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Are you a god? Why WoW, and every game, has to suck

Are you a god Why WoW, and every game, has to suck
Ray: Gozer the Gozerian? Good evening. As a duly-designated representative of the City, County and State of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the next convenient parallel dimension.

Venkman: That oughtta do it. Thanks very much, Ray.

Gozer: Are you a god?

Ray: No.

Gozer: Then die!

Our world has consequences. If you speed, you get a ticket. If you eat too much, you get fat. If you do bad things, you go to jail. If you do good work, you make more money. If you are nice to people, you make friends. If you show up to raids on time, you get a spot in the group.

Consequences are both good and bad; either way they're a logical result of your actions. Without consequences there would be no causality and no ability to put things in temporal order. Without diving too deep into logical philosophy here, you could do fun things like show up late to raids and demand a spot; or show up with broken weapons and expect to kill a mob.

Of course these are extreme examples of why consequence is important, but the basic principle stands: in our world there are actions that take place in response to your actions. In game, this principle needs to hold true as well. There has to be a consequence to whatever you do.


Because you're not a god.

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