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Herb respawn rates up

While there's been no comment from Blizzard on the matter, it appears that the respawn rate of some herbs has been drastically increased since patch 4.0.6. Now that the Undermine Journal is working again, we can actually see this in effect! Go ahead and search for Whiptail on any realm you want, and scroll down to the second graph under the "Price and Availability History" section.

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Ask WoW Insider: The ninja debuff

This week on Ask WoW Insider, a reader has a suggestion, not a question, to put forth to you readers. It's about a problem lots of folks are having lately, with the servers as full as they are:

One thing that has been annoying most people is the ninjas who spend their time waiting for players to take down a pat so they have unobstructed access to the quest items or loot/ore. It happened to me even with the Oil-stained Wolf quest last night in the expansion. People waiting to steal poo! Sick! Why should the players who take down the pat be disadvantaged and lose out on the ore?

The rest of the question and your chance to answer after the jump.

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Mining to get easier in 2.4

Leveling up certain skills has been a pain for some time now, and while some skills have received leveling changes, mining has been left behind. As things stand currently, if you don't run around in circles just looking for ores every 10 or 20 levels or so, you could easily find yourself having to do a massive amount of catch up once your character reaches the level cap. The amount of mining you do in the normal course of leveling just isn't enough to keep up with your experience gain.

Drysc says that Blizzard has finally noticed that this "isn't fun" and plans to do something about it in patch 2.4. The various types of ore will be adjusted so that you can consistently level up your skill from the nodes available in the zones where your character will be leveling, without you having to go back and spend lots of extra time in areas where you don't have any quests.

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Insider Trader: Gatherers behaving badly

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling and using player-made products.

In the spirit of Amanda's genteel post on tipping etiquette (and how social networking gives you a distinct edge), Insider Trader brings you further discussion of two of the finer points of WoW trading etiquette: node/farming etiquette and transmute etiquette. Unless you're interested in building a rep as "Internet N00b Behaving Badly," you'll want to be sure you're aware of how your actions are most likely interpreted by players around you, both in the field and back in town.

It's worth noting right off the bat that attitudes about farming etiquette vary from PvE to PvP servers, and even from server to server on the same server types. You may find yourself on a rather combative server, where crotchety players will slay players of the opposite faction before allowing them to reach a node first. On other servers (even some PvP servers), Horde and Alliance respectfully yield to whoever clears the area or arrives first at harvesting points. You'll definitely want to keep your eyes open and see what other players on your server are expecting. Try reading the server forums, too, to see if ninja-farming is a frequent bone of contention.

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