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Mountain Dew Game Fuel site launches for reals

Update: This promotion seems to be US only. Sorry, rest of the world. Hopefully you guys will get something like this soon as well. China had a Coke promo, so maybe the EU/Oceania will get a turn sooner or later.

The Mountain Dew Game Fuel site is officially live, and we're all free to earn lots and lots of tokens. You'll need to register first, so be prepared to hand over a fair amount of personal information. They want the usual things, like your name and birthdate and home address. If I had to guess, I would say they need all of that for contest reasons. You always need to ask those things so you don't run into any regional legal issues.

Now, tokens. How do you get tokens? There's a full list of ways to earn them on the official site (that you need to be logged in to see,) but I can tell you this: Almost all of them involve clicking on some random links scattered around the internet. Watching videos on their site, clicking banners on Facebook, going to their Twitter page, all of that sort of thing. Time to start setting up a Mountain Dew bookmarks folder, folks.

There's also an FAQ that confirms one of our suspicions: Yes, a WoW vanity pet is one of the potential prizes you can win. It doesn't state what it is, but we can all safely assume it's the battlebots we posted about previously. Among the potential prizes is a trip to BlizzCon as well, so if you can't afford the trip yourself, you ought to start hoarding tokens.

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Become a WoW Insider fan on Facebook

WoW Insider has been on Facebook for a while -- but with a new year right around the corner, we've set up fresh digs on a page of our own. Become a WoW Insider fan, meet other WoW players on Facebook and keep up to date with all the events and happenings at WoW Insider.

WoW Insider's Facebook page is your chance to express yourself:
  • Photos of your WoWspace If you think you have an interesting or unique WoW space, add it in the fan photos section.
  • UI photos Does your UI rule? Share a screenshot in the fan photos.
  • Your moment of 80th-level glory Where were you when you dinged 80? Upload a screenshot of your moment in the sun (or the ice, as the case may be).
  • Questions? Comments? Post your thoughts on our wall or discussion board.
  • Poetry and artwork Share your creative energy! Post your poetry or artwork for other WoW fans to enjoy.
Come link up with us and keep in touch. Oh, hey -- while we're at it, don't forget to connect with us over on MySpace and Twitter, too. We'll be looking for you!

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Wanna be friends with a murloc?

Who's yer buddy? Murloc's your buddy! At least now he can be since he has his very own MySpace page. Did you know that a murloc's heroes are Jay & Silent Bob? Of course you didn't but now you can learn even more fun facts about murlockind by following his blog. Although his posts are written in Nerglish (e.g., "glmrmrgrbaba! mrllgrmrmrgr grmrmrblmrllrlmrgrmlbllb" is one of his most recent comments), he's provided handy translations for us via an unnamed enslaved Troll. His writings offer insights into his budding filmmaking career and his ongoing feud with his nemesis, Aquaman.

Now I'm not much into MySpace, but this profile had me cracking up. Whoever is writing it has the Murloc mindset down cold and provides some funny roleplaying fodder. I don't think I'm alone in wishing Murlocs were a playable WoW class -- even though I know my wish is in vain. I haven't yet gone so far as to play the Murloc RPG, but it does pique my interest.

Oh, and ladies, he's single! Catch him while his current mood is "rockin" and before it changes back to "angry."

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WoW Insider is on Facebook!

As many of you know, WoW Insider has been on Myspace for quite some time, and we decided it was time to invade Facebook as well. Be among the first to sign up to our group, or add my profile page for WoW Insider-related news!

We're always on the lookout for reader-submitted content, and now you can post your ideas, screenshots, videos, and fan stuff to the group. It may even appear on the site! Here is a brief, non-inclusive list of what we'd be happy to see:
  • Photos of your WoW space! If you think you have an interesting or unique WoW space, describe it in the group's discussion, or send us an e-mail submission.
  • Photos of your unique user interface! Chat in the group, upload photos, and more.
  • We're always willing to try out, and discuss, new addons. If you've made any, use any, love them or hate them, you can discuss them in the group (or as always, e-mail us!).
  • Snap your own unique screenshots and upload them for everyone.
  • We'd love to answer questions for WoW Insider, whether they are related to a specific column, or whether they are more generic.
  • Post your poetry or artwork; we want to feature more of it.
  • Chat about how much you adore us and everything we write.
Join our group and express your creativity, ask questions, tell stories, and share your opinions, artwork, and more! I promise, we are not as harsh as moderator kitteh.

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Illidan has 72 friends and they're all on MySpace

I'm not sure who is behind this, but it's brilliant. Someone made a MySpace page for Illidan Stormrage. And its just as ugly as you know a MySpace page can be with a large, dark picture as a backdrop and unreadable type laid on top of it.

The RP value is priceless. The profile information is written in character, from his point of view and makes him sound a little more sympathetic than I remember and a heck of a lot funnier. His MySpace friends list includes other Warcraft luminaries with their own page: Sargeras, Akama and Ner'zhul aka the Lich King. The automatic music that plays is, of course, the World of Warcraft theme.

This has been going on since Blizzard made its presence known on the premiere social networking site. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King main players were parodied on the site. But, as one commenter on Illidan's page wrote, this one is "Full of win!"

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Show your characters on Facebook

A friend who recently invited me to social networking site Facebook showed me the WoW Armory application (you have to have a Facebook account to use that link) the other day. It's a little dohicky (technical term) that will automatically show WoW characters on your Facebook profile. Unfortunately, it's as no frills as they come right now-- basically you can see the character's name, class, level, server, and a basic outline of what they're wearing. No pics at all. But if you want to automatically share your characters on your profile via Armory info, there you go.

I was going to suggest the Signature Generator we posted a while back if you wanted to post a much more detailed look at your characters on Facebook or anywhere else, but apparently it's MIA. The site doesn't load at all. The Google cache shows that maybe the site's creator burnt a bridge he wasn't supposed to, and unfortunately while there are a few other sig generators around, none of them look as good (or work as well-- I couldn't get my character to come up on the other one) as that one did.

So if anyone knows of a good working sig generator, feel free to throw it in the comments below, and we can all show off our characters in our various webspaces. Oh, and though WoW Insider hasn't made our way to Facebook just yet, we are alive and well on Myspace, so come befriend us there if you like.

Update: Reader Nick G sends along his own, self-made Facebook app, which he says is created by a WoW fan, not "a company trying to create a social network website and drive traffic to it via a Facebook App." Which is cool, but unfortunately, when I tried to create my character with his, all I got was an error message. So if his works, you might like it more.

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But...we've got personality!

When I started playing WoW two years ago, my first character was a warlock. Not understanding what the warlock class was all about, I built myself a bright sunny blond little lock, and quickly tired of the class. My next character was my mage, and I took to that class quickly and easily, having played similar characters in Neverwinter Nights. But even the mage didn't truly fit my personality. Sure, she is my main character, she's my level 70 and I am proud of what I have accomplished with her. I just don't think I am a mage at heart.

I actually think I am a priest. Yesterday I even took the personality quiz on the World of Warcraft MySpace, and I came up as a priest, albeit an undead one. Since then, I have been thinking why is it I love playing my priest so much. She's only 32, doesn't have all the spiffy gear my older characters have. The conclusion I came to is that the priest class fits my personality best. I wouldn't call myself a pacifist, but I really don't like fighting all that much. Given a choice to confront a mob or go around, I choose the second option. Now that I have rolled my priest, I notice that I am much more content sitting at the back of the raid filling up those green bars. I get a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am helping keep the group going.

Thinking of all of this made me curious. I'd love to know, what classes fit your personality best? If you were scanned into the game tomorrow, where would you fit in the world? Or, is there no class that truly fits you?

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Guildwatch: What, no gnomes?

Tuesday means its time once again for Guildwatch, your weekly look into unfolding guild drama, dying bosses, and folks who could use you in the endgame. I particularly like this week's guild picture, because it has both a sitting bear AND a furbolg. Throw in a dancing treeform druid and you'd have everything you need for a fun Saturday night.

Remember, just like Sally, the waitress who's worked down at the Sidetrack Tap Diner for more years than you've been alive, this column lives and dies on your tips. If you've got 'em, send 'em to Click the link to read this week's GW.

Read more →

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You Have a Friend Request From C'Thun

Well, you knew it had to happen. As soon as Blizzard made their entrance into that bastion of social networking and terrible design,, it was just plain expected that they'd have some company.

And sure enough, in among World of Warcraft's 58,000 plus friends, there are a few familiar faces. Did you know you could be friends with Edwin Van Cleef, a "swinger" who's frustrated that all people want from him is the Cruel Barb? And of course if he's on Myspace, then so is Mr. Smite (who gets comments from someone who wants him to "stop stunning me!"), Jin'do the Hexxer, and High Inquisitor Whitemaine (who says "Hi there! <3" to all her friends). Even Raggy and Vael are in on the Myspace action-- Raggy likes some good tunes, but Vael likes Linkin Park. Go figure. I always saw him as more of a Slayer type.

And if you're looking for expansion news, Myspace won't disappoint there either. What better way to learn about Tyrande Whisperwind and Arthas himself than befriending them and subscribing to their blogs? Like OMG, thx 4 the add, Lich King!

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