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Taking the production out of itemcrafting

Here's an interesting suggestion from Mystic Worlds: take the production process out of crafting.

When I used to play Dark Age of Camelot, the crafting setup was my least favorite part of the game-- it seemed like crafting materials were expensive, the crafting process took way too much time (I having long conversations with others standing around the crafting area), and the stuff you made (at the early levels anyway) just wasn't that great. So WoW's system may not be perfect, but it seemed like a breath of fresh air after that-- materials come from actually playing the game, and putting things together is something you can generally do as an afterthought rather than as, well, a profession. The gathering is the important part.

So Mystic Worlds says, why not make the gathering the whole thing? You still go out and get mats from the world, crafters turn those raw mats into usable mats, and then you'd actually take the bolts and gems and tanned leather that crafters made to NPC crafters, who would turn them into items. That way, if you want a Robe of the Void but you aren't a tailor, you just take the mats to an NPC tailor who can hammer one out for you.

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A little extra XP for your trouble

Mystic Worlds has a post up about some cool features coming in Warhammer Online that she wishes were in WoW. Basically, it boils down to the fact that WAR will reward you for killing quest targets even if you haven't actually grabbed the quest yet.

That would be darn helpful-- there have been times in Azeroth where I've killed 20 boars (for example) and then found out there was a quest to kill them that I just hadn't grabbed yet. MW says she worries that a system like this will mean random, indiscriminate killing across the landscape, but I already kill stuff indiscriminately as I'm wandering around-- it'd be nice to get an extra reward for it.

And while we're on the subject, I'd love to see some player-driven quests in the game. Something like 5-10k XP per week that can be awarded by your guildleader, just to keep you busy. Say, "win 3 AVs" or "run Shadow Labyrinth five times." Not only would it let GLs guide what their guildies were up to, but it would be another nice bonus for people leveling up, and considering there's 70 levels to get through now, quicker leveling is always good.

Finally, Mystic Worlds says she's also excited about their XP handouts for exploration, which Blizzard already does to an extent, but it'll be interesting to see how it's done in WAR. On one more (kind of) related note, someone in the guild recently suggested an awesome idea: see how far you could get a character just by finding all the discovery XP in the game. He said level 20, I say no more than 15. Anyone want to find out?

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Flash heals for everyone

Mystic Worlds (who just changed the color scheme on her blog) has an interesting idea: give every single class in the game the chance to have a flash heal all for themselves.

To a certain extent, things already seem to be going in that direction-- the Gift of the Naaru is pretty much exactly what she's talking about, except that it's only for Draenei. And Blood Elves, with Mana Tap and Arcane Torrent, have what you might call a "flash mana heal." Additionally, lots of high end gear is showing up with a chance to heal on it-- there's even an enchant now that periodically heals the whole party. Mobs are hitting harder than ever, but there's also more ways to recover from it.

But MW wants a "heal yourself, nub" heal-- for rogues or casters who don't manage aggro, or warriors who don't wait for mana. That idea I'm not thrilled about-- one way to "train" a caster not to pull aggro is to simply let them die. If we gave casters all kinds of outs, there's lowered incentive for them to do their job right in the first place. Of course, MW does say that each class would be required to spec a certain way for the heal, so it wouldn't exactly be free-- players who could play their class right could spec a different way and take the bonuses that came along with it, and players who wanted things to be a little easier could spec for the flash heal.

Then again, by the end of MW's piece, you can tell she's just ranting about being told to heal. That I can identify with-- if I'm main healing an instance, you don't have to tell me to heal you. If I'm supposed to heal you, and I can heal you, I'm healing you. Whether every class has a flash heal or not, if you're not the warrior and we're all doing things right, you probably shouldn't be getting hit in the first place.

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