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The Helping Hand Effect

Sometimes crawling the blue trackers and forums leads you to posts like this one. I like this post for many reasons - first off, because it combats the strange mercantilism we see over fake money in WoW sometimes, where people demand gold for each and every thing imaginable, but also and mostly because it's a simple act of kindness. "I know how to do this, and I will share my experience with you, and all you have to do is participate." Nightfuzzy the DK is doing here something that my first raid leader did for me and a bunch of us back in Molten Core - he's sharing what he knows with others.

This is something that is the bedrock for any mmo - the willingness to play together with others, to work together to the completion of common goals. And it's the primary thing people are talking about when they decry the loss of 'server communities' and while I've never bought into the idea that matchmaking services in World of Warcraft are bad - indeed, in many ways I find matchmaking ideal, because many times I found those server communities to be rife with elitism, snobbery, a refusal to take certain classes because they didn't have X or Y ability, outright crudity and boorishness, and hours upon hours of delays - I do recognize that the opportunities for these helping hand moments are rarer now. I can't just sit in trade in a major city and take all tanking requests that come for a couple of hours just to help people out anymore.

But clearly these opportunities still exist, and Nightfuzzy stepping up to the bat shows us that. There are other ways to do this, ways we can in day to day life be the positive in a given situation.

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