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Breakfast Topic: WoW-related merchandise and spin-offs

I bought my daughter's 'Future Horde' onesie from J!nx long before she was even conceived. I knew when I got my 'For the Horde' shirt that I wanted myself to have a matching outfit with my baby. I love World of Warcraft merchandise... I guess I'm just a real fanboy that way. I have some of the action figures, and I'm looking at getting Vindicator Marrad as soon as I set aside some RL Gold.

My brother-in-law gave my wife and I the World of Warcraft board game a couple of years back, and I got more than a few packs of the Trading Card Game (although I was probably just hoping for some cool loot). I love the comic books -- both the ones from Wildstorm and the ones from Tokyopop -- and I enjoy a lot of the Warcraft-based comics online. I gobble up pretty much most anything World of Warcraft.

So here's something to chew on this morning: what World of Warcraft merchandise or spin-offs do you like so far? There's the Frostmourne replica, of course. And we've given away cool stuff from Manaprincess, too. The Bronze Kettle / WoW Insider's Shelbi Roach makes those awesome, awesome, awesome chibi items like stickers and keychains. What World of Warcraft-related stuff do you have? Do you make any of your own?

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Reminder: Win Manaprincess gift pack from WoW Insider

What's going on WoW Insider reader night crew? Don't tell the morning crew we told you this, but we know you're good people (some might say even better than the early risers are). You're willing to come and read the site late into the night, and for that, we'd like to make sure you don't miss our Manaprincess contest, going on right now. You could win a Manaprincess gift pack, complete with these Hearthstone charms as well as a set of Health and Mana potion pendants, from Manaprincess and WoW Insider.

To enter, you've got leave a comment on our contest post (not this post, that post), and that's it. Please only comment once, and do it before Friday night at midnight, when we'll randomly pick a winner to give the gift pack to. Once more, to enter you must comment on the contest post (commenting on this post will give you nothing at all but the satisfaction of having left your mark on this page).

You're some of our favorite readers, late night crew, so we wanted to make sure you got a chance to enter, too. Just don't tell the morning crew we did -- oh, hi there, morning crew! Didn't realize you all were coming in so early this morning!

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WoW Insider giveaway: Manaprincess swag

Manaprincess has a new store, and to celebrate, WoW Insider is giving away some of her stuff! One lucky winner will get a Manaprincess gift pack, which consists of a Hearthstone key ring and cell phone charm, as well as one each of the Health and Mana potion pendants, as seen above. Usually, a pack like this would set you back $45 (though don't forget, from now until August 31st, you can get 25% off your order with the code "wowinsider"), but thanks to Manaprincess, we're giving one away free.

To enter, all you've got to do is put a comment on this post. You can say whatever you want, but just for fun, we'll have you answer the question: What would you use a Health or Mana potion for in real life? You can enter only once, and make sure you use a real email address, one that you check often (because we'll be emailing the winner to get the necessary info). On Friday, July 11th, at 11:59pm Eastern time, we'll close the comments and choose one commenter randomly to win the gift pack from Manaprincess, valued at $45.

As always, you've got to follow all the rules (you can click here for complete official rules) -- only people 18+ years of age and living in the US or Canada are eligible to win, and you can enter only once. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over! Check your emails to see if you're the winner.

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Manaprincess reopens store, offers sale to WoW Insider readers

Our good friend and talented WoW crafter Manaprincess is back, and she's gone from Etsy to break out into her own World of Warcraft crafts store at She's got the usual Hearthstone key charms, as well as the WoW soaps up there, and a new section of "potion pendants" -- Health, Mana, or Rejuv potions to wear around your neck, just in case. And she says that all the items have been redesigned, so even things you've seen before may look a little different.

And as a thank you to you WoW Insider readers for all your support, she's having a sale just for you: from now until August 31st, you can put in the code "wowinsider" without the quotes at the checkout screen to get 25% off your entire order.

Manaprincess is definitely one of the best vendors in the crafting community, and it's great to see her up and running in a brand new store. If you're looking for some fun WoW-related gifts or crafts for yourself, her store is definitely one of the places to look.

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Mana Princess shows off a Gift Pack for Black Friday

Our favorite WoW crafter, Mana Princess, sends word that she's updated her store for the holidays-- not only has she added some Alliance and Horde ornaments (just in time for tree setup), but she also told us about her Black Friday sale, in which she's selling a gift pack of everything you see above for just $35. It's the perfect gift for the WoW player in your life (even if that's you). And because it's in honor of Black Friday (and also her birthday), when those items are gone at that price, she says they're gone.

Now, lest you think we're guilty of favoritism here, while we do like MP a lot, we do realize she's not the only WoW crafter on the block. If you've got some crafts you want to show off (whether you're selling them or not, feel free to drop us a line over on our comment form, and give us a heads up on what you're up to. We love everything WoW, and while Mana Princess makes some great stuff, we're sure she's not the only game in town.

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Winners of the Hallow's End Costume contest

Micah T sent us this picture of Indiana Jane, which actually won him the costume contest he attended over on Ravenholdt. And Jane (and her fear of snakes) has beguiled the WoW Insider staff as well-- Micah is our ingame costume contest winner, and gets all the trick-or-treat loot from Manaprincess (who also kindly did a little co-judging for our contest). Congrats, Micah, and great costume.

But while the prizes may end there, the recognition does not, because holy moly we got a lot of great entries. I was expecting just a few, but you readers are some creative geniuses. Everything from superheroes to sushi chefs are after the break. Honorable mentions are all after the break, and every single one of them rocks-- I wish we had prizes to give you all.

Update: Have a gallery! Even if you've already browsed through the thread, our gallery has all the fullsize shots, so check that out too, yo.

Read more →

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Decorative WoW soap bars

Manaprincess is at it again with the WoW crafts. I recently received my Horde ribbon magnet in the mail (and even though I had to sell my car because my new apartment doesn't have parking, I proudly display it on my fridge right next to the Warcraft magnets I got from BlizzCon), but she's opened up into a whole new realm of WoW crafting-- handmade decorative soaps.

In all fairness, I can't say this stuff appeals to me near as much-- it's hard to seem Horde-ly when you get excited about decorative soaps. But I can admire her dedication-- these are all homemade, and while Hearthstone keychains are nice, Hearthstone (and Soulstone and Healthstone) soaps are pretty cool, too. I can't get a hold on the scale, though-- are these tiny, or are they "life" sized?

And MP is enterprising as always-- she's got these on sale on her site for about $10 for two. If you really, really like decorative soaps (or just need a gift for a dirty WoW player), there you go.

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