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Blizzard releases details for Diablo 3's big 1.0.4 patch

Blizzard releases details for Diablo III's big 104 patch
Blizzard has been promising for a while that Diablo III's patch 1.0.4 would be a Capital B D Big Deal for the game, and a blog post from developer Wyatt Cheng seems to reinforce that notion. What's missing from this particular post is specifics about the sweeping class changes the devs have been talking about, but apparently that's going to be a whole 'nother blog, so fear not.

Some major features of the patch are below, with the whole blog after the cut.
  • Magic find and gold find will no longer be averaged in multiplayer games.
  • Monster health will now be a flat increase of 75% health (per player), regardless of the game's difficulty level.
  • No more Out Of Time enrage timers on elites or healing to full after you die a few times.
  • Normal monster HP is increasing by a slight amount, but the chance of finding rare items on normal monsters is being increased by a factor of four.
  • To close the gap between normals and elites, elite HP will be reduced slightly.
  • Weapons of ilvl 61 and 62 can now roll weapon damage that extends to numbers currently reserved for ilvl 63+.
  • Use of two-handed weapons will be encouraged by new sets of affixes.
  • Repair costs of high-end items will be reduced by about 25%.
  • Problem affixes like Fire Chains and Shielding are being adjusted, and Invulnerable Minions is gone, baby, gone.
  • A tentative release date of the fourth week in August.

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Blizzard wants your Diablo 3 Magic Find feedback

Blizzard wants your Diablo 3 Magic Find feedback
Diablo III players have had a few weeks to get to level 60, and Blizzard's recent patch to smooth over some of the difficulty hikes has made sure that more adventurers than ever can hack and slash their way through Inferno, the game's ultimate difficulty level and best source of loot. Players have discovered that it's efficient to keep a second set of gear in their bags loaded up with Magic Find, the stat that boosts your chance to find rare items, and swap to it when Elite/Champion packs or bosses are at low health. Unlike WoW, loot is calculated when a creature dies, not when it spawns, thus allowing players to benefit both from the good stats on their main gear and the MF on the gear they switch to.

Blizzard considered this an unintended but allowable way to play; now that the method is well known out in the wild, though, players are feeling forced into playing this way, and the devs know it. To that end, they've announced that they're working on a solution to the gear swapping problem and explained a few of the choices they're mulling over, replete with pros and cons for each.

And they want your feedback! Comment on the blog post with your thoughts and which change you'd personally like to see. Keep in mind, though, that regardless of which change is made, the devs are planning to boost MF for everyone so that no one feels penalized by whichever change makes it to launch.

Full blog post and link, after the break.

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