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Preordering Mists of Pandaria may break certain addons

PreOrdering Mists of Pandaria may break certain addons
WoW Insider has received a tip that preordering Mists of Pandaria makes a change to your account in the API that may cause some addons to malfunction. Rosanera sent us the following message:
The API call GetAccountExpansionLevel() is returning 4 for accounts that have pre-ordered Mists of Pandaria on, instead of 3. This is causing several addons to break, where they don't check for GetAccountExpansionLevel() being any higher than 3 (for level 85). 4 is supposed to be for level 90.

... Any addons that check to show a UI element or not for experience will now behave improperly.

If you haven't pre-ordered, the API call returns 3.
But what does it all mean? Basically, an API is the publically available set of data that Blizzard makes available to addons and addon makers worldwide. The 3, in this instance, means "This account has Cataclysm, and you should adjust your behavior accordingly. 85 is max level." Conversely, 4 means "Hey, this account has Mists of Pandaria, and max level is 90" -- but many an addon hasn't been set up for this, and indeed, it's not possible to actually level to 90 right now.

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Beta Testing 101: Addons and the Mists of Pandaria beta

One of the most exciting parts of the big expansion betas for the WoW community is getting to preview all of the interface changes coming in the future. Addon developers especially appreciate sneak peeks at what is changing to be better prepared for launch day with new releases and up-to-date Lua code.

As a Mists of Pandaria beta tester, it is important to test the user interface and how it interacts with the game. Here are some tips for dealing with addons and the user interface during beta testing.

Start fresh. My first bit of addon advice for the beta is to start by using no addons at all. Piling on addons at the beginning defeats a lot of the purpose of seeing if the Blizzard UI itself can handle what it is being designed to do. Take a look at the UI in a bare state, see the new features with fresh eyes, and play in that mindset for your first run-through of the content. It's part of your duty, soldier.

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