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Your server should kill level 103 Moonfang or you're doing it wrong

When Warlords of Draenor releases a week from Thursday, killing a level 103 world boss isn't going to be that big of a deal. But Warlords hasn't released yet, and killing Moonfang on the Darkmoon Faire Island while she's level 103 and you're level 90 will make you a big deal right now.

Several realms at this point have done just that -- and I have to be honest, I'm impressed. It seems Moonfang is going down in 15 to 30 minutes, and is relatively simple in terms of mechanics. The only problem is the mechanics necessitate she hits you for so much that you die quite often. Add on to death the problem of your hits missing constantly, and that equals up to a very long fight.

But you know what? That's cool. Kudos to everyone that's killed her so far.

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Patch 5.4 PTR news roundup

Patch 54 PTR news roundup
Patch 5.4 has hit the PTR and a flurry of information regarding the latest patch has already been released. Featuring a new raid, patch 5.4 will also include a variety of new features that are quickly shaping up to be game-changers. Curious about all the new stuff? Take a look at our coverage for more information on patch 5.4 and the upcoming content.
Stay tuned for more patch 5.4 information, and keep your eyes peeled for the PTR.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Moonfang, new dire wolf boss, to prowl the Darkmoon Faire

Patch 54 PTR Dire Wolf boss to prowl the Darkmoon Faire
Among the data mined from patch 5.3 is a potential new addition to the Darkmoon Faire: a new boss. In the current PTR build, the boss's name seems to be Moonfang. In the full version of the picture above (which can be found on MMO-Champion), you can see a crescent moon that floats above Moonfang's head.

Chances are good this new dire wolf will work similarly to the Darkmoon Rabbit added back in patch 5.0.4, which is a ferocious world boss despite its unassuming appearance. Like the Darkmoon Rabbit, this new dire wolf boss appears to drop a battle pet: Moon Moon.

In addition to the battle pet, Moonfang will also drop Moonfang's Paw. Moonfang's Paw is a statless vanity fist weapon to be used in transmogrification.

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