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Breakfast Topic: Who is your in-game nemesis?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

During a break from WoW this summer, I took some time to try out some of the other MMOs out there. One of the ones I really enjoyed was Champions Online: Free for All, a free-to-play MMO on the Steam network. Aside from the incredible character customization (it took me hours to fine-tune my superhero outfit!), one of the things I most enjoyed about it was the concept of the Nemesis. At some point during the leveling-up experience, you get a chance to design and create your character's own supervillain ... who then randomly pops up from time to time to make your day more difficult!

Now that I'm back to World of Warcraft, I keep thinking about that concept. Who would be my toon's main antagonist? Even though it's not possible to design one, there are tons of great villains to pick from in Azeroth. For my main, a Blood Elf paladin, I figure Kael'thas fits best. Lore-wise, he betrayed his people by making them dependent on demonic magic, so he'd be the top of any Sin'dorei hit list . It's also nice that whenever I am bored or frustrated with endgame content, he is always waiting in Magister's Terrace for me to pound on in hopes of getting a white chicken to ride!

Who is your in-game nemesis? Is it a player from the opposing faction who is always capping flags in your battlegrounds? Is it that druid who is constantly grabbing your herbs a second before you can? Is it a raid boss your group is having trouble on? Is there a particular mob (or critter) that you cannot stand to let live?

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Patch 4.2 Daily Quests: Punting Season and Echoes of Nemesis

Patch 4.2 is bringing one of the most ambitious daily quest hubs ever to World of Warcraft, as players dive into Ragnaros' fiery domain. Before players enter the Firelands, however, there is work to be done in the Regrowth, an area of Mount Hyjal under siege by Ragnaros' minions and the Druids of the Flame. Are you a bad enough dude to repel invaders from the Firelands?

Players begin at the Sanctuary of Malorne, where Matoclaw, Malfurion, and Mylune offer players quests to fend off invaders, save the denizens of Hyjal, and team up with the ancients once again. Today, we're going to talk about one of the most fun dailies since the creation of bombing runs back in The Burning Crusade: turtle punting.

Today's quests:
Remember, there are mild spoilers about quests launching with patch 4.2, so please be warned if you're particular about that sort of thing.

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Breakfast Topic: Who's your nemesis?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

For every hero, there is a villain. For every light, there is a shadow. Every rose has its thorn, but if you would just pour some sugar on me ... erm. /cough. The point is that we all have our nemeses, from Hogger and Mor'ladim to Fel Reaver, Illidan, M'uru, and the Lich King himself. Maybe you got stomped too many times by the devilsaurs in Un'Goro Crater, or maybe Mimiron had your raid frustrated for weeks on end. For my guild, it was Sindragosa.

When we got into ICC late in Wrath's life cycle, a new, small guild with a mixture of experienced raiders and players who had never ventured past heroic dungeons, we breezed through the first two wings. Blood Queen gave us a bit of trouble, but we soon swept past her and Dreamwalker and found ourselves facing off against the enemy from our loading screens, the last stop before Arthas himself. We went over the strategy, practiced our tomb placement, set up flares, and gave her a try. And another. And another. And yet another.

Though we were all sick of hearing her voice, for some reason, we just couldn't get Sindragosa down. We had trouble with disconnects, lag, Blistering Cold, multi-tombs, tanks getting tombed, clearing stacks, and pretty much everything else imaginable. The whole guild was aching to slay that dragon, and when at long, long last we managed it, the jubilation was unlike anything we'd had before. I doubt even the Lich King's demise would elicit the kind of cheers I heard on Vent when she went down. Our nemesis was vanquished at last.

Which boss or creature was (or is!) your greatest enemy in WoW? How long did you work on beating it? How did you celebrate when it was finally over?

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Blood Pact: A new Lock in town

A lone shadowed figure approaches the village as it settles down for the approaching night. A hush falls with his passing and all eyes turn to follow. Who can say what has brought him here but there's no mistaking his calling; there's a Warlock in town.

With more than seven weeks since the last Blood Pact column there was bound to be a few things that weren't covered. Not too much though, right? It's not like anything major happened in those weeks. Did it?

I'm kidding of course; the last couple of months have seen huge changes and awesome announcements. There's simply no way I can cover them all, and do justice to any of them, in one article. That said these things can't be left on the shelf to moulder. So I'm going to do a quick run-down of what's been going on in Blood Pact's absence and then we can start plunging into their dark and squishy innards going forward.

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Patch 3.2.2 PTR: New Onyxia loot revealed

Onyxia's loot is coming into focus on the test server, and we here at's secret headquarters are pretty much sitting here drooling and gabbling incoherently over it. As promised, we're seeing the promised buffed up Onyxia loot, but it looks like Onyxia's been doing some raiding of her own, coming back with upgraded versions of some other classic raid loot as well. Also, the Quel'serrar is back.

The promised helms are in, and so far, it looks like they're the same color and model as the old T2 exactly, and they are still class restricted. Luckily, they have stuck with the improved itemization and stat outlays that have come into play since vanilla. In fact, you'll exactly see multiple versions of many helms dropping, one for each basic playstyle of the class. For example, there's tanking, healing, and DPS versions of Judgment. If there's one downside for this, it seems like it means it may take a lot of runs until you see the helm for your exact spec drop.

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