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Breakfast Topic: Why can't my night elf have red hair?

We need to get serious for a minute here. I've been quiet about a lot of issues that World of Warcraft and Cataclysm have brought to light over the six-plus months that the expansion has been rolling. I've turned a blind eye to many aspects of the game that have bothered and bugged me, from disconnects to warrior rage issues. With the Firelands and tier 12 armor sets, an issue has surfaced that I can no longer stay silent about and has sent me into a spiral of hate-fueled rants to my guildmates as well as sleepless nights over how I am going to cope with this looming curse.

My night elf cannot have red hair.

Let me explain why this is such a frigging big deal to me and all night elves across Azeroth. As a protection warrior, I need to not only bring my A-game when fighting the nastiest creatures that Ragnaros and the Firelands can throw at me, I have to look good doing it. As a main tank, my raid team and guild look to me for guidance, safety, and momentum. How, Blizzard, can I effectively be that focal point of magnanimous support and a pillar of raid success when my beautiful new tier armor can never match my hair? How am I supposed to lead gracefully and with assertion when I have to see a pale blue or (god forbid) purple-hued color atop my unhelmeted head?

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Around Azeroth: Star-gazing

While I imagine most of us run around our little parts of the world (of Warcraft) without paying much attention to the details of our environment, this shot from reader Mikhall reminds us that sometimes all we have to do is look up to appreciate the beauty of Azeroth. The night sky over Auberdine (above) is black and vast, but the sky in Arathi Highlands is a brilliant blue, the sky in the Draenei starting zones around the Exodar turn pale purple in the evening, and the sky over Shattrath City is grey (or grey-green), In fact, every sky across Azeroth is a bit different -- but have you ever bothered looking?

Taken a screenshot that highlights the ordinary in an extraordinary way? We'd like to see it on Around Azeroth! All you have to do is e-mail with a copy of your screenshot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could find your pictures and story featured next!

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Extending the weather and seasons of Azeroth

We had two similiar comments drop in on the tipline in the past few days that both are pretty interesting ideas that WoW does all right with, but could probably do a lot better. Foxtir dropped us a note the other day voicing an opinion about the night and day cycle of World of Warcraft. As you may have noticed, WoW does have a night/day cycle already-- when it's midday, the light looks very different from the middle of the night (and my favorite zone in the whole world is Hinterlands in the evening). But Foxtir wants an even more obvious cycle-- during the day, Stormwind should be bustling, while at night, the weirdos could come out, and maybe even some Defias could be found in the city. It would be cool to see the day and night cycles have a gameplay effect as well-- in Warcraft III, they definitely did, but in WoW, I don't know that the day/night timing has any effect but the lighting.

And Jasperwind sent another note saying basically the same thing about the weather-- we've got the occasional rain and snow, but what if weather affected gameplay somehow? Or even more extreme forms of weather, he suggests-- what if earthquakes scared mobs away for a matter of time?

Let's give Blizzard credit where credit is due-- most games don't have a night/day cycle (much less a realtime cycle), and many games have no weather at all, or implement it badly (and anyone who's ever experienced a freak storm in Tirisfal will agree that Blizzard didn't do that). So WoW is already ahead of the curve in both cases. But in an MMORPG where we pay monthly, we can always expect more. And it would definitely be cool (and add a little more strategy to the game) to have these cosmetic changes affect the lives and actions of the characters we play.

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Breakfast Topic: Up All Night

It's tempting to get immersed in the world of Azeroth; perhaps too immersed. As a natural night owl, I've found myself (on several occasions) seeing the night through -- dawn falls in WoW slightly earlier than outside my window, the cities start filling up and a new day begins.

I don't recommend this behaviour, of course -- as I've found, one all-nighter begets another -- but it's interesting from an observer's point of view. The world is a different place in the small hours -- I use this time to grind popular spots, or level alts in deserted zones. PvP dries up, there are no raids, and you can almost hear the continents sleeping.

The breakfast topic part: How does this compare to the American servers? In Europe, we're generally at most one hour distant from the server time, so while there's something of a staggered night, there's a definite "quiet period". With more timezones to span, however, do the US servers ever get quiet?

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