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Ask a Beta Tester: Murlocs, mounts, and minimaps

You want mounts? We got mounts. Just waltz on through the intimidating portal above flanked by deadly drakonids, and they're giving em out like candy! Actually, no, I'm lying. Kind of. Locke asked...

Any word on new flying mounts or anything like that?

A little, but not a lot. We're not seeing a cornucopia of mounts yet. The ones we have seen are pretty cool, though. As I mentioned yesterday in my post on the Obsidian Sanctum, they're running with the design of Zul'Aman and offering mounts as special rewards from completing 'extra challenges' in raid zones.

The Obsidian Sanctum offers up a Black Drake Mount for completing the special challenge in the 10 man version, and it seems you get a Twilight Drake from the 25 man version, but I haven't seen that personally. Either way, these drakes are pretty hard to get, at least at first. They're not quite giving them out for nothing. Other colors of drake mounts have been datamined, but we haven't seen them drop yet.

For more answers to your beta questions, read on!

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Forum Post of the Day: Guide for 8 Mages

Jazle of Barthilas finally gives level 8 mages the guide they need to down those very tough beach murlocs (they are fishmen) in Westfall. According to this rising young star in the Mage community (he's 7 in real life), you need to start at max range, lay in a frostshot and a few fireballs, and 1 more fireball for the killer blow! After that, since he's 4 years above you, you will be bound to get something good soon.

This is probably the clearest and easiest guide we've ever read, and as many players say, rare is the Mage who can actually drop a mob 4 levels higher (even at 8). We can't thank Jazle enough for this advice -- we agree he is "bound to get something good soon," and his optimism and earnestness, on the Mage forums, a place normally full of QQ and tears, is totally refreshing.

Oh, and he's right: don't use sheep. It makes their health come back.

Thanks, Dan!

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Made in Azeroth: Arts and crafts inspired by WoW

How can we amuse ourselves while we wait for Wrath of the Lich King to come out? One word: geekcrafts. Sure, you could go to Jinx or CafePress and buy some stickers or T-shirts, but then again there's all that waiting, what with the shipping and everything. Plus, although somebody made it, they didn't make it. By which I mean, it wasn't crafted. So, you know, it's like a BoE item instead of an engineers-only item.

Am I making any sense yet? No? Hm. Okay. Let me try again. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, so pick up some art supplies and start learning a new hobby. By way of inspiration, take a look at some of these cool things other people have crafted from their love of WoW.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Fighting naked

This week we have a fair amount of humorous adventures, including an ill-timed leak, success in disguise, a handy brick, a clever wolf, and even some snakes.

Humorous Plot
  • NoObz has some insight on patch days, from the mobs' points of view.
  • This week's installment of The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf almost didn't happen, and the announcement of the delay is worth reading itself. Fortunately, Episode 23: WoW TV arrived in time for Sunday Morning!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: A new day

This week we are going to approach the Sunday Morning Funnies in a new format. Hopefully this will improve reader understanding of the purpose of posting the artwork. Voting will be removed. Please let me know what you think, as well as other changes you'd like to see!

For laughs:
Laughs and plot:
Differently structured humor:

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Wanna be friends with a murloc?

Who's yer buddy? Murloc's your buddy! At least now he can be since he has his very own MySpace page. Did you know that a murloc's heroes are Jay & Silent Bob? Of course you didn't but now you can learn even more fun facts about murlockind by following his blog. Although his posts are written in Nerglish (e.g., "glmrmrgrbaba! mrllgrmrmrgr grmrmrblmrllrlmrgrmlbllb" is one of his most recent comments), he's provided handy translations for us via an unnamed enslaved Troll. His writings offer insights into his budding filmmaking career and his ongoing feud with his nemesis, Aquaman.

Now I'm not much into MySpace, but this profile had me cracking up. Whoever is writing it has the Murloc mindset down cold and provides some funny roleplaying fodder. I don't think I'm alone in wishing Murlocs were a playable WoW class -- even though I know my wish is in vain. I haven't yet gone so far as to play the Murloc RPG, but it does pique my interest.

Oh, and ladies, he's single! Catch him while his current mood is "rockin" and before it changes back to "angry."

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The Spore report: Murloc sightings

It won't be long until you'll be able to hear the lilting sound of "mgrlllmgrlrrr" across the universe. Spore, the new game from The Sims' Will Wright, which involves creating a species from a single living cell and evolving it all the way through space colonization, is growing murlocs. The official release of Spore's Creature Creator isn't due until Tuesday, June 17, but somehow it broke free early, giving WoW players an early start in trying to create their favorite Azerothian creatures.

We got a peek at some of these creations. The little guy to the right was created by a Spore user named Saphirus. If you check the Sporepedia, you'll find some more murloc attempts -- including one by WoW Radio's Duncor. There's even an odd attempt at a kodo (you wouldn't know it except from the description) and a strange looking crocolisk.

[Thanks, Andrew.]

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The new and improved Murlocs

Just in case you missed it the other week, my absolute favorite part of all the new expansion news was that we will, for the first time ever, be doing something with Murlocs besides killing them. In the Borean Tundra, there will apparently be two Aldor- and Scryer-like factions, with one being called "Wolvar" and consisting of "wolverine people" of some kind (probably not the same as Worgen), and the other being our favorite gurgling landfish.

Which is not only awesome because, man, we sure missed Murlocs in Outland, and also because apparently the Oracles (that's what the faction will be called) will be a reputation faction, so we'll actually get to earn reputation with Murlocs. We have no idea how we'll possibly communicate with them, though -- rumor is that they're "more evolved" than the murlocs we've been fighting so far, but it would be super out-of-place to see a Murloc saying anything other than "Murrrglgglrrlgglll!!"

Then again, we already know it's possible (at least unofficially) to capture a live Murloc and develop a translator. Never underestimate the power of goblin ingenuity, I guess.

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More Wrath of the Lich King impressions and information coming out also got an invitation to the Blizzard event this past week (our invitation must have been lost in the mail, maybe?), and they've got six full pages of text about what they saw. Six pages hard to read though, so we've got all the salient points right here:
  • Both Jeff Kaplan and Tom Chilton presented, with Kaplan showing off the Death Knight class and Chilton showing off the work they've done on Northrend.
  • The Forsaken-designed starting town Vengeance Landing was shown off -- this was the same area we got to play back at Blizzcon, as well as Utgarde Keep
  • They also got to see Valliance Keep (the other Alliance starting area), and Warsong Hold, a huge gothic iron structure run by Garosh Hellscream that Kaplan apparently called the "new look " of the Horde
  • Horde players will be taking a Zepplin up to Northrend
  • The Nexus, in the Coldarra part of the Borean Tundra, is the first instance on the western side of Northrend from Utgarde Keep, and it's a three wing instance with a raid dungeon where players will meet Malygos.
  • The Badge of Justice system will continue in Northrend, but there will be new tokens to act as Badges and be returned for loot.
Lots more after the break.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Rouges in Azertoh

This week we have an NPC coup, a battle of the bands, two strikes, and of course, the much beloved mischief.
  1. In the Scout Report, #37, a new activist wanders onto the scene.
  2. From the Noob Comic comes Area Effect. Sometimes, a mage just can't help himself.
  3. Messy Cow has some adventures in Skinning, although she should have been healing. The best part? The "rouge" who was stealing corpses!
  4. Teh Gladiators battle their stealthed opponents, and the Murlocs heat up the scene. This week, the commentary beneath the comic is decidedly worth the read.
  5. Sockpuppet holds the "Azertoh Battle of the Bands." Yes, I said "Azertoh."
  6. Want to see a raid with the characters from Real Life?
  7. NoObz #9 brings you to a special mob-held meeting of sorts, where you get to meet the gray kangaroo (wolf).
  8. The old computer has finally broken him. A friend of Monkey Punchers is finally Losing It.
  9. In LFG this week, my favorite character breaks into a song and dance!
  10. Shakes and Fidget have made their Preparations, and with proper hilarity ensuing.
  11. This week on Dark Legacy Comics, the NPCs launch plans to take over the world, through Operation: Horace.
  12. From Action Trip comes Impressive Knowledge. Seriously, kids these days really know their stuff! Sure, they might lose a finger or a hand, but then they'll know which faction they're dealing with, right?
Pass through the break to vote for your favorite from this week's selection.

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Your least favorite races

We all have our favorite races, whether we actively play them or not. Personally, I have a thing for playing Humans and I desperately want to play an Ethereal one day. At the very least, have an Ethereal presence in Wrath, even a small one.

What about your least favorite races, though? We all have those, too. We don't always have good explanations for it, but for one reason or another there's just something that drives us absolutely crazy. My #1 most hated race in Warcraft would have to be Gnolls. What do they even do? Their most famous member is Hogger, who doesn't even do anything. Okay okay, they kill people and that's bad, but they don't do do anything. At least Kobolds mine stuff up.

Tell you what, I'll go ahead and give my Top 5 after the jump. If you're interested, go ahead and read on!

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WoW Moviewatch: Ultimate Snowdown

What do you get when you cross a human, an elf, and a murloc? The Warcraftmovies Christmas Spirit Contest third place winner, of course! Lafawnduh created Ultimate Snowdown to remind us what Christmas is all about - sticking it to the man. Wait, no. It was about those darn murlocs!

When a human sets off for that perfect holiday tree, he doesn't expect to encounter competition. Not ready to give up his territory, he takes the petty way out and pelts the elf with a snowball. As the elf gathers a posse, the human has no choice but to do the same, erupting into an all out snowball war. When they take their eyes off the prize, well ... you'll see what happens!


Previously on Moviewatch...

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Around Azeroth: Meet the family

Normally I flee screaming at the sight of Murlocs in a group. After all, if you see one, you know there must be two or three more hiding nearby, waiting to pounce on you if you approach. By this logic, if you see three Murlocs in plain sight, there must be an additional six to nine hiding in the bushes -- more than enough to overwhelm the most powerful of players. But these guys are so cute! How could you possibly run from them? Kyuketsuki of Malygos, who sent this shot in, was apparently one of the lucky ones who managed to attend BlizzCon 07 and BlizzCon 05, as evidenced by the Murloc suit and the Murky pet. The other two critters? They're part of a devious quest chain in Zabra'jin, Zangarmarsh, which aims to introduce Murlocs to the currently Murloc-free Outland.

Taken a screenshot that highlights the ordinary in an extraordinary way? We'd like to see it on Around Azeroth! All you have to do is e-mail with a copy of your screenshot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could find your pictures and story featured next!

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Around Azeroth: Murloc nesting dolls

Okay, perhaps these Murlocs aren't actual nesting dolls, but they do have the right look to them. (Much like these charming Furbolg we've talked about previously.) However, I think we have to all applaud Magecakes of Archimonde for managing to get together such a large group of Murlocs without any fighting breaking out. Mrrgrgrlll my brothers, mrrgrgrrgl!

Do you have a unique shot of Azeroth or Outland that you'd like to show off to the rest of the world? Tell us about it by e-mailing a copy to, with as much or as little detail as you'd like to share with the world!

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Mrrrrgllhllrrll in real life

Okay, it probably grosses less at the theater than "Dan in Real Life", but this picture, sent to WendellGrave by one of his guildies, definitely looks like a real-life murloc. Our own Arturis suggests that this is a sculpture made from a fish body, but I think we can all agree that whatever it is, it's really quite ugly.

No word on why this was created, but it does remind me of the Fiji Mermaid. The Fiji Mermaid is a popular attraction at carnival freak shows. It's a "mermaid" usually made from papier-mache and fish parts, with a dash of monkey thrown in. For those of you disappointed in this fakery, I present an indisputable real-life tauren, as well as the warlock epic mount in its natural habitat of the Ford Mustang.

Is this an accurate murloc or not? What do you think it's made from?

[Thanks, WendellGrave!]

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