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Shifting Perspectives: Restoration 101

Every week, Shifting Perspectives explores issues affecting druids and those who group with them. This week, a quick and dirty guide to raising one's tree from a young sapling to a mighty oak, or other suitably impressive arboreal species.

Whenever other columnists here write really good columns, I sit at my computer and swear a blue streak, for I am a jealous god. Sacco, damn him, turned out a great article on the basics of elemental shamans, and for a while I've been kicking around bits and pieces of 101-esque columns for all four druid specs. This was the last shove I needed to get that done. While I expect our new balance blogger (a.k.a. Murmurs, the person I will be forcing to do all my number-crunching in the future with bribes or, when necessary, threats) will address moonkin, I'll cover bears, cats, and today, trees.

A quick note on what I want to accomplish here: I'm addressing this to people with no prior knowledge of the spec who want the tools to become reasonably competent healers quickly. By necessity, that means we're going to gloss over a few finer points; this is a cheat sheet, not an encyclopedia. When I say (for example) that Improved Tranquility needs to be dragged out behind a barn and killed with an axe, I'm not going to spend paragraphs explaining why that is, or examining situations where you could actually get some use from it. If you think I've glossed over something truly important, please drop a comment and I'll direct readers to anything they really need to know.

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PTR patch notes for Friday, Nov 2

World of Raids is reporting lots of small fixes in the latest PTR build of Patch 2.3, but with a few surprises as well. There's a good amount of class changes along with some Badge of Justice loot tweaks and a new Hunter volley animation seen above.

Highlights for the class changes include: Feral Druids getting their single target and group based taunts buffed by their +hit rating; Rogues getting Hemorrhage buff as well as a redesign of Shadowstep; and Priests receiving the Focused Will buff as well as Druids getting the Natural Perfection buff even buffer than we reported on earlier.

Chest spawns in Hellfire Ramparts, Karazhan: Chess Event and The Mechanar will not be lootable by anyone absent for a significant amount of the boss fights near the chests. On the upside, Heroic Ramparts and Heroic Mechanar chests will contain a Badge of Justice for every member in the party and the Karazhan cache will contain two! I can tell what two Heroic dungeons are about to get very popular.

Finally, special Engineered goggles are no longer necessary to see the gas clouds in Netherstorm for mote extraction. However, the goggles will now allow the gas clouds to be seen on the minimap in addition to whatever other tracking the player currently has up.

With Patch 2.3 background loading this week, one can only hope Zul'Aman will be available for all of us to enjoy soon and Patch 2.4 introducing the Sunwell Plateau will be served up on the PTR right after.

[Thanks Calypso!]

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PTR Notes: Natural Perfection and Focused Will 2.0

As of the next push to the patch 2.3 PTR, the Druid Restoration talent Natural Perfection will be enhanced:

The restoration talent, natural perfection will now also (upon the next data push to the public test realms), grant the natural perfection effect after being critically hit, reducing all damage taken by 1/2/3% for 6 seconds. This will stacks up to 5 times. (Eyonix)

This is in addition to its current effect: "Your critical strike chance with all spells is increased by 1/2/3% and melee and ranged critical strikes against you cause 4/8/12% less damage." Natural Perfection requires 30 points in Resto. If you have any feedback on that, feel free to drop a post on Eyonix over at the thread, which he promises to read throughout the day. Or leave a comment here, which I will read throughout the day, but no guarantees of it reaching the devs.

The saga of the new Priest Discipline talent Focused Will continues. Here is the new version:

The new discipline talent, focused will, has been redesigned. Once the next data push to the public test realms occur, upon taking a critical hit you gain the focused will effect, which will reduce all damage taken by 1/2/3% and increase healing effects on you by 2/4/6% for 6 seconds, and will stacks up to five times. (Eyonix)

Like above, go over to the thread if you want to give Eyonix your opinion on it. I definitely like it better than the first version ("after taking a critical hit you gain the Focused Will effect, reducing critical damage taken by 10/20/30% and increasing healing on you by 10/20/30% for 6 sec"), and I do think it achieves the stated goal of providing an alternative to Blessed Resilience for those who would rather go deep Discipline. It could be a little stronger, though, especially considering how deep it is (requires 30 in Disc).

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