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WoW Moviewatch: Moves

It's not the Dance Studio but Moves by Oveoflod serves up the kinds of dance we've always wanted to see. When you start the video, make sure you give it a few second to get into the groove. This absolutely fantastic dance video serves up the rhythm, rattle, and ... well, just watch it. Moves will be the Dance Studio of your imagination.
Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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Oveoflod shows old models still have new tricks

I have no idea how the above video managed to escape attention for so long. Originally published on May 4, 2012, the video by Oveoflod -- simply titled Moves -- seems innocent enough at first. It isn't until 26 seconds in that the standard female human model decides to break out of the standard female human model animations and show us her moves, which are nothing like the Macarena.

According to the Youtube description, the video took over a year to make, using MotionBuilder, 3ds Max and Wowmodelviewer to pull it all together. Let's be clear, here: Creating new animations is not as easy a task as you'd think. This tiny, 4 minute video took well over a year to create. However, I still find it pretty astonishing that the old character models can still be taught new tricks. And I still hold out hope that one day, we'll see different dances for all of the races in the game.

Until then, we can go ahead and watch Oveoflod's video and wonder about the possibilities of what could be done, given enough time.

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More free EU character migrations

Aren't you EU players just lucky lately? Here's some more free character moves for you to make -- apparently the population situation on the EU realms must be bad, because I think this is the third (at least) round of moves Blizzard has made in that region. Here are the latest ones, to be in effect now through the ninth:

Drak'thul, Grim Batol, Sylvanas --> Bladefist
Al'Akir, Neptulon, Ravencrest --> Deathwing
Burning Legion, Crushridge, Twilight's Hammer --> Dentarg
Magtheridon (Horde only) --> Zenedar, Haomarush

A lot of these are the same transfers offered previously -- in fact, all of the realms Blizzard is transferring from have been offered transfers before, though the realms people are being transferred to are switched up a bit. Anyone out there who didn't transfer in the first go-round but is willing to transfer now?

If the issues continue, Blizzard might have to come up with a new way to control the realm populations -- there's always the option of splitting up a big realm, though neither Blizz or players will probably enjoy going through that. But they've got to get rid of the queues somehow, right?

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Europe joins in the free move fun

To go along with the set of free North American character transfers that started yesterday, Blizzard Europe has seen fit to open the following free character transfers:
  • From: Al'Akir, Crushridge, Grim Batol, Outland, Stormscale
  • To: Burning Blade, Laughing Skull
The transfers are scheduled to be active from today until next Tuesday, March 4, although the standard disclaimer applies that the transfers may be shut down early if the desired population levels are reached.

Since Blizz bases their transfer decision off of their stats for what realms need it most, this should be the appropriate set of servers, but I'll ask you anyway: if you're on one of the "from" servers, are you overcrowded now? If you're on one of the "to" servers, are you glad to have some new company coming? And if you're on another server altogether, do you need some transfer loving? Sound off in the comments.

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Blue Notes: BC launch vid, contest and move for Europe

A few small items of interest for you all today. First, a documentary video by Blizzard of the BC launch, in both California and Europe. Cop the vid here; it's fun to see the festivities leading up to the new sandbox we're all playing in.

Second, it seems that WoW is turning two in Europe on February 11. There's a lore contest and a wallpaper contest; prizes include Alienware computers and Nvidia video cards. As usual for their European contests, many countries are ineligible, because of their laws as regards lotteries -- it's not that Blizz just hates several random countries in Western Europe, as many forum posters seem to think. Blizzard's got the full details on their page.

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Happy European transfer day

We seem to be a few days late reporting this -- these transfers close tomorrow. Sorry about that; they must have slipped past in the post-BC furor. Anyway, Thundy drops the following knowledge:
  • The below migrations are currently active. They're scheduled to close on Friday January 26th, at 12:00 (noon) CET. However, again, please note that this may change at any time.

  • Crushridge to Jaedenar / Boulderfist / Vek'nilash / Kor'gall
  • Grim Batol to Jaedenar / Boulderfist / Vek'nilash
  • Bloodhoof to Bronze Dragonflight
  • Emerald Dream to Bronze Dragonflight
  • Thunderhorn to Bronze Dragonflight
  • Aszune to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Khadgar to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Terenas to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
As always, free moves are a good thing, I think. I wonder why they keep giving multiple destinations for European realms, which they never seem to do for North American realms. Can anyone shine any insight on that?

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Blue Notes: Transfers, amulets, and Frostbolt

Moves are on in a big way right now, and there's a piece of good news about that. Now you can play your character while it's in queue to be moved; it won't be moved until you log out. From Nethaera:
  • We are changing the way we process our free character moves and paid character transfers. Players will now be able to queue into the system for the destination realm they wish and continue to play that character until the specified period of time the move will occur. Characters will only be moved after they are logged out of the game. Moves will occur each day from 12:01 AM PST until 2:00 PM PST.
We all probably figured this, but Griftah, vendor of "Amazing Amulets" in Shattrath's Lower City, almost certainly sells nothing that actually works. If the vendor's name name doesn't tip you off, how about this post by Eyonix:
  • He's a very sneaky vendor. Buyer beware! Although they are pretty fun little items to have from an RP standpoint.
Lastly, Tseric comments on the Frostbolt XI vs XII issue (in a nutshell, XI costs less mana and does more damage than XII):
  • Rank 11 Frostbolt is a book drop. Rank 12, like most other ranks, is available from a trainer. The players this would impact the most are people who've gotten the book, which then don't really need the trainable 'upgrade' at that moment. Those without the book drop are moving along the graded increase of frostbolt's power.

    Consider Rank 11 a vestigal growth, like an appendix or ear muscles. ;)

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New servers and transfers

Well, I was right. Blizz opened new servers very soon after the expansion's launch. We've got two new non-transfer servers and six transfer ones. From Tseric, here are the new non-transfer servers (AQ gates closed -- but who's going to go to AQ now?):
  • Blood Furnace - Central - PVP - Frenzy Battlegroup

  • Shattered Halls - Pacific - PVP - Frenzy Battlegroup
And from Eyonix, the new transfers:
  • Destination: - The Scryers, RP - Pacific

    Silver Hand
    Scarlet Crusade
    Argent Dawn
    Shadow Council

  • Destination: - Area 52 PvE, - Eastern

More transfers after the jump.

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