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The Shattering hits The New York Times best-seller list

Blizzard has let us know that after only a short time available on bookshelves, The Shattering by Christie Golden has hit The New York Times best-seller list. This makes The Shattering Golden's and Blizzard's second NYT best-seller after Arthas: Rise of the Lich King. Congratulations to Christie and Blizzard, as the book is awesome and totally deserves the recognition that it is getting.

The Shattering – New York Times Best Seller
Despite having just been released earlier this week, The Shattering by Christie Golden has rocketed into the New York Times best seller list.

This prelude to Cataclysm follows major faction characters as they adjust to life after the war with the Lich King, before being abruptly attacked by the land and elements themselves. What is leading to these devastating earthquakes and ship-sinking squalls? Magni believes he has found the secret through his brother's research, while Thrall believes an already shattered world holds the secrets. If you're looking forward to the Cataclysm expansion, this is a must-read to catch you up and prepare you for the epic story about to be unveiled.

The book is available in the Blizzard Store ( and all fine book retailers.

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Christie Golden appears at Loveland, CO Barnes and Noble today

Here's a heads up to all our readers in the general area of Loveland, Colorado. Christie Golden will appear at 2 PM Today at your local Barnes and Noble to sign copies of her New York Times best selling book, Arthas. If you're in the area and don't need to be glued to your computer waiting for BlizzCon tickets -- or are lucky enough to get one of the first tickets -- this is a pretty decent use of a Saturday afternoon, I'd say.

And whether you're in Colorado or California or anywhere else, if you haven't checked Arthas out yet, it's definitely worth a shot. If you have anything more than a passing interest in WoW Lore, you owe it to yourself to buy or borrow this book. Not only is it the best piece of non-game Warcraft fiction according to multiple members of the WoW Insider team, but it contains tidbits of lore and happenings that are almost sure to figure prominently in future patches and expansions. You can read our review of the book for more of my gushing on the book.

But anyway, if you're in the Loveland area and happen to drop by Barnes and Noble, let us know if anything cool goes down, and happy reading.

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