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Breakfast Topic: That one dumb thing that always happens to you

Breakfast Topic That one dumb luck thing that always happens to YOU
Sometimes, it's hard not to wonder if some other player out there somewhere isn't hogging all your luck. Is the zeppelin always leaving just as you pop out of the top of the tower? Do your groups learn about knockback effects from watching you get knocked off cliffs, ledges, platforms? Does all your soil seem to hide Squatting Virmen? Do all your unsold auctions come back the moment you leave town? Let's not even talk about loot rolls.

You've already heard about my stellar lack of luck with phasing mechanics. That was a big deal -- but wanna know what small but annoying little thing always happens to me? The only time I get free time plus the inclination to play WoW during work hours is during maintenance. I used to think I was just being silly and not noticing that my schedule is lighter on Tuesday mornings -- only it's not. Tuesdays are logjammed with some of the most intense writing deadlines of my week. So why would I expect to be able to grab some WoW time on a Tuesday morning? Yet miraculously, when I find myself with just enough free time some morning to log in and toss back some dailies, it's Tuesday. What the heck?! Eventually, I began to notice that if I tried to log in late some afternoon on evening when I don't usually play, there would be some sort of emergency maintenance. I'm just not destined to play WoW at nontraditional-for-me times.

Is there some annoying little thing that always seems to buzz in and sting you in game? Something so seemingly inconsequential (if not for the fact that it always seems to happen to you) that you almost feel embarrassed to mention it? Let's hear your bad luck trials and tribulations, fellow sufferers.

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Breakfast Topic: When it drops it's like magic

There are drops that just seem to elude you. One of those for me was The Sun Eater. It wouldn't drop and wouldn't drop and wouldn't drop and then, finally, on a run I didn't even want to go on there it was. And then the rogue took it and I had to run it another 20 or so times before I actually got it. Not that I'm still bitter about that. Well, okay, I totally am. As in, if I ever get control of an orbital weapons platform and find out where that guy lives, well, there would be stuff raining from the sky.

Last night however I had the opposite experience. Last night, Lana'thel dropped my new precious. Amazingly, no rogues took it, and so I'm wandering around wearing the door from Satan's own El Camino as a shield. It's pretty much been the drop I've wanted the most from ICC ever since it opened up and I'm ridiculously, deliriously happy with it. (SInce I never saw the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark or Bulwark of Azzinoth drop, it's also the best looking shield I've ever had.) So in my state of giddy glee I move to ask you, have you had that surge of relief when something finally dropped lately? What was it?

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Breakfast Topic: Insane luck

My wife just got an Eye of the Sea from her fishing daily quest reward. Yesterday, she got the Weather-beaten Fishing Hat and last week, on the second day of Patch 2.4, she picked up The 2 Ring. She fished Mr. Pinchy mere hours after she had the skill to fish in the pools around Skettis, while we'd met anglers who had been after him for weeks. She also gets at least one Badge of Justice a day from Shattered Sun Supplies. I, on the other hand, have gotten only one on either of my two 70s despite doing all the daily quests since the patch went live. Whenever we do drop quests, she always finishes before I do even when I start killing before she does. I guess you could say the RNG, or Random Number Generator, has taken a liking to her.

The RNG hates me. I ran Heroic Slave Pens and Steam Vaults enough times to get to Exalted with Cenarion Expedition but never saw the Pauldrons of Wild Magic or Wave-Fury Vambraces drop for my Shaman, who was Elemental at the time. I guess this is also why I just PvP, because I have the kind of luck that Dan asked about in an another Breakfast Topic. Here's the flip question -- do you know anyone with insane luck? Someone who gets a quest drop on the first kill, perhaps, or even the luck of finding really cheap stuff on the AH? I've mispriced wares on the AH as Silver instead of Gold (alright, that's more stupidity than bad luck, but hey...) while other people find those exact misplaced wares. So, who's lucky around here?

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Breakfast Topic: Lucky loot and other personal practices

In a world of dice rolls and random number generators, its not too strange to get a little superstitious. Like we've touched on before, every raid has their own dark rituals they perform before or during a raid, whether that be rolling dice to predict success or sacrificing their enhancement shaman to the loot gods. But what about the players?

Personally, when my raid hits a roadblock against some boss, I equip my good luck charm. I've used it in all of our "big" firsts: Lady Vashj, Kael'thas, and Archimonde have all fallen to the might of the Shard of the Fallen Star. I'm sure my raidmates are tired of seeing that thing in the middle of an epic battle, but it works, so don't knock it! Besides, a giant meteor falling out of the sky and hitting Archimonde is totally awesome.

I've seen mages equipping their fishing hats for specific bosses and warlocks summoning their favorite demon, no matter how useless it is, when they're in need of a little good luck. What about you guys? Do you do anything special to shed the bad mojo?

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Superstitions in WoW

The Daedelus project recently posted an article dealing with MMORPGs and the superstitions we build as we play the games. Seeing as how we as people love to finding meaning in seemingly random events, World of Warcraft has its fair share of superstitious players. I might even go so far as to say we all are superstitious about some things within the game. Despite the prevalence of superstitions in game, we always seem to see others' quirks as crazier than our own. Now we're not talking about religion or spirituality here, we are talking about how players create meaning where there is none. Here are just a few examples that Daedelus brought up:

The spawn dance

There are many players out there that subscribe to the particular belief *cough* Maelis *cough* that a special dance will help mobs spawn faster. I have never myself attempted to use a spawn dance, but I have found that I tend to run in a clockwise direction when I am farming because somehow the mobs seem to spawn faster. Or perhaps it's just because I can't turn left.

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Lucky you

When I came upon this post in the Raids and Dungeons forum, I had to laugh. The guild Dissension on Bleeding Hollow apparently got three Rejuvenating Gems -- each about a 5 percent drop off the three drakes in Blackwing Lair -- on one run. The funny thing is, the exact same thing happened to my guild this summer before we could even clear BWL. One of our healers thought it was funny and told a real-life friend of his, who happened to be in another raiding guild on our server. That guild would not talk to us for several days, aside from random "I HATE YOU SO MUCH" tells from their druids, priests and shamans. The same thing happened later in the summer, when we killed Nef and got three Ashkandis out of our first four kills.

I did the math on the Rejuv Gem drops and it came out to be about a one in six thousand, five hundred chance occurrence. (Please correct me if I'm wrong -- it's been a long time since I've been in a statistics class.) End of Days on Black Dragonflight reported an even more improbable loot table: four Talismans of Ephemeral Power off the four Molten Core bosses who drop them. This has a chance of happening in one out of every seven hundred and fifty thousand and change Molten Core clears.

Have you ever had a wildly improbable run of loot luck? And not an improbable run of not getting loot -- sorry, there's going to be a lot of guilds out there still waiting for that last Wraith Blade or Bloodfang Chest. People who complain about "it must be our loot seed, we've never seen a Eye of Sulfuras" need to look up the phrase "random" in a dictionary, along with "two percent drop rate."

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