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Magister's Terrace videos

Spoiler alert: this video shows a successful kill of Kael'thas, the final boss of the new 5-man Magister's Terrace in patch 2.4.

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What will we call Magister's Terrace?

MT = Mana Tombs.

MT = Main Tank.

MT = Mistell.

MT = Montana (well it does).

And now, we've got a new instance coming to the game called Magister's Terrace. And people are wondering the exact same thing I first thought when I heard that yesterday: what do we call it? Terrace? "5man Sunwell"? MagTer? MrT?

Sure it's not the most important issue in the game today. But someone's got to think of this stuff, or else we'll end up with:

[2. Trade]: Mohawk: LF1M need MT for MT. Whoops, MT, wrong channel.

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New Sunwell details from Swedish mag Level

Acacia sent a tip that Swedish magazine Level has released their annual WoW issue, and there are some juicy tidbits in there about patch 2.4, which as you probably know will feature the last expected instance before the next expansion, the Sunwell. Jeff Kaplan did the deed in an interview, and let us know that:
  • Sunwell Isle will be off the north coast of Silvermoon.
  • Magister's Terrace will be the 5-man instance, and the Sunwell Plateau will be the 25-man raid, designed to close off the Burning Crusade storyline (although Kaplan admits there are a few more stories in progress in case they need to delay Wrath at all)
  • There will be quests outside the dungeons, too, and they will tell the story of Tempest Keep
  • And with those quests, there will be a new faction, called the "Shattered Sun Offensive."
  • Finally, the limit of daily quests will raise in 2.4, from 10 to a whopping 25 (which is all the quests in your log. Money money money!)
There are a few more good story notes, but those are spoilers, so we'll put them after the break. If you don't want to know what you'll find in the Sunwell, don't click the link below. But if you're fine with hearing about it ahead of time, feel free to hit the link and move on.

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