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Kotaku launches "An idiot in Azeroth"

Northshire quest giver
Yesterday a new series of articles began on Kotaku: "An idiot in Azeroth," written by Mark Serrels as he chronicles is very first time playing through World of Warcraft. Poor Mark may be in over his head--he is only vaguely aware of what WoW is or how it works. It took him 15 minutes to figure out how to turn the tutorials on so he would know how to play. He got eaten by a wolf and squished by a murloc. Sound familiar?

The most delightful part of reading about Mark's first exploits into Azeroth is the knowing grin it brings to my face. Ah, yes -- those days! I remember that. I remember wandering aimlessly through the starting zone, trying to figure out where to find that quest item I needed, getting turned around in the woods, and getting eaten by wolves. Each of us only gets to discover Azeroth once, and reading about Mark's first forays into that world are the closest any of us will ever be to reliving the experience. I can't wait to see where it takes him. if we're lucky, perhaps it will make him one of us.

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n00bz now pwnable... err, purchasable from Blizzard store

Originally previewed at BlizzCon 2009, the new collectible n00bz figures are now in the Blizzard online store. These are small, customizable action figures that are available in either a blank version or in a variety of pre-painted models from murlocs to ghouls and even Ragnaros himself. Blizzard has said they'll slowly be releasing more of these little guys as time goes on and has already offered a limited-edition n00b this past BlizzCon of Raynor from StarCraft.

So, check out the n00bz and send us your pictures of them in strange places, or grab some blank n00bz and paint up your own. If you're looking for some ideas, here is a gallery of some custom n00bz that were on display at BlizzCon this past year.

Gallery: Noobz

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Patch 3.3 PTR: New tutorial system to be bigger, better

Patch 3.3 has had a lot of awesome small tweaks aimed at improving the starting experience for new characters and new players, likely in preparation for Cataclysm. In addition to streamlining the first few levels, Blizzard has added something else to the latest patch notes: A new tutorial system. According to the patch notes, the tutorial windows will now be larger and contain pictures and other visual cues to better direct new players where to go, what to do, or what buttons to press on the UI. In addition, new tips have been added, and other existing tips will appear at more opportune moments.

With this, we have yet another good example of Blizzard's preparations going into Cataclysm. Despite having somewhere north of 10 million players, they aren't resting on their laurels, but are adjusting their game to invite in even more players, making it easier for them to get into the game, and ushering in a new era of the newbie (in a good way) for the expansion.

Sunday Morning Funnies: Good for what ails you

It's only October, and yet the cold and flu season has arrived. I'm fighting mine off with the usual prescription; soup, tea and tissues, some raiding, and of course, the Funnies.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Swing it

Dark Legacy ComicsToday is the beginning of Brewfest, and with it comes the opportunity to finally get your Violet Proto-Drake. Before you jump into the festivities, why not read through the latest batch of WoW-related web comics?

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Mohawked

Welcome to another Sunday Morning Funnies, er, Shortlist Edition. It may not be as long, but the love is still there. As always, post your tips and links in the comments section, and try not to cry. Your other favorite web comics will update soon!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Unlikely transformation

World of Warcraft, eh?It's Sunday Morning Funnies Time! Coincidentally, this could coincide with Peanut Butter Jelly Time, if that is how you roll at breakfast. Today we explore the origin of a mysterious sound, find out how Worgen came to be Druids, and then escape from a Blizzard dungeon, all while drinking our morning coffees.
  • Dark Legacy Comics: Clink Clink. Well that is one way to save money, isn't it?
  • Check out the latest from LFG. Pay extra special attention to the discovery made in panel six, because it isn't made by looking!
  • Teh Gladiators: I Am Your Father. I wonder if martial arts are a rat racial ability?
  • The Scout Report #75 suggests that Scout may be stuck as a Gnome for awhile. She may be slow to take a hint, but she eventually figures it out, although that fight probably would've been amusing.
  • Noobs: The Deadmines. I think someone is about to get schooled in loot etiquette.
  • Beyond the Tree: Staggering Knowledge.
  • NPC: Kiblets.
  • NPC: Tail of Escape Part 1 and Tail or Escape Part 2. Part two is so awesome and adorable that I can't even begin to comment!
  • WoW eh: Yes, Google Is That Old. I love how disinterested the Worgen looks in the last panel.
  • Cru the Dwarf: The Exorcist. I love the artwork in this one!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Bow chicka wow wow

It's the last weekend in August, and the summer is slipping away. To soothe you, here's your regularly scheduled dose of WoW-related comic goodness. Well, except for the chicken. That's just a wee bit traumatizing.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Stop your orating

Howdy folks! I'm pleased to announce that not only do I have another list of newly updated comics for your enjoyment, I also have news, and not the sad "Fargo is leaving" or "Ding! did it again" news.

The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf has moved to a fancy new location! It is sleek, and less orange, which is what I was going to say before I checked the old site and realized that it isn't orange at all. Was it ever orange, or did Blogspot's icon somehow imprint this into my brain?

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Breakfast Topic: Pranks

I love in-game pranks. One of the first things our Guild Master did when we downed Patchwerk was to tell the entire raid to run through the frogger slimes, telling them to hit the slime to "get their buff". Sure enough, all the players who had never been to Naxxramas or read much about it proceeded straight through the gauntlet. The next thing we knew, there were corpses strewn all over the place and our GM proclaimed himself The Noob Killer.

Back in the days of vanilla WoW, one of our favorite things to do to new raiders was initiate them by telling them to go up to the 'window' behind Golemagg the Incinerator to take a peek at Ragnaros. Hilarity ensued and repair bills skyrocketed. I certainly enjoyed the brewfest brew trick on Sapphiron, although that might warrant some serious -DKP.

One of our officers' favorite tricks is to tell guildies to meet him in some major city, telling them he was going to give them something. When they finally get there, he pops a macro that strips him naked and casts Mirror Image, yelling, 'SEXYTIME!' No repair bills here, but seeing four naked trolls is certainly not worth the trip. How about you? What silly pranks have you played on guildies or friends (or even enemies)? What pranks have been played on you?

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Insider Trader: The complete final stretch

For months now, Insider Trader has been diligently planning out routes to maximize your profession skills in ways that are efficient, profitable, and quick. Each week, you've stepped up and added your comments, thoughts, and professional secrets so that we can all benefit.

I've aimed to replace the boredom, tedium, frustration and bankruptcy that has been the experience of many crafters, with balance, profit, knowledge, and even (gasp) fun.

Now, as we round out the series, let's take a look through the guides that, together with their comments sections, will send you on a straightaway to 375.

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Getting Death Knights epic in only 25 levels

Boomslang has an interesting point of view on the fact that in the next expansion, Death Knights will start at level 55. We've heard his concerns that there'll be too many Death Knights floating around, but he says that starting them out at level 55 is, in his words, "cheap." Every other class, he says, had to roll up from one, so why should Death Knights be any different?

The given answer is something that we heard at BlizzCon last year: Blizzard wants this Hero class to be epic in a way that no other class has before, so they don't want anyone who can literally command death running around as a level one noob. But does that justify cutting off more than half of the Death Knight's lifespan? Can a class that you started past the halfway point really be as epic as that Hunter or Warlock that you leveled to 80 all the way up from level 1?

Again, we don't yet know exactly how a Death Knight is created -- maybe there's something in the quest to get one that will explain what's going on here. And other people say that just letting the Death Knight start at 55 isn't enough -- if you get a character to level 80, you should be able to get a head start with any class, without having to go back and do all the lowbie quests again. We'll see in the expansion if Blizzard can make a class that you level only 25 levels feel as epic as they say it will.

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Newcomers in the WoW community

Most games have a beginning and an end -- if people want more, the developers produce a sequel. But games like WoW are different, of course, because everyone is paying by the month in order to play together, and the developers are constantly adding some new content revising the old.

As time goes by, though, a rift appears between people who have been playing a long time and people who are just getting started. Not only does the game development company have to make some hard decisions about whether it's more important to keep people playing every month or to get new people to start from the beginning, but the old players have to figure out how the new ones are going to fit into the social system they've developed.

The Burning Crusade tried to appeal to both sorts of gamers, with added content for both ends of the player community, but Wrath of the Lich King is taking another direction, with most of its content only for people who are ready to leave Outland behind. But the patch 2.3 changes reveal a different strategy for attracting new WoW players: rather than adding new content to attract new players, Blizzard can just make the old content faster, more streamlined, and get new players into the new higher-level content more reliably. Will this keep new players coming? Does Blizzard even need new players, financially speaking, or are they content to just try and keep all the existing players subscribing for as long as possible?

Either way, a more vital issue is at stake: As the WoW community has gotten older, we have noticed some old-time WoW players like to complain about "noobs" a lot, in a way that doesn't leave any room for new people to join in on the activities. For a newcomer, it feels like an exclusionist attitude. The "noobs" are running around in all the wrong gear, using all the wrong strategies, precisely because no one has interacted with them enough for them to learn how things are done here. Some aspects of WoW are not at all easy or intuitive, and it's counterproductive to blame the noobs instead of reaching out and lending a helping hand where appropriate.

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WoW Moviewatch: Fishing for Noobs

The hunters in this video use a rather... inventive way of ganking low-level players. Consider the movie a public service announcement -- be careful what you attack, as it may bite back in nasty ways!

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