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Patch 5.3: Transmog to be available from bank and void storage

If you're a fan of mogging whose bags are already full to bursting, then MMO-Champion brings good news: in patch 5.3, you'll be able to transmogrify using items that are currently in the bank or void storage. The ability is actually already in the game for void storage, but there's no UI elements that let you access it. However, anyone wanting to get ahead of the curve can download the VoidTransmog addon, and transmogrify away without the bother of actually pulling your items out of storage.

While it's a small change, we're sure transmog fans will appreciate the convenience of this tweak. Of course, patch 5.3 is still far on the horizon and it's likely that eager transmogrifiers will be waiting on this for quite a while.

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How to get started with transmogrification and be the most stylish newbie on the block

How to get started with transmogrification and be the most stylish newbie on the block
When I first created my gnome monk, I immediately noticed that while the other class options had stylish starting gear, my monk had a sleeveless black shirt, plain black pants, and no shoes. I assumed that, as a monk, my gnome valued simplicity over flash -- but, really, a sleeveless shirt and bare feet in the endless Dun Morogh snow just seemed impractical. Wouldn't she get cold? Did I need to be concerned about frostbite? What if my poor gnome stepped on something sharp?

Fortunately, I soon found a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of boots and was able to stop worrying about it. Until level 64 when, questing in Hellfire Peninsula, I received a pair of boots that was a huge upgrade from my old boots, but weren't quite boots. Instead, they were bright green bands that wrapped around the ankle and covered the top of the foot, but left the bottom bare: Hardly practical footware for exploring the demon-infested Outland.

It was this that finally drove me to figure out WoW's transmogrification system, which lets you make one piece of gear (armor or weapon) look like another. Though this feature seems primarily designed for high level players who have had the time to collect numerous pieces of gear, you can start transmogrifying at any level. The only downside to starting early is that you'll be tempted to find and buy gear just for its looks -- which can be pricey! But if you're a savvy auction house trader, you can use everyone else's transmogrification obsession to make some cash.

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Patch 5.1: Transmogrify your cloak with your guild reputation cloaks

Patch 51 Transmogrify your cloak with your guild tabard
Many people think their cloaks are ugly. Blizzard acknowledges this by allowing players to turn the display of their cloaks off. Now in patch 5.1, cloaks can be mogged to look like the cloaks awarded via guild reputation. This change is not included in the patch notes, but game designer Dave Maldonado tweeted the news.
Patch 51 Transmogrify your cloak with your guild tabard
Do you have a cloak you're going to mog into your guild tabard? If so, which cloak?

Editor's Note: Post contents updated for accuracy. This new feature uses guild reputation rewards in transmogrification.

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Show off your transmogrification prowess in the Mogolympics

Show off your transmogrification savvy in the Mogolympics
Attention, mogging athletes! Amateur Azerothian is hosting the Mogolympics, a transmogrification competition that consists of nine medal sports, including:
  • Hammer Throw Build an outfit around a two-handed hammer.
  • Cycling Build a biker outfit to complement Mekgineer's Chopper.
  • Javelin Build an outfit for wielding a polearm.
The costumes will be assigned an ID so that the judges won't be able to play favorites. Here's who will be judging: Random tabard-wearing WoW factions are chosen for each entrant to represent. The competitors must submit a flagbearer as well as entries for all nine events. For full details, see the rules for the contest, the list of entrants, and the clarifications.

The deadline isn't until July 31, so you have plenty of time to put your costumes together. Check out our transmogrification posts for some training tips, but a true mogolympic athlete probably doesn't need them.

Good luck!

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Transmog dealers excavate gold and renewed gameplay from old instances

The Blackest Rose transmogrification dealers
Transmog sets are hot, hot, hot -- just ask the guy who gave away 1 million gold after building his personal fortune by selling gear destined for transmogrification sets. It's the rare player who hasn't caught on to the fact that selling those dowdy old leveling greens can rake in surprising amounts of gold in today's mogging era.

Taking things a step further by assembling and selling full transmog sets, however, is the province of fewer players -- a select few indeed, according to Mickél of The Blackest Rose, a transmog set dealer on Madoran (US-H). "We were the first to do it on our server, and I have a feeling one of the few in game who is selling complete mog sets," he explains. "My partner works on making custom sets from the random greens we have; hers are often very clean and perfect-looking. I use the named sets, i.e. Emerald, Righteous, Abjurer's, etc."

Before you cry, "Aha! Must do this!" -- think upon the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into a transmog dealership done right. Mickél and his partner Aridas have to farm up each and every piece of gear. No set is complete without every last piece that shows, whether it drops quickly or not. The team needs to develop and market customized, themed looks and then farm up whatever's required from the four corners of Azeroth. They have to find a profitable way to offload all the random pieces picked up along the way.

And what about those teeth-grinding runs when a piece that's needed just won't drop? Run it again. And again. And again.

So why would any player in his right mind spend hour upon hour grinding for lowbie gear?

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Breakfast Topic: I will kill the Curator as many times as it takes

You hear me, Curator? I don't care if I have to end you weekly for the next six years -- I will do it. Just ask Ashkandi. I don't stop until I get the drop, so if you decide to be parsimonious with my tier 4 token, I can keep farming you from now until the end of time. I'm OK with it. Just ask General Rajaxx. That dude just would not listen ... and now? Now he's dead for the 10 billionth time, and I have a Manslayer of the Qiraji. Fool of a boss. This could have been over a long time ago.

Yes, this is because of transmogrification. I don't know if a single feature yet introduced has managed to alter my play habits as much as this one. I search obsessively for gloves, boots, belts, capes to match whatever current set I'm trying to build. (At the moment, I'm vacillating between season 1 and tier 4). I even did some Arenas and RBGs in order to grind up a Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword faster, not to use in PvP, but because I wanted to use it for mogging. Yes, I did PvP because I wanted to look pretty.

So now for you. Have you found yourself doing something you never would have, farming a drop, running instances, PvPing, maybe even raiding -- just for the 'mog?

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has destroyed Azeroth as we know it; nothing is the same! In WoW Insider's Guide to Cataclysm, you can find out everything you need to know about WoW's third expansion, from leveling up a new goblin or worgen to breaking news and strategies on endgame play.

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Guide to transmogrification resources

You just spent 13,000 gold on a pair of purple boots. No, not purple quality -- purple as in the color. What? It matched the subtle detailing on your tier 2 shoulders perfectly. OK, maybe not perfectly, but it's close enough. Wait, maybe you can find something closer? Better go look again.

We get it. You're addicted to transmogrification. Your void storage is packed full of gear that you haven't worn since level 9, and your friends are planning to stage an intervention. You want more -- no, you need more. Fortunately, we're here to help. Like a best friend who brings you a batch of her famous marshmallow chocolate chunk cookies two days after you start a diet, we've compiled a list of transmogrification resources you may find useful in getting your next fix -- I mean, outfit.

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The man who gave away 1,000,000 gold

Since the launch of patch 4.3, transmogrification has been big business for players on the Auction House. But it's a hard market to get a logical handle on, like building an empire on selling classic oil paintings or finely aged wines. How do you know what a piece of gear is worth based on looks alone? How can you make money by dealing, essentially, in random world drops?

Instead of muddling through the topic myself, I decided it would be smarter to go straight to the expert. No one knows more about making money in the transmogrification market than Keelhaul of Proudmoore (US) -- or as he's affectionately known around the internet, the Mogfather. His goal was simple: Prove that the transmogrification gear market was profitable. Forty-five days and 1 million gold later, it's safe to say his point has been successfully proven.

But if you think banking a million gold in 45 days is remarkable, wait until you hear what he did next: He gave it all away.

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The Queue: Purple is perfection

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

You know, the Crystalforge set doesn't look bad at all when you put it on a Draenei. With the right accessories to accompany it, it actually looks very good! The problem is that there are races other than Draenei that have to wear it. It doesn't hold the same charm when a Human male wears it.

Ice asked:

Do you think 4.3 will last almost year like ICC (~11 months) and Sunwell(~10 months) did? Or do you predict that this time its possible that the expansion release start of the 2012 unlike end of the year considering that theres few upcoming MMO's coming at those times too?

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