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Get your Mojo workin'! [UPDATED]

Are you one of those folks who just absolutely can't live without the cute and cuddly non-combat pets? Well, this morning has turned up news of a surprising new non-combat pet, but we're not convinced that "cute" fits here. The pet is Mojo, the frog long claimed to be obtainable in Zul'Aman via the Amani Hex-sticks. While we're not entirely sure if it was intended or not, it would appear that Mojo is currently available by going to the small camp just outside and slightly to the south of Zul'Aman. I have tested this quest and was actually able to get Mojo on my level 70 Rogue as well as my level 27 Hunter, so one would think that it is likely attainable on most characters.

Of course, the down-side of this particular variant of Mojo is that he doesn't seem to be quite right. Well, that is to say, his texture map looks very low-res/unfinished compared to other frogs in game, and his in-game icon is a grey doll with a blue nimbus around him as opposed to being a frog. However, should you want a Mojo of your own, check out the how-to after the jump!

[UPDATED] - It would appear that this is no longer working and was, in fact, a bug that was hot-fixed today. Blizzard has not issued a statement as yet about whether or not the NPC-given Mojos will remain. If they do say one way or the other, we'll let you know.

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Get exalted with Sporeggar

If you fancy the new Tiny Spore Bat pet, then Sporeggar is the faction for you. While the reputation grind can be daunting and mind-numbing, becoming exalted with the Sporelings is one of the easiest and quickest rep grinds out there.

Mooire of Ferocious Bite, a drood blog, has recently posted a guide to gaining Sporeggar rep, just in time for all the non-combat fans to make a quick grind. After all, if you need one, you simply need it to be had on patch day. How will we co-ordinate with our flying mounts otherwise?

The "Bring me a(nother) shrubbery!" quest is undoubtedly the easiest way to gain reputation, provided you can get into a group for Underbog. Mooire found that each run can yield 20-30 sanguine hibiscus, and at 750 rep per 5 turned in, that's up to 4 500 reputation per dungeon run.

If you have the herbalism skill, Mooire points out that many of the mobs will shed sanguine hibiscus. For rogues and droods, some of the plants can be gained without the aid of a group by stealthing through the dungeon.

Reaching exalted with Sporeggar may bring fashionable benefits as well. After all, what blood elf male doesn't secretly long for the pinky-purple mushroom tabard?

For those of you who are still leveling, or who have seriously neglected this particular faction, then there are other quests and turnins to be done before locking into an Underbog group.

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New loot cards?

A couple of different sites around the net are claiming that the recently leaked photos of the rocket chicken, paper toys and the dragon kite are attached to the latest loot cards from the WoW card game. Previous speculation had linked them to the engineering profession, which wasn't a bad guess considering the new schematics that are already being added to that profession in the next patch.

Now, Dyrk at the Gutterspeak blog claims to have some new information about the rocket chicken, which will apparently be the second rarest item of the three new cards. He claims that it's a small, non-combat pet that launches itself into the air (or accidentally blows itself up) as its idle animation.

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Engineering: 2.3 and beyond

It would be an understatement to say that engineering as a profession has been sorely lacking for quite some time. Although there are those among us who have remained optimistic (and a touch crazy), the upcoming changes in patch 2.3 will do wonders to lift the spirits of browbeaten inventors everywhere.

Yet, the forums are still rife with creative new ideas for the direction of the profession, as well as glaring issues that have yet to be addressed. Today I will be summarizing some of the more ingenius and workable proposals for the future of engineering, highlighting some of the changes that Blizzard has promised to make, and bringing some much-needed attention to the problems that still plague this profession. Even if you aren't an engineer yourself, many of the suggestions for craftable goodies make for an interesting read.

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Kiss a frog, get an epic Enchant scroll

Patch 2.3's Zul'Aman contains quite a few surprises. First, there was the bear mount from the first boss in the new 10-man raid zone. Now, there's voodoo frogs that hand out epic profession scrolls.

Early reports from the PTR claim that the frogs that hang out around the altar/forested area early in the instance are actually humanoids cursed by Forest Troll voodoo. Players can use Amani Hex Sticks looted from Zul'Aman trash mobs to transform the frogs back to people.

Those un-cursed people leave behind money, Amani Charms or sometimes transform into vendors. For sale on these NPCs is various items, possibly including stat food, a new non-combat pet, Mojo and/or a Sealed Scroll Case that contains a random profession recipe scroll. The scroll can even be for an epic recipe.

The new non-combat pet, Mojo, is a blue frog companion with a special talent. If you /kiss Mojo, he will turn you into a frog and whisper sweet nothings into your chat box. Which is why I've always been against PDA (public displays of affection.)

Finally, on your way out of the zone, all the transformed humans will cheer you on your way out. And then, presumably get hexxed back into frogs for the next round of adventurers.

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