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MegaBloks Episode 4: Sabotage Quest now available

The latest episode of the MegaBloks Toymation series is now available to watch! We mentioned the MegaBloks Toymation series when it launched, and several episodes have been introduced since then. It seems that orc warrior Ragerock is intent on laying siege to Stormwind Castle, and somewhere along the line, he's made a deal with the Lich King. Will paladin Colton and his Alliance friends be able to stave the assault? Only time will tell.

As a silly side series, it's quite apparent that this little adventure in toy animation is not a lore feature, nor is it canon -- after all, the Lich King wouldn't really ally with orcs so much as murder them and use their corpses for his hideous rampaging army of undead. It's less "serious story" and more along the lines of what a kid would dream up while playing with his toys. That said, it's entertaining in its own fashion, and also the sort of thing that kids would probably enjoy quite a bit -- I plan to show it to my nephews at some point, because I'm sure they'll get a kick out of rampaging orcs and rockets flying through the air.

You can watch the latest episode above, and if you've missed any episodes so far, they are all available for viewing on MegaBloks' official Youtube page.

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MegaBloks introduces World of Warcraft Toymation series

MegaBloks doesn't just make cool toys -- they make cool animated projects, too! Episode one of the new series just launched on MegaBloks' official Youtube channel. The series will tell the tale of Colton the human paladin as he journeys through Azeroth in search of powerful and highly sought treaures. But Colton and his party aren't the only ones out for treasure. Orc warrior Ragerock and his gang of Horde members are ruthlessly pursuing Colton and his little band. Who will come out on top?

The animation for the series is done with figures from the MegaBloks toy line, reminiscent of the stop-motion toy animation found in children's television programming, or more notorioiusly, series like Robot Chicken. This is only part one in the series, but you can follow the official Warcraft Megabloks site or Facebook fan page for more updates as they are released.

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