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Blood Pact: Tip-top trinkets

Blood Pact is your weekly warlock digest, brought to you by Dominic Hobbs. "Shinies for the Great Rain Stone! Good! Good! We offer these right away. Lafoo thought of this, yes? He a very smart Rainspeaker." -- High-Oracle Soo-say

Unlike your normal gear items, trinkets offer a little more interaction. Whether they are proc-based and trigger themselves in response to things you do, or on-use and need to be activated, or even just charge themselves up to give a steady buff they normally need some degree of user attention. This makes them something of a personal choice item. There are certainly those that are bad, better or brilliant but choice and playstyle often impacts trinket selection.

Below I've listed out fifteen trinkets that can take a warlock from freshly dinging 80 to the best the game has to offer. They are in a rough DPS benefit order, though that will depend on your other gear, spec and preference to some degree. So lets see what shinies await us.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Muradin's Spyglass

Trinkets. It's always trinkets, isn't it? A subject of great angst and controversy for every raider who's trying to upgrade their kit. There's just something about trinkets. They don't even show up on your character. But there's few enough trinkets readily available that most everyone always seems to be looking for just the right one.

Muradin's Spyglass is just such a trinket. Every time you deal damage with a spell, you'll gain stacks of Cultivated Power. That's a pretty sexy little bonus. For damage dealing spell casters, however, the Muradin's Spyglass is a nice relief from the Eye of the Broodmother. Not only is it a raw upgrade, but since the Spyglass only procs from dealing damage, it's clearly a DPS trinket. Clarity like that is relatively rare nowadays. I guess that's why it's a Spyglass.

(You see things through it, get it? You make them clear.)

Name: Muradin's Spyglass
Type: Trinket
  • Improves critical strike rating by 131 (2.85% @ L80).
  • Each time you deal spell damage to an opponent, you gain 17 to 18 spell power for the next 10 sec, stacking up to 10 times.
How to get it: This trinket drops from the Gunship Battle in ICC.

How to get rid of it: Like most epics in this level of raiding, the Spyglass turns into an Abyss Crystal. You can also sell it to a vendor for around 11 gold.

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