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Be sure to pick up a Macabre Marionette pet for Day of the Dead

Though this short post-Hallow's End holiday is often forgotten, you should be sure to check out Day of the Dead (which lasts from November 1-3rd) in order to pick up the Macabre Marionette. Previously the Marionette could only be used during the holiday, but this year it's a full-fledged battle pet to add to your collection.

To get started, go to your race's home city -- or try neutral cities Shattrath or Dalaran -- and head for the graveyard. There you'll find Catrina offering the quest The Grateful Dead. Follow a short quest chain and you'll wind up with your very own Macabre Marionette for the keeping. For a longer quest walkthrough, check out the Macabre Marionette writeup on WarcraftPets. And good luck -- though for a quest chain this simple, you probably won't need it.

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Day of the Dead has arrived for a limited time

Hot on the heels of Hallow's End is the Day of the Dead. This one-day event features one achievement, Dead Man's Party, that you can pick up for yourself simply by traveling to the nearest graveyard and dancing with Catrina.

In addition, the Day of the Dead does have a quest available -- but you have to work a little to find it. Purchase an Orange Marigold from Chapman, the Day of the Dead vendor, and use the item in the graveyard of your race's capital city to reveal a host of ghosts, including one with a quest to complete. The quest itself is simple, and it'll help you out on those achievements, too -- you will be asked to bake a bit of Bread of the Dead, a recipe that can be purchased from Chapman as well. Give the bread to the ghost, and you've got yourself a Macabre Marionette as a thank-you. This item requires Day of the Dead to use; it isn't a pet, just a fun friend to tag along with you on the holiday.

For those who may not have been able to do the quest last year, it seems this year those problems have been solved. I was able to complete the quest and get my marionette pal just fine this morning. Go nab your achievements, learn a new recipe and pick up a marionette of your own today ... because tomorrow, it'll all be gone!

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Day of the Dead known issues

Feeling a little disconnected with Day of the Dead? Is your head not fitting on your neck exactly right? No, it's not because of my lame attempts at two puns right there, but it is because of a series of known issues being acknowledged by Blizzard today. The major ones are as follows:
  • Macabre Marionette disappearing when changing zones (Fixed!)
  • Players being disconnected when retrieving Bread of the Dead or Candy Skulls from the mail, auction house, and guild banks (Fixed!)
  • The Day of the Dead costume may not last the full 12 hour duration
Blizzard doesn't want you to contact them about these issues, since the GMs can't help you with them. And while the disconnection issues, if it happens to you, could hinder your ability to complete the quests associated with the one day event -- it will not stop you from dancing with Catrina to get the achievement.

The full announcement from Blizzard after the break.

Update from the blues: "Update: Novermber 1, 2009 - 9:15 AM PST - A hotfix has been applied which will prevent various Day of the Dead items from disappearing while changing zones or retrieving items from the mail."

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