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MMOART stands up to cancer

Our friends at MMOART (they make custom art of characters from MMOs, including World of Warcraft) recently "rebooted" their service and website, and in the process announced that from here on out, they're donating a percentage of all proceeds to the Stand Up To Cancer charity. They don't say just how much they're donating, but they do say that the disease has been a problem among their family, and they're taking a stand to fight back.

We know the studio's owner has had health problems of his own, but those aren't related to cancer, this is just something they're doing to commit to a charity for others. So now you can get some great looking art of your characters, and help out a worthy charity as well.

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MMO Art expanding, artists wanted

Our good friends at MMO Art are growing, and if you're an artist that's interested in working on commissions of MMO characters, they might be looking for you. They're working on a site called MMO Art Studio, which will consist of a stable of artists selected by Jomaro Kindred (glad to hear he's back) to work professional commissions under the MMO Art banner.

To submit, they're looking for a couple of examples of your work, sent in via the web form. We've linked to their gallery before, but you can see examples of exactly what they're looking for over there. And even if you aren't an artist, their work is worth a look, and they've got some new art up as well. Unfortunately, most of it is City of Heroes-- WoW is woefully underrepresented, which I guess means that WoW players aren't commissioning portraits that much.

But it's still great art, and the Studio site offers a pretty unique opportunity to get paid professionally for something you might already be doing for free.

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MMO Art owner injured, should be back to work soon

Some bad news from our friends over at MMO Art (makers of extremely fine custom character art). They sent a message to their mailing list this evening that owner and artist Jomaro Kindred suffered a "chemical burn to his throat and lungs last week." Not sure how that might have happened (art or drawing materials, maybe?), but we sure hope he's ok.

The announcement says that emails (and, supposedly, art processing) have been slowed down a bit, but that they expect him back up and working as soon as possible. That's definitely expected. No word on whether he spent any time in the hospital, but they say they expect "a full bill of health very soon."

Very sorry to hear of the injury, but our thoughts and prayers are with both Jomaro and his family and friends. Hopefully, he'll be back healthy and churning out that great WoW character art sooner rather than later.

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For sale: WoW day planners and Adventure Logs

Jeni over on livejournal has a cafepress shop where she sells-- you're not going to believe this-- WoW day planners. This is amazing-- not only do these books have the normal holidays in them, but they also come with preprinted WoW holidays! Never miss a Feast of Nobelgarden or a Children's Week festival again! And it looks like on every page, Jeni's printed a quote from a character ingame. You could be writing your dentist appointment above a quote from Herod that says "Blades of Light!" I'm way too excited about these.

But if you think that's cool, check this out: she's also got Adventure Logs. Yes, if the built-in quest log isn't enough for you, you can get your very own notebook devoted specifically to recording WoW quest information. There's even a place to keep printed screenshots of your characters, track profession recipes, and even create instance gear templates. All right, so that's a little much even for me, but if you happen to be really obsessive, maybe the Adventure Log is your thing.

But I love that day planner idea-- the coloring book was good, but this is definitely WoW merchandising at its best (so much so that the legal status of these might be a little iffy, actually). The only qualm I have about picking one up is the covers-- they're a bit cute for a rugged Orc Shaman like myself. I know Jeni probably made them herself, so I don't want to be too harsh-- they're OK, they just don't work for me. But I'd be all over one of these books if they had a cover, say, drawn by the talented and extremely nice folks over at MMOArt. Get me a WoW day planner with something like this on the cover of it, and my credit card will be jumping out of my wallet.

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Immortalize Your Character with MMO ART

I've always been disappointed that I've put so much work into my characters, and whenever they get deleted (Blizzard shuts down the game or, more likely, I end up quitting), I'll probably never see them again.

Fortunately, there are solutions. I could spend an unknown amount of money to have a snazzy 3D printer make a model of my characters. Or, as Alice points out, I could hire MMO ART to give me a custom picture of my favorite Hunter (or Shaman, or Warrior...). Their website shows only a few WoW pieces (mostly City of Heroes and Guild Wars), but what's there looks really, really good.

I've seen a few artists around before offering to draw pictures of characters, but nothing that looked this professional and well done. And it's (relatively) cheap, too-- a quick pencil sketch starts off at only $50, but even a full color single character piece is only $200 (a small price to pay for a frameable memento of all that /played time). And if you want to go all out, they'll even put your character in a custom made, full color comic book for $300/page! That's peanuts when you think of having your own rogue's sneakiness in AV immortalized in comic book form for all time!

Anyway, props to them for finally professionalizing the whole MMO art process, and for turning out some amazing stuff. Wonder if they offer free samples to journalists...

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