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Breakfast Topic: The one missing item in World of Warcraft

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We all have our favorite in-game items, be it our uber T10 gear, our Zulian Tiger mount or our Diamond-Tipped Cane. But sometimes, we can't find what we want in game. We know what it is, search around for it, check the websites, but nothing quite fits the description. All our research leads back to the same sad conclusion: what we want simply doesn't exist in Azeroth. We resign ourselves to move on without it and harbor the hope it will appear in the next patch or expansion.

What do I want in Cataclysm? I just want a pizza.

I don't even care about the toppings. It can be thin crust, cheese-only, out of the grocer's freezer for all I care. Maybe my Chicago upbringing is coloring my perception here, but I just think that in such a vivid, exciting world with so much to offer, it is inexcusable that the most universally consumed dish in western civilization is not represented anywhere. I have scrolled through all 466 items listed in Wowhead's Food & Drinks category, searching for anything that might meet the bare minimum criteria of what in my mind constitutes pizza, but for naught. We have defeated Old Gods, dragon aspects, even the Lich King ... But not one of us has ever even had a slice of pepperoni and cheese.

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Fix for missing items to come during rolling restarts; instructions follow

There have been rolling restarts the past several days, which is nothing new. However on the morning of April 18th beginning at 5:00 a.m. PDT the realms will be restarted in order to correct a bug where items were missing from players backpacks after the previous restart.

Not every player experienced this issue. For those that did, items which were in their bags when they logged off Monday night were not there when they finally got into the game after patch 3.1 was applied Tuesday evening.

Blizzard blue poster Idrandra gives some specific instructions as to what you need to do to ensure the items are returned. More after the break.

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Breakfast Topics: 37! In a row?

Yesterday I was out tromping around Nagrand with my Shaman leveling her up, killing mob after mob. There was a point that when I killed about 10 mobs in a row, and I thought to myself "Killing Spree!" Harking back to the days of yore and Quake 3.

This got me thinking. There is one critical achievement that is missing in the game.

A killing spree achievement, ideally reached when you kill 37 mobs in a row without stopping. In fact, there's a great title for it featured as the name of this article. Go ahead Blizzard, take this one idea for free. To you, from me; your friend Adam.

But oh wait, there's more. I was twittering last night about this, and there were some good suggestions that came across the feed. More after the break!

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Breakfast Topic: Missed that one

I was surprised to find out, as I'm sure you will be also, that our own Zach Yonzon admits he has never actually run Deadmines at the level it's meant for -- he's always run it afterwards, to pick up gear for twinks or just to grind for lowbie stuff. Which means he's never felt the magic of getting stunned by Smite, or really pushed to take that Goblin Shredder down. A real shame, if you ask me.

And it got me thinking: what instances have you missed out on at the level? At first I thought I didn't miss any -- I love running instances, and whenever I hit the right level, I usually run to them as fast as I can. But after looking through the list, I realized that I've basically missed out on Dire Maul -- I've only run the instance a few times, and then only for quests like the Mage water quest and the Warlock mount quest. I've never once run the DM Tribute -- I know, also a real shame.

So be honest -- what instances have you missed out on at the level? And why did you miss them -- did you just not need anything from there (including possibly XP), or did you never have a group to run them with? And have you ever gone back, or leveled up an alt to make up for lost instance runs? I'll definitely have to do something about that Dire Maul Tribute -- I wonder if I could run it solo with my 70 Hunter...

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