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Breakfast Topic: Merry Christmas from WoW Insider

Merry Christmas, everyone, from all of us at WoW Insider. It's been an amazing year, and now in the season of giving as we approach a brand new year, I can only give you my thanks. Christmas means a lot to me, not for any reason but that it's wonderful to spend time with family and friends. We all find our own reasons to celebrate this time of year, and for me, Christmas has always been Second Thanksgiving -- I get to revel in the happiness and good will that I've tried to cultivate all year.

Also, Christmas sucks. You know why Christmas sucks? Because my 10-man is all away for the weekend, which means the Omnitron Defense System has to wait. Ugh. I swear, can you guys just forsake your family and friends for the sake of me getting purples? I mean, really. Get in the giving spirit and help me get epics.

How are you guys and gals spending Christmas? What are you most excited about, and have you gotten anyone a really great gift?

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WoW Moviewatch: T for Thunderfury

T for Thunderfury
is the epic tale of Baron Soosdon's quest to get Thunderfury for his paladin. When he finally managed this epic feat, needless to say, there was a party.

This video has a similar epic, awesome feel to many of Soosdon's videos. And while it's not technically a machinima, I still enjoyed the camera work and music. Soosdon's just kind of got that flair, and could probably find ways to make an entertaining movie out of a watermelon in a bucket.

Congratulations to the good Baron on accomplishing this feat. Make sure to watch all the way through -- there's a special Christmas shout-out at the end.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an e-mail at machinima AT wow DOT com.

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Five WoW movies to help get your Festivus on

Merry Christmas World of Warcraft players! No matter what you celebrate, whether it's Festivus for the Rest of Us or full blown Christmas cheer, you can appreciate some quality holiday movies this season.

Let's take a look at five festive holiday machinima productions over the past few years.

Of course it needs to be stipulated that there are no Gnomes or Paladins in these movies, since they're godless heathens. (Insert /sarcasm here). But for the rest of us these movies will delight and titillate our holiday spirits.

Take a look after the break for our five holiday machinimas you won't want to miss! And don't forget to check out of coverage of the Feast of Winter's Veil if you're looking for something to do between all the holiday fun times.

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays from WoW Insider!

It's Christmas Day, and so from all of us here at WoW Insider, we wish you and yours a happy holidays! Here's hoping that however you're celebrating (or have celebrated) the holidays, you had more fun than a Mechanical Yeti running around Gadgetzan (and hopefully your relatives didn't run away from you asking why?! why you torment them so).

It may be a slow day here on the site -- many of our writers and their families are also celebrating the holiday and taking some much deserved time off. So if you don't see too many articles this afternoon, don't worry too much -- head into Azeroth, go get your gifts underneath the trees in the capital cities, and we'll see you tomorrow with all the WoW news and commentary that you expect from us every day.

And as always, thanks for reading, visiting, and commenting here as much as you do. Letting us have the chance to keep putting this site together for you every day is one of the best gifts we could find under the tree this year. Right next to the Wii and the shiny new Bulwark of Azzinoth, of course.

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