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Real-life Mooncloth Bag (and Horde earrings)

Yup, it's a real-life Mooncloth Bag. SpikeHeadDesign over on Etsy has turned the 16-slotter's icon into an actual, real-life bag. Instead of actual Mooncloth, though (there are no real Moonwells on Earth, unfortunately), it's made of corduroy, cotton, a few buttons and velcro, and some kind of lace on the side (though I know my Shaman would never actually use something with lace on it, so they must all be different). Looks terrific, anyway, and it should for that price: $180.00. Still, for a handmade, one-of-a-kind bag, can't go wrong. The creator says that Netherweave is next, and it'll be exciting when we get to "Gigantique."

Alice Taylor of the great Wonderland blog has also been dutifully keeping up with WoW stuff on Etsy: she found these great Horde earrings that have unfortunately sold out (though this other design is still available). Could be the perfect gift for the jewelry-adorned WoW player in your life.

Thanks, Jaynnie!

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Insider Trader: Guide to farming cloth

Cloth is like the gathering profession for everyone. You don't have to pay to pick it up, and there are no skills to level. Because of the sheer number of tailors, the amount of cloth tailoring eats up (not to mention first aid), cloth gathering can be a lucrative pass-time. Failing that, it can provide for your own cloth needs without having to hit the auction house.

This week's Insider Trader will be going in-depth into the world of farming for cloth, and tackling the following issues:
  • The best areas to farm the cloth you need.
  • How to alleviate some of the boredom.
  • Ways to make the most out of your farming stints.
We will also be covering cloth that can be obtained by even level ones, and not just level 70s, as well as information about what it is used for, and who is going to want it.
  • Linen cloth. (lvl 1-15)
  • Wool cloth. (lvl 14-30)
  • Silk cloth. (lvl 28-40)
  • Mageweave cloth. (lvl 38-50)
  • Runecloth. (lvl 50-62)
  • Netherweave cloth. (lvl 58-70+)
  • Felcloth. (lvl 50-60).
Whether your career hinges on stacks of cloth or you're looking to finance your other exploits, you won't want to miss this week's guide.

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Playing the AH on Patch Day

Richard and Paul are both way smarter (and by consequence, way more rich) than I am. They thought ahead, took notes on all the ingredients for the brand new recipes in 2.2, and had all the supplies sitting at high prices on the AH yesterday, ready to be sold to anyone who didn't want to wait to make the new items. Beautiful. I'm jealous-- wish I'd thought of it first.

Soulcloth is the big winner, it seems-- it requires Netherweave (which pretty much everyone has), and tons of Soul Essences, which basically drop like candy in Karazhan. If I recall correctly, Soul Essences have sold ok but not great in the past (at least on my server), and they probably still won't sell well, once everyone's made everything they want. But for the next few days, while everyone's learning the new recipes, you'd probably do well to clean out your Soul Essence inventory.

Primal Shadow and Primal Air are also doing well from the patch, but since those are Primals, they're fairly rare anyway-- if they were really everywhere (like, say, they dropped off of every demon in the world), Blizzard would change things. But over the next few days (and probably every few days after a big set of crafting changes, so keep an eye out for 2.3 profession news), there's lots of money to be made.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Primal Mooncloth Bag

This is it. If you want to hold your stuff, ain't nothing better than this. The only thing is, the mats might drive you up a wall first.

Name: Primal Mooncloth Bag
Type: Bag
  • It's a whopping 20-slot bag, which is the biggest in the game. There are a few bigger ones out there-- in fact, quite a few. But those are all specialty bags, and this one will hold whatever you want in it.
  • If you want to hold stuff-- a lot of stuff-- this is what you need.
How to Get It: And here's the catch (there always is one, isn't there?): even with the mats, it could take you two weeks just to get this thing made. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

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A look at Blizzard's stats, post-Burning Crusade

Last November, Blizzard finally made public a page full of stats for what's happening to all of us in game-- the most dangerous creatures, most gathered items, most completed quests, and so on. Ever since, I always find it fascinating to stop over there and see what's new, but today I realized that I haven't really seen it since Burning Crusade dropped. So let's take a look at what players are up to since the Dark Portal opened, shall we?

Netherweave has jumped right to the top of listings in the Auction House, while Arcade Dust makes a nice showing at 7th. Of the Primal elements, only Earth is on the first page (most likely because it's the most farmed from all those Earth Elementals in Nagrand). It also comes from Mining, so it makes a good showing on the Most Gathered Items as well-- Copper leads that category by double everything else, though, most likely because of all the jewelcrafting going on. In fact, while Soul Shards are still number one, Copper Bars are the second Most Created Items in the realms, too. Interesting that you have to go to page 3 before you see a jewelcrafting item, though-- two sets of battleground tokens (Arathi Basin and WSG) are being made more than any Delicate Copper Wire.

Warlock pets remain on the top of the Most Dangerous NPC list, but King Bangalash and those nasty Defias Pillagers have company-- apparently people are back playing their mains, and raid bosses like Shade of Aran, Gruul, Nightbane, and the Maiden are killing players by the thousands. The Most Complete Quests screen has interesting info, too-- almost all of the quests are newbie Blood Elf quests (there is at least one Draenei newbie quest mixed in, but BEs have the clear majority). You'd think people would be completing quests in Outland to level, but three months after BC release, maybe that's not the case anymore. According to the stats, it seems like the large majority of players has gotten their mains to 70, are raiding Kara and Gruul, and leveling up their Blood Elf mains.

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