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All the World's a Stage: Attitudes about roleplaying for the first time

All the World's a Stage, and all the orcs and humans merely players. They have their stories and their characters; and one player in his time plays many roles.

We've talked before about getting started in roleplaying, as well as how to find the right group to roleplay with. But there's also another aspect the question of roleplaying for the first time, which is that inner attitude people feel towards it.

I often see people leaving comments on All the World's a Stage, saying that they have some sort of story for their character inside their heads, but they don't let it out, for various reasons. Some don't feel that they have the right social space to let it out, and find it difficult to connect with others in such a way that their internal idea can actually take shape in reality. Others feel as though roleplaying isn't for them, even though they clearly seem to have the gift for it. In both cases, their roleplaying is limited to their own mind, where no one else can hear it or benefit from it at all. For every one who posts something about it on a site like this one, how many more just think about it, and never say anything to anyone?

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PvP reward inflation leaves newcomers in the dust

Ever since Arena Season 3 started, it seems as though everyone else in the battlegrounds has mostly epic gear. I myself have just a few now, but strangely I feel less powerful than I did before all the new gear became available. Perhaps a lot of the people I used to beat had been saving up their honor and arena points a lot longer than I had, so now they all out-gear me by a wider margin. Or maybe I've just been unlucky in the teams I've been matched against.

Either way, it strikes me that newcomers and casual gamers just now hitting 70 must be having a terrible time in PvP. They sign up for their first matches with their mix of greens and blues, and find themselves like a mouse before lions, with every opponent decked out in the kind of gear they only dream of attaining. Even if they really want to, is there any chance for them to learn how to PvP when they get killed in just a few seconds? Furthermore, even if they have the dedication for it, they may feel like leech on their team, kind of like a level 61 player in Alterac Valley, who knows all to well that he or she can't really contribute that much -- except the newcomer to level 70 is already at the level cap. The only way they can improve at PvP is to somehow get matched up with good enough teams to carry them trough many many battles until they finally have enough points to buy some good gear. If not, they get virtually nil from losing all the time no matter which battleground they join. Of course they may keep losing at the Arenas for a few months until they finally accumulate enough points to buy a few pieces of gear, but in the meantime their opponents are winning and saving up points a lot faster than they are.

If there's no way to shape up, can they only ship out? Are the doors of entry into end-game PvP completely shut off in the face of newcomers? If such a person came to me asking what they should do, I could only suggest they try to maintain a positive attitude, keep doing their best, and possibly get new gear from PvE as much as they can. I might also remind them that another expansion is coming next year, which should level the playing field. How would you advise a new level 70 to get into PvP?

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