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Waiting to reroll

While I'm referencing threads on the European forums, this situation is no less common on US realms. Some players out in the World of Warcraft are simply chronic rerollers. They love the environment of a new realm -- a fresh economy, plenty of other people to level up with, and that thrilling race to level 70. And since Blizzard hasn't released any new realms (for players on US or EU realms) since the release of The Burning Crusade in January, players of this sort are really getting a bit antsy.

Blizzard, for its part, is holding to its stance that they'll release new realms when overall population requires it -- but until then, the best you're going to get is low population recommended realms. Vaneras thoroughly explains the situation for us: the fact that people enjoy playing on brand new realms just isn't a compelling reason for Blizzard to create new realms when existing realms have plenty of room to grow.

But what's the solution? Vaneras tell us that merging existing low-population servers in order to be able to open new realms isn't going to happen. (And I can understand why -- merging realms and then rolling out new realms is a lot of work by Blizzard's tech team, and essentially serves no purpose.) Vaneras suggests that you could get yourself organized and ready for new guilds on new realms, but that's probably little comfort. Some posters suggest a rerollers' realm of sorts -- a realm that resets every few months to offer players wanting an authentic rerolling experience a chance to race to 70 on a regular basis, without the need for any new realms. But what do you think? Do we need new realms? Is the fun of playing on a new realm enough of a reason for Blizzard to regularly deploy them -- even if they'll wind up ghost towns down the road, when players abandon them for other fresh realms?

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New realms? No. Recommended realms? Yes!

Looking for new realms? Well, it seems like you're going to have to keep waiting. Just over a week ago, Tseric told us that there are currently no plans to open any new realms. And on Monday Drysc followed up on that by suggesting that players may want to consider joining one of the following relatively underpopulated realms: Velen, Terokkar, Rivendare, Shu'halo, and The Underbog. I, for one, am not sure you can really replicate the "new realm experience" on a low population realm -- there's just something fun about being on a brand new realm where everyone is just starting out, and typing /who 60 and not seeing a single player. And while it's certainly in Blizzard's best interest not to have to maintain underpopulated ghost realms, telling us to reroll on these realms just isn't the same as rolling out new servers. (No... I'm not a chronic reroller -- why do you ask?!)

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No new realms for you!

It's been a bit over two months since we've had any new realms for US players (the last new realms came with the release of the Burning Crusade on January 15th), there's been some cry on the forums for new realms to be opened. But with pre-BC server improvements helping overall realm stability and population cap increases limiting queue time, I haven't been seeing a lot of realm status complaints that would seem to justify the need for new realms or transfers. (My own realm has been pleasantly queue-free since BC's release.) CM Tseric seems to agree with this assessment, since in response to recent requests for new realms he's very clearly stated that there are no plans to open new realms at this time -- but that it's always under consideration, and they'll let you know when they'll be opening new realms.

However, my realm -- and the news I'm reading on the forums -- may not present an entirely accurate picture of how all the realms are behaving. So do we really need new realms to take some of the burden off overcrowded existing realms? If your realm is struggling, speak up and let us know!

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New servers and transfers

Well, I was right. Blizz opened new servers very soon after the expansion's launch. We've got two new non-transfer servers and six transfer ones. From Tseric, here are the new non-transfer servers (AQ gates closed -- but who's going to go to AQ now?):
  • Blood Furnace - Central - PVP - Frenzy Battlegroup

  • Shattered Halls - Pacific - PVP - Frenzy Battlegroup
And from Eyonix, the new transfers:
  • Destination: - The Scryers, RP - Pacific

    Silver Hand
    Scarlet Crusade
    Argent Dawn
    Shadow Council

  • Destination: - Area 52 PvE, - Eastern

More transfers after the jump.

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Eight European realms to open on BC launch

Not satisfied by your free transfers, European readers? You want more realms? Prepare for your wish to be fulfilled! Thundgot (can I call him Thundy yet?) dropped the following bombshell of love this morning. At 00:01 on the 16th, eight (8) new English realms will be opening:
  • Normal (PvE)
  • RP
    The Sha'tar
  • PvP
    Shattered Halls
  • RP PvP
They'll be the usual non-transfer realms. As far as I can tell, the realm names are all expansion-themed, which seems fitting. Get those character names ready, folks!

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Free transfers for some European realms

For the European-server-playing readers in the audience, some awesome cracking news: free transfers, including a couple of brand-new realms! Thundgot sends a telegram wireless announcing the following transfers for English realms, with a stern note to the effect that origin and destination realms are subject to change, and that they won't be helping guilds with transfers:

  • Burning Legion to Boulderfist
    Burning Legion to Haomarush

    Crushridge to Burning Blade
    Crushridge to Jaedenar

    Drak'thul to Twisting Nether
    Drak'thul to Xavius

    Frostmane to Dentarg
    Frostmane to Mazrigos

    Grim Batol to Agamaggan
    Grim Batol to Dragonmaw

    Warsong to Daggerspine
    Warsong to Vek'nilash

    Kilrogg to Anachronos (brand new realm)
    Runetotem to Anachronos (brand new realm)

    Silvermoon to Bronze Dragonflight (brand new realm)
    Stormrage to Bronze Dragonflight (brand new realm)

Sometimes I feel like a European when playing since I listen to a lot of BBC radio shows. Can I have free transfers?

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New realms for US and EU players

Yep, you heard me right. Today has brought news of four new US realms and one new English-language EU realm. US players have their pick of Misha (PvE, PST, Whirlwind), Ravenholdt (RP-PvP, ET, Whirlwind), Bladefist (PvE, PST, Whirlwind), and Maiv (PvP, PST, Whirlwind). European players hoping for a fresh start can look towards the new Burning Steppes realm (PvP, Nightfall). While there's no further details on the US front, CM Thundgot tells EU players that they should expect several new realms opening up when the expansion launches -- and thus they shouldn't hope for more new realms before then.

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Two New US Realms Available

Two more US realms have opened today, adding to the two new realms last week. Both realms are in the EST timezone and include Undermine, a PvE realm in Battlegroup 10, and Anub'arak, a PvP realm in Battlegroup 11.

Both of these realms will be closed to paid character transfer for six months, as opposed to the previous three months. (And if you're playing on a realm not yet open for transfers, the new six month limit applies to you as well.) So if you were looking for fresh adventures in Azeroth, this is a great chance.

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New US Realms & Paid Character Transfer Update

In an announcement that will probably stop the "new realms plz!" requests for a good sixty seconds, two new US realms have opened this afternoon. Tanaris is available for the PvE-ers and Forgotten Coast for the PvP-ers. (And, before you ask, bot realms are in the EST time zone.) However, the most interesting thing about these two new realms is the fact that no transfers will be allowed to them for 6 months, rather than the previously standard 3 months. And what's better is that all future realms will follow the same 6 month rule. (Though whether this will be the case for all realms that aren't yet open for transfers is not clear.)

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Breakfast Topic: Pick a Realm, Any Realm...

This post about selecting a realm to play on caught my attention, as I recently find myself in a similar predicament. After playing many months on one realm, the guild I've been in has started breaking up - with several of my friends giving up on the game - and I'm left wondering what to do next. The existing guilds on my realm hold little interest for me and the Horde population there is sufficiently small as to make establishing a new guild a difficult or impossible endeavor. So I'm faced with the thought of starting anew. Should I re-roll on another realm? Transfer to another realm? And, regardless of which one I might decide, I'm faced with the ominous decision of which realm to pick. So, how does one choose the perfect realm - or is there such a thing? What do you look for when deciding to start afresh in Azeroth?

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Additional Downtime for Sixteen US Realms

The sixteen realms (including the two new realms - Sentinels and Venture Co.) that were having hardware problems yesterday have been brought offline again as of 11:44 AM PDT. While a work-around was used to bring the realms back online last night, the problem that caused the failure still remains, and needs to be addressed. The following realms are offline for now, with no current ETA on being brought back up: Aerie Peak, Altar of Storms, Anvilmar, Blackwing Lair, Deathwing, Demon Soul, Doomhammer, Gnomeregan, Icecrown, Jaedenar, Kel'Thuzad, Lethon, Onyxia, Sentinels, Uldaman, and Venture Co.

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Two New US Realms Today

Two new RP realms opened up this afternoon - The Venture Co (RP-PvP) and Sentinels (RP). And, before you ask, both realms are in the PST time zone. So, for the countless players who have been eagerly awaiting new RP-PvP realms, here's your chance! However, opening new RP servers without opening any other servers does run the risk of attracting many non-RPers who are just looking for a fresh realm. Let's hope Blizzard knows what they're doing with this schedule..!

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The Results of Paid Realm Transfers

I've spent a long time looking forward to the idea of paid character transfers.  I have two well-geared 60s on an old realm that I abandoned for various reasons, and I'm excited at the prospect of having them available for play on the realm I now call home.  So I've always looked at the prospect of transferring as a way of regaining access to characters that I'd put a lot of time and effort into, but had to abandon in order to play with friends.

However, one of my want-to-transfer characters is in full tier 2, with some Ahn'Qiraj gear.  I'd be transferring to a server well Nefarian has not yet been slain nor the gates of Ahn'Qiraj opened.  And I can't be the only one wanting to move such characters, for one reason or another.  There are many impassioned cries by players on realms old and new - as characters far beyond the realm's progression transfer over and start changing the face of PvP and PvE. 

With the number of restrictions on the transfer service ($25 per transfer, can only transfer every 6 months, can't transfer to severs less than 3 months old) it's obvious they've thought about the potential problems.  And it's equally obvious, with the effort put into rolling out this program, that it's not just going to vanish.  So where's the happy medium between a free-for-all transfer and allowing players to rejoin friends on other servers without abandoning previous efforts?  Blizzard seems to be listening to player concerns, but where it will go from here, and how open character transfers will continue to impact realm status, is still a mystery.

[Fan art by Guillaume Bonnet]

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Four New Realms Today

Four more new realms opened today - for PvP players, there's Onyxia and Blackwing Lair,  while PvE players can enjoy Gnomeregan and Anvilmar.  So if you were feeling like a fresh start in Azeroth, here's your chance.  The realms appear to be in the PST time zone, so if that's what you're looking for, this is your fix.  There are ongoing complains on the forums about low population servers, but perhaps the combination of newer realms and pay for realm transfers this will aid in evening out population imbalances across all the servers.  However, only time will tell!

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Two New Realms Today!

New non-transfer realms Aerie Peak (PvE) and Lethon (PvP) opened up this afternoon.  I find it interesting that we have two new realms after, just last week, Blizzard released a list of low population realms as recommended places for new players to start afresh.  Of course, I'll be the first to say that new realms are great fun to roll on and play on - it's nice to start on a shiny new server, before there are farmers and twinks.  But after a while the "new" will wear off and it will just be another server.  Perhaps they're planning for future growth?

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