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Mila Kunis talks WoW and other gaming

Mila Kunis joined One of Swords podcast's Dan Amrich to talk to the hosts about her gaming life, including her time spent playing World of Warcraft, joining one of her ex-guildmates on the show. She chats about how she had to change her in-game name, as the title "Captain" in her mage's name "Captainpicard" wasn't allowed.

She then discussed her gaming history, and how it led to her move into WoW, starting with co-host Hugh Sterbakov as their game night shifted from Settlers of Catan into WoW. She even talks about dragging her friends into the game, including the podcast's other guest, Lisa Sterbakov. They discuss playing all day sessions, questing together, killing mobs and wiping a "raid" in Black Morass while Mila went AFK for a bathroom break. Unfortunately, as her friends quit, Mila eventually lost interest.

It's a fun listen, Mila's segment begins from 27 minutes in, and continues after the WoW chat, talking about other games.

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Mila Kunis quits WoW, breaks nerd hearts everywhere

Mila Kunis, who got her breakthrough role playing air-headed Jackie on That 70's Show, was always one of the more famous people playing our favorite game. Ukraine-born Kunis was interviewed by Complex magazine a while back and she revealed a surprisingly pleasant grasp of the game, which she plays with her long-time boyfriend Macaulay Culkin (yeah, that kid from Home Alone. He's all grown up now, sorry, guys.). This won the approval of nerds everywhere -- that includes me -- because a hot babe playing a video game always gets a thumbs up.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kunis promotes her new movie, the video-game inspired Max Payne, and talks about having had to quit the game "for good, going on a year now." Confusingly, however, the actress continues to talk about "the game" in the present tense, talking about being in two guilds, getting recognized through in-game voice chat, and how she plays a kickass Alliance Mage. It's an interesting and funny interview where she also hints at keeping tabs on the expansion's new 10-man raids as well as confesses to sucking at shoot-em ups. For someone who hasn't played the game for about a year, she sure does give it a lot of love, saying that "it's such a good game" and that she "loves it so much." Maybe when Wrath comes out she'll rethink that hiatus from the game, eh?

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Make way for maintenance day

Maintenance day is underway until 2pET/11aPT and many WoW fans are searching for something to do, while players with day jobs log on to point out that they can never play during these hours. Fortunately, we have lots going on today, as well as some highlights from the past week that you won't want to miss.

Wrath of the Lich King:
Arena Season 4:

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Mila Kunis loves World of Warcraft

Because how often do we get to post a hot picture of Mila Kunis? Complex magazine interviewed Ms. Kunis, of That 70's Show and Family Guy, for her new movie, and they apparently got wind that she, along with her boyfriend Macaulay Culkin, was a World of Warcraft player, and they decided to quiz her on the specifics. And surprise surprise, she actually knows her stuff. She's tracking the expansion, she knows most of the races, she's down with Leroy Jenkins, and she's at least been to Stormwind and "Dust Home Marsh."

She doesn't actually say what character she's playing, obviously, but based on her quiz answers, we'll guess she's Alliance, probably a level 25-30 Human priest. Culkin shows up later in the interview, and he knows a lot more -- Complex jokes that he's "Home Alone", but while there are plenty of those in the game, none of them are level 70 paladins.

But pretty sweet. Maybe Blizzard can get wind of this and ask her to bring a more feminine touch to those ads.

Thanks, Justin!

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