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Breakfast Topic: Hand of Ragnaros is a druid weapon

I have seen reports of druids winning the Hand of Ragnaros before. I seem to recall one raidleader handing off the Eye of Sulfuras to his druid girlfriend, but I could be wrong. Hey, it isn't like I committed the brilliant forum thread to memory.

Well, now we have another report of a druid snagging the HoR, this time it's Napier, a druid from the Greymane server. As you can imagine, this thread is dominated by folks either calling Napier the most selfish player in the history of MMORPGs or defending his right to spend his DKP as he sees fit. And yes, Napier has a long-winded response to the haters, which contains his rationale for spending his DKP on the mace. All in all, a typical forum thread, but there are aspects to it which raise some interesting questions...

Shouldn't any DKP system have some kind of priority list or mechanism which prevents warriors from bidding on a caster staff or a druid from, I don't know, snagging a legendary mace which serves him no purpose whatsoever? I have never been in a guild that employed a straight DKP system which didn't make allowances for class needs. There is no way, for example, a hunter could bid on leather, simply because he could wear it.

Is a druid with the HoR the absolute worst example of misguided DKP use? Or have you seen worse? Does your guild restrict rolling on certain items to particular classes? Or is it a free-for-all? And at this point, so close to the expansion release, does it matter who gets what? I mean, we will be upgrading everything very, very soon.

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"You guys suck at this game"

We've all heard the "50 DKP minus" guy (it's become nothing less than a WoW classic), but imagine if all of that took place inside a chat channel, and you've got this (a lot of the text is not safe for work, if you aren't supposed to read cursewords at work) A more stunning display of angry raidleading I have never seen. This guy has more ways to say "you suck" then there are to actually wipe a raid.

And that's why it's so great. I think my favorites are "this is MC level sh*t," and "I don't care how you did it in your guild-- your guild sucked, that's why you're in my guild." Seriously, almost everything on this page is comedy gold: "Just pull and let god sort it out." Dives was funny, but I think Sebudai is my new favorite raidleader.

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WoW Moviewatch: A song about Molten Core

I am obviously a sucker for a goofy World of Warcraft related song, or possibly just easily amused -- because this video had me laughing for the longest time. Though that could have, at least in part, been because I couldn't figure out what song they were parodying (despite the fact that it sounded awfully familiar) until the end....

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No plans to tweak the current raid dungeons after BC release

After our rather lengthy discussions the past couple of days about the viability of the current raid dungeons come the BC expansion, I thought you guys would be interested in this post from Tigole, that I discovered via Tobold (which he in turn snagged from Blue Tracker).

To sum it up...there will be no major changes to the current endgame raid dungeons whatsoever come the Burning Crusade release. No new loot tables, no adjusting of current loot, no new caps and no new timers. Nada. Tigole hopes some players will be able to experience them for the first time with the new level caps,and others will be happy that they will be spared their umpteenth MC run. However, he does mention the possibility exists in the future for the raid instances to be overhauled, but that is not on the agenda anytime soon.

In a sense, I am disappointed, but at the same time I would much rather have them working on the new BC content (and getting it into our hands ASAP) than spend time re-balancing C'Thun and redoing his loot table for a group of 70s or 65s or whatever. But he does leave the door open just a crack, so maybe those dungeons will be redone at a point when the new BC content starts to become old hat. Heck, maybe a patch eight months down the road will turn those raid dungeons into really awesome 25 mans, or maybe even 10 or 5 mans. That would certainly be interesting.

What do you guys think? Are you a little disappointed? Or could you care less about the old stuff?

Oh! I almost forgot...for a lighter look at the current raid loot vs. new BC gear debate, check out our friends over at Not Addicted.

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'Hardcore' raiding, one month in

"Because you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore"

I've always considered myself a casual player; although at times I may live and breathe WoW, it's not all there is to life, and if something better comes up in RL I'm happy to pause PvP or say no to raiding. While epics are nice, I tend not to measure my worth in purples, nor do I min/max my spec to flatter damage meters.

However, all this talk of Naxx recently led me to feel I was missing out. I'd been in the endgame a while, and although I knew some instances all too well, there were other parts of the level 60 experience that I had never seen. I'd never set foot into Blackwing Lair, never seen Onyxia up close, and certainly never had a point of DKP to my name.

So, when I was invited by a friend to apply for a spot in her raiding group, I did.

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WoW Moviewatch: More fun things to do with bots

This Bluwolfe person is quickly becoming my favorite priest with these amusing mind control videos. Here's another video of him tormenting a poor bot that doesn't know well enough to fight back - watch and learn!

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WoW Moviewatch: Fun things to do with bots!

I've seen a lot of obvious bot players in my day, and alas that my priest is on a PvE server and thus cannot have the kind of fun that this priest did. But, hey, at least I can watch the video and laugh.

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Molten Core Done Quick(er)

Ever been to Molten Core?  Well, some people have been there few too many times - as you can tell by watching this speed-run through the core by Norwegian guild The Axemen (EU - Ravencrest).  Time?  70 minutes (though the video is only 36 minutes long, speeding through non-boss pulls).  My best times through MC have been closer to three hours, and were more commonly three and a half to four, with loot distribution and the occasional stupid wipe, so I must say I find 70 minutes exceedingly impressive.  And if you've never been to Molten Core, but are curious as to what the place is like, this video should give you a good idea of what you'd see inside.

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One man, 40 characters

A thought experiment, of sorts, over at the forums: could you control 40 characters at once, enough for endgame raids or PvP all by yourself?

Inspired by this video of a mage-heavy raid downing Ragnaros, player Xzin (who currently plays five characters at once) wonders about the logistics and feasibility of upping that to 40. Given the time it would take to level 35 more characters to 60 and gear them up for MC, I can only conclude that Xzin will have to really want this challenge in order to put the money and time in.

As Terra Nova debates, perhaps it's an issue of human-computer interface design and control; taking charge of 40 different characters is far more akin to a real-time strategy challenge than MMO play. Still, there are always people who want to beat the game in new and interesting directions; as he's planning to keep everything above-board, good luck to him.

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The trouble with epics?

I must say, in all my forum travels, this is one of the more educated posts I have read in a long time. It is a well thought out piece of writing that goes over epics and their high damage output.

The post goes in to detail as to why tier-2 epics are overpowered from a damage output perspective and not enough damage absorption. The crazy part is when he compares a blue equipped mage versus a blue equipped hunter, or the same pair wearing MC epics - the mage can crit for 38% and 42% of the hunter's life, respectively. A BWL equipped mage can score a 71% crit on the hunter's hp. That is insane!

The poster also goes on to mention various ideas to bring things back into balance, which I applaud him for! Nothing will get a problem solved faster than having a solution attached to the complaint. While I think this isn't something we will see fixed quickly, hopefully Blizzard will take notice before they release the expansion (one of the solutions).

I also liked the idea of changing spell resistance to be more of a partial blockage of the damage (similar to AC and melee damage) rather than an all or nothing deal.

Kudos to Arash for such a fine post.

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