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Yes, you can play WoW on a MIDI keyboard

Though we hadn't previously considered this particular gameplay option, Reddit user Apterygiformes has rigged up a MIDI keyboard to send commands to his computer that are read as keystrokes in WoW. It doesn't look terribly practical -- Apterygiformes says the project is just for fun -- but we have to admit, the piano accompaniment to this lowbie hunter's gameplay is certainly interesting... though we're guessing it took some setup to give it any kind of musical quality.

But it leaves us wondering what other WoW classes might sound like when played in this manner. With different skills and cooldowns, wouldn't each class would have its own musical soundtrack to enjoy? Without any musical skill of our own, we'll have to content ourselves with seeing if Apterygiformes continues this particular experiment.

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Where in the world is Image of Archmage Vargoth?

This might take a little bit of effort, but if you're as big an Archmage Vargoth fan as I am, you'll appreciate it. Groovy on the forums links to a Tripod page (sorry) with a blaring midi file (sorry again-- mute before clicking), that shows some low resolution screenshots of Archmage Vargoth everywhere in the world! I tried to mirror the .gif on our site here so you wouldn't have to brave your way through the midi, but unfortunately, animated .gifs don't play well with our system.

It amuses me, anyway-- when I first posted about Archmage Vargoth, I imagined exactly this happening. It's too bad it's such low quality-- hopefully someone out there will take the idea and run with it, so we can have a "where the hell is Matt," Archmage Vargoth style. And considering he emotes as well, maybe something even more complicated can be done with him.

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