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Breakfast Topic: What non-combat pets do you want implemented?

If there's one thing I've learned in the time I've spent playing WoW, it's that people are serious about the cute (and useless) tagalong polygonal pals we call non-combat pets. Blizzard apparently likes them too, since we got ten new ones with the launch of 3.1, as well as achievements to give you even more of them for hitting pet-number milestones. There are enough pets for you to fill every bag slot with them, and enough people who collect 'em to warrant pet toy vendors and whole websites dedicated to 'em.

But I'm not satisfied! In fact, I'll never be satisfied -- not until I get a non-combat Talbaby pet. I even did Blizzard the favor of designing it. See? Who wouldn't want that adorable ungulate following them around? NO ONE. THAT'S WHO.

How about you guys? Is there a specific type of non-combat pet, brand-new model or tiny version of an in-game model alike, you'd love to see? Is there a baby version of some fearsome beast you've scarcely lived without this whole time?

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Still time to get your pet bear and achievement

There's still time to get your non-combat baby polar bear pet and your achievement celebrating the 4th anniversary of the World of Warcraft. All you have to do is log into the game and open up your mail. Many folks thought that the achievement would only trigger if you logged on yesterday, however that doesn't appear to be the case.

People are calling the polar bear pet the "cutest thing in-game." The reaction of "Awwww!!!" can be heard throughout guild chats everywhere. And for those special/cool/nerdy enough, you can even have a polar bear non-combat pet next to a polar bear hunter pet next to a BlizzCon polar bear mount next to a regular polar bear mount.

If you get to have that much polar bear love in one screenshot, you get the achievement "Threat Down: Polar Bears" and are awarded the title "Colbert." The t is silent, of course.

Okay... maybe we're kidding about the title, but it's still cool to be able to do that.

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Four year anniversary pet and feat of strength achievement

Those of us waking up today and tomorrow will log into Azeroth and find in our mailboxes a little Baby Blizzard Bear non-combat pet. This pet will also give you a feat of strength achievement celebrating World of Warcraft's four years online.

This is a nice little way for Blizzard to thank all of us for spending years in the game. With over 11 million people playing WoW, and Wrath becoming a hit overnight, there's definitely a lot of celebrating to do over at Blizzard HQ.

The little bear that you get looks a like a small version of the BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount those of us lucky enough to attend BlizzCon this year got. It's a perfect traveling companion for you as you adventure around Northrend.

The pet is active on US, EU, and Oceanic servers.

Thanks to Mangowire for sending us the pics you see below.

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Breakfast Topic: Non-combat uses for combat spells

Obviously, all of our classes have a bunch of combat spells, and we use them in combat all the time. But when it comes to standing around the city, all of us might as well be clowns mocked up in different outfits, because we don't use our magic unless we're killing something. Of course there are also a lot of non-combat spells, such as mages summoning food and water, or warlocks summoning you and me. But is there any use to some of our combat spells for those times when we're not in combat?

The greatest non-combat use I can think of for combat spells is in roleplaying, such as the frost-mage gnome I featured in an article, who had such a horrible cold all the time -- she would sneeze and Frost Nova at the same time for a really fun character effect. I'd love to hear some more of these roleplaying ideas, but I'd also like to hear from non-roleplayers as well. How do you use your spells to entertain yourself or your friends, without killing something at the same time?

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Breakfast Topic: Toys

We play this game called World of Warcraft, and naturally it's about war, various sorts of fighting and skirmishing and so on. Most activities are involved in this fighting in one way or another, even if indirectly.

But we also know that some things in the game have absolutely no effect on your fighting skills whatsoever, and yet these are some of the items in highest demand. Non-combat pets, unique mounts, cute outfits, and so on.

So now imagine that you get hired for Blizzard just to design more of these non-combat items. What kinds of items would you create? What would you make players do in order to get them? What do you think they would add to the game that isn't already there?

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