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First WoW Insider Show episode available for download

A big thanks to everyone that tuned into the very first episode of the WoW Insider Show-- lots of good times were had as WoW Radio's Turpster, and Dan O'Halloran and I discussed everything from whether it's OK for a guild leader to ninja a mount to whether we'll fly in Northrend before level 78 or not, all the way back to why gold farming might be OK. Actually, Dan stands alone on that last one-- you can listen to the show, right now, over on WoW Radio's homepage for it to find out exactly what happened. And it's also in iTunes-- here's the link for the iTunes Store if you've got iTunes installed.

Congratulations to listener Chris S for randomly winning the Murloc suit giveaway! Stay tuned for many more giveaways on the show. And if you have comments or suggestions for the show, our email address is

And the WoW Insider Show rolls on-- this coming Saturday, September 8th, at 3:30 pm EST, we'll have our second episode, and you'll be able to listen live over at WoW Radio just like last week. We'll cover everything that's happened in the World of Warcraft over the past week, as well as keep you entertained and give you exclusive insight on everything we write about here at WoW Insider.

So thanks everyone who listened in this week, and be sure to check us out on every Saturday, kicking off at 3:30pm EST.

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Reminder: The WoW Insider Show premieres tomorrow!

Just in case you missed it earlier this week, set your clocks for 3:30 EST tomorrow afternoon, Saturday the 1st, because WoW Insider and WoW Radio are making history. We're premiering The WoW Insider Show, a brand new podcast that combines the audio genius of Totalbiscuit and his gang at WoW Radio with the vast knowledge (and witty asides) of all the staff here at WoW Insider. Every week, we're going to take a look at what's happened in Azeroth the past week, as well as give you a chance to share your input and ask us what we think about the World of Warcraft.

Oh, and there'll be prizes! We're kicking it off right by giving away a Murloc suit, straight from BlizzCon. To win, all you have to do is listen-- during the show, we'll give out a secret phrase and ask you to email it to us before Saturday at midnight, and then we'll chose one person who does that to get a code for a Murloc suit. It's your chance to win one of the hottest items in the game, just for listening!

So check us out over at WoW Radio tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 EST. We'll also have a downloadable mp3 of the show available next week, and the show should appear on iTunes soon (as soon as we record it, that is). But if you listen later, you can't win the Murloc suit, so if you're available, check in and listen live with us tomorrow afternoon. Be there as WoW Insider and WoW Radio make some history, and bring you the ultimate World of Warcraft podcast.

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Of model detail and Murloc Suits

Have you seen the in-game Murluc Suit costume? I mean really taken a good look at it? Because the Murloc Suit represents some of the most detailed models and textures currently in the game -- and if the future of World of Warcraft is going to contain more models of this detail, the future is going to look good. Very good. When asked about the level of detail in the Murloc Suit, Blizzard poster Bornakk commented:

As World of Warcraft grows so does our technique and skill in producing new models for everybody to enjoy. Keep an eye out and you will notice more of the improvements we have already made besides the murloc costume.

In the meantime, check out all of the details of the Murloc costume in this little gallery (images taken by a Nagrand stream, where I imagine Murlocs would feel quite at home if they resided in Outland). You can clearly see that the back-fins of our fake Murloc are made of socks (one of them mis-matched, of course), that our hero is wearing heart-covered undies, and that the suit zips up the back with the zipper labeled EPC. Now the real question is... what the heck does EPC stand for?

Gallery: Murloc Suit

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WoW board game makers will be at Blizzcon

Fantasy Flight Games, makers of the WoW board game, have announced what they're going to be up to at BlizzCon, just a few days away. The game's creators will be around, and they'll be showing off the game, as well as the Burning Crusade expansion, which apparently adds new heroes and new monsters into the mix. FFG will also be showing off Starcraft: The Board Game, which is set to be released sometime later this year.

And, perhaps most exciting, they'll also be giving out a special BlizzCon mini-expansion, with custom sets of armor for each of the nine classes, and even a Murloc suit! No idea what a Murloc suit will do for you in a board game, but it doesn't do much for you in the MMO either, and we all want one of those, right?

If you're a fan of the Board Game or just want to be one (I wouldn't mind checking it out for sure), be sure to check out the FFG booth in the Exhibit Hall at Blizzcon.

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WoW Moviewatch: The murloc suit in action

I'm not sure how he did this, but Dajobe managed to get himself a Murloc Suit. Now we can see this little thing in action. I personally cannot wait to breakdance for all my friends. For anyone planning on to BlizzCon this will give you a taste of what to expect when you log in after that first day at the Anaheim convention center. If you aren't going to the event, at least you can enjoy this sneak peak of the suit in all its murloc-y glory,

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