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Phat Loot Phriday: Nibelung

From the Diary of Synysta
Dear Diary,

I've found it! I've finally found it! After all this time, I have finally found that which will free me from their taunts and jeers. After the dark lady fell, I found it in her remains. Perfectly shaped and symmetrical, its power could be felt coursing through it. The staff looked as though it were constructed from bone and sinew and as I caressed its curves, I could hear his voice. The fallen king promised power beyond my dreams, but I knew they were empty promises. I will bend the power to my will; I will harness all it has to give and make it my own!.

They all laughed before, scoffed at me and made fun of me. But not this time! They will rue the day they ever crossed paths with me. This time the blue ribbon for the Dalaran pet contest will be mine, all mine! Who needs cats and dogs when you have an undead harbinger to do your bidding?

Nibelung is one of those items that just has some fun flavor to it with an interesting proc ability. More information after the cut.

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Spiritual Guidance: On weapons, Nibelung, and the Lich King

Fox Van Allen takes over Spiritual Guidance every Wednesday, preaching the path of darkness and smearing the good and holy name of the priest class. He also mind controls and spreads diseases to not-so-innocent altar boys.

I never got a chance to run Molten Core when Molten Core was relevant. I didn't participate in the redemption of the Blood Elves when such a thing was fashionable to do. But now, with an end-game ready level 80 shadow priest at my disposal, I'm ready to take down The Lich King once and for all.

I sure as heck haven't done it yet (due solely to the lack of corporate sponsorship, I assure you), and probably won't for a while. Still, there's been more than enough time to sit around and consider the ramifications when I eventually get around to it (you know, just been so busy this week, with my... stuff). Taking down Arthas is the big time, and I want to be rewarded commensurate with the effort I put in. I'll admit it -- I have an incredibly unrealistic expectation of getting an Inflatable Pink Arthas Balloon vanity pet trailing me wherever I go, or some trinket that summons miniature Arthases down to destroy a hopelessly outmatched Keristrasza in a way that elicits "ooohs" and "aaahs" from those newly minted level 80s thrown into the same random dungeon as I.

And after glancing at the Lich King's loot table, I have to say that I'm a little bit disappointed. I'm not saying the loot isn't good, but if we shadow priests are going to be getting little more than a staff for beating the legendary Lich King, it better be one hell of a damn special staff.

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