are leaving his guild. Despite his loyalty to the guild and the effort he's put into the guild, he's facing some significant churn. His guild, though apparently a friendly, social place lacks in endgame experience. He seems to be taking it personally that people are leaving for guilds in endgame progression. He feels that others should share his loyalty.

Many responders pointed out that heart only goes so far in World of Warcraft, but there's a lot more to the game. Most successful guilds have a purpose, maybe doing regular raids or being the best they can be at PvP. Some suggested that the original poster chose not to take the situation personally.

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Forum post of the day: Vicarious' legend

That was odd. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of hunters suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.


It was inevitable, it had to happen. Someday, the legendary bow, Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury would be handed over to a Rogue. It so happens this fantastic weapon dropped to the Vicarious guild of Area 52. Analogkid was awarded the bow in the company of two Hunters. Needless to say the Hunters are upset, and the post brought about an outcry from many posters along with a considerable amount of drama. Many believe that this bow belongs in the hands of Hunters, regardless of the situation.

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Wrath Beta Patch Notes: Hunter

By now, I am sure you've heard that the Wrath of the Lich King Beta is going live and the patch notes are up. There's a rather extensive section devoted to Hunters on this iteration. We have a few more insights into the pet talent trees that were announced at the Worldwide Invitational, as well as a few changes to existing talents and a nice Steady Shot buff.

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Time requirements for Hunter pet loyalty gain

Even more news about pet loyalty from Mania for Hunters everywhere. She's been sitting with a stopwatch and a pen and paper and figuring out exactly how long it takes to become Best Friends with that Ravager you just tamed, and the results (so far) are above.

Basically, to gain a loyalty level, your pet needs to, no matter what, gain at least 5% of the XP you, the Hunter, needs for your next level. This is required even if your pet is your level (which means they aren't actually gaining the XP). But there's also a time component on every loyalty level past Unruly. For example, to get to level 4 from level 5, you not only need the experience gain, but an hour must pass. This, as Mania says, is why sometimes your pet will ding loyalty while you're standing around in town-- you've gained the experience, but the time has to pass as well.

She's not done yet-- she needs (or someone with some time on their hands could do it as well-- Mania's going through a move lately) to check out if the experience stays the same all the way to 70, or if it increases at the higher levels. She also didn't try this keeping the pet anything other than happy, so the numbers may change if the pet isn't at full happiness. And she didn't explore, at all, what happens when the pet loses loyalty-- if your pet has dropped a level of loyalty, it may be a completely different formula to regain it.

But great work so far, and this is more than enough to give any Hunter a clear idea of how loyalty works in most cases.

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The hidden formula behind pet loyalty

Mania's Arcania continues its look at pet loyalty and the mechanics of how it works. Last time, she found that tamed pets would stick around for 30 minutes no matter what you do, and this time around she went the other way-- up to loyalty level two, Unruly.

Basically, using a newly tamed pet, a stopwatch, and a notepad, she determined that in order for a pet to go from loyalty level 1 (Rebellious) to level 2 (Unruly), the pet needs to gain 5% of the experience the Hunter needs for his next level. So a level 11 hunter needs 8800 experience to get to 12, which means a pet (of any level and family) needs to kill for 440 XP (5% of 8800) to go up a loyalty level with that Hunter.

Interesting. And the formula apparently works even when the pet isn't actually earning experience (ie when your pet is the same level as you are). However (and this is a big however), time is also playing a factor, and Mania's not exactly how it does-- she let her pet sit happy for a few hours, and then on the very next kill, the loyalty level went up. So it seems to be some combo of experience earned together and time (where more experience or more time can replace the other if necessary), but the exact numbers aren't there yet.

At any rate, good stuff, and Mania is being really thorough with it. If you're a Hunter who changes pets often, it's worth a read.

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Tamed pets will stay for 30 minutes

Mania's Arcania has been doing some experimenting with tamed pets on the PTR, and she's got a few great tips for all you hunters picking up new pets. First and foremost, apparently any pet you tame, no matter how happy it is or how often its fed, will stick around with you for at least 30 minutes, so if you tame a new pet and don't have food for it, you've got that long to find some. Dismissing a pet or having it die actually stops that timer, too, so if you don't have food and the time is about to run out, you can dismiss the pet, and then recall it when you have food to feed it.

She's also looked at some more technical information on how quickly pet health returns after various kinds of dismissals-- in most cases, it looks like your pet actually comes back with a lower percentage of health, which then ticks back up to full in just a second. Probably won't affect most Hunters, although a few of the situation she goes through sound like battleground PvP to me, and it could be that Hunters there are using their pets so quickly that it might make a difference. More testing is on the way, she says.

But at least the taming schedule will probably help Hunters who end up grabbing a rare spawn as a pet and then realize they don't have the food to feed them. We've got more breathing room than we knew we had.

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Guild size matters not, judge us by our size do you?

Our guild isn't large by any means. In fact, we're a tiny guild, although that's not for want of effort. The Rogue Knights has been around on Elune since beta, and has had a constant stream of very good players throughout our time on the realm. However, a while back a group of players decided to leave the guild, and since then we haven't quite recovered. How can a few simple people make the difference? Well, these players have gone on to form the core players in some of the largest guilds on the server, so you can see how that might affect our guild.

Another reason we are still small is simple: we have standards. Not to say other guilds don't have standards, it's just that we are the sort of people that expect people to spell out their words in guild chat, to be kind and courteous to other players while in Azeroth, and expect them to help others whenever possible. These may sound like basic rules, but I have personally had to boot people from our guild for acts in instances or general chat that simply aren't nice. What this means is that the players that don't do these things, the gankers and the ninjas who happen to get invited to the guild, eventually these people leave the guild, either by themselves or by force. I see many of these players around the realm in my travels, and it is interesting how often they guild hop in their time in WoW.

I think it comes down to expectations of players. Some guilds will accept players based on their class, gear, etc. Our guild, being the ultimate of casual groups, tends to focus on how the player interacts with others, in the guild and outside the guild. What this all means, really, is that in the end, there is room for everyone in WoW, but not everyone in a guild. While some guilds focus on player attendance, others focus on player interaction, and still others focus on nothing at all. What a wonderful virtual world, in which everyone is accepted, and all find a home. No, we can't all be in raiding guilds, but not all of us want to be in one.

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