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Nymh of EU Drek'thar first to level 80

Reports of the first character to reach level 80 are flooding in, and there are screenshots to back it up. Congratulations to Nymh of EU Drek'thar on your achievement! Nymh's Armory displays her (him?) as an SL/SL Warlock, which I've been told is an exceptionally good grinding spec, especially when coupled with a healer. Judging by her buffs in the full screenshot, it looks like she just may have had a pocket healer on the journey to 80. A Discipline Priest, specifically. Whether the Priest was there the whole way through or just happened to be partied with Nymh at that moment, we're not really sure.

That screenshot also seems to be from the Grizzly Hills, which is roughly a mid-70s zone. Nymh may have dinged 80, but she still has plenty of content ahead. I hope the trek to 80 was an enjoyable one! How long until you start leveling your alts, Nymh?

[via MMO-Champion]

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WoW Moviewatch: My Name is Nyhm

Nyhm of Hard Like Heroic, Ni Hao and Pretty Fly for a Draenei is back with a rapping parody about that guy we all know. The guy who has nothing better to do than grief other players out of boredom. The one who spams trade channels with nonsense. As with most of Nyhm's work, some content may be NSFW!

[Thanks, Selserene!]

If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

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L70ETC, Video Games Live will both perform at WWI

Just in case you were worried about whether or not you'd see Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain live at Blizzard's upcoming Worldwide Invitational event in Paris, worry no more -- they'll be there. Both L70ETC and the Video Games Live orchestra will be performing at WWI, just as they did last year at BlizzCon '07.

Should be a great show on both counts. Does make us wonder, though, what Blizzard is planning for BlizzCon this year -- a repeat of last year's performance would be nice and all (and we have no doubt that no matter who else plays, L70ETC will definitely have to be there, considering that they're made up of Blizzard employees), but maybe we'll get some new blood in the mix? Jonathan Coulton is definitely a name that springs to mind -- even if he's not specifically a Blizzard guy, his music is very familiar to WoW fans of all levels.

Who else could they hire? Nyhm? Felicia Day to host? As fun as Jay Mohr was, seems like after all the taunting last time, he just might be trouble to get again -- Blizzard might as well choose someone that WoW fans want to see.

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WoW Moviewatch: Assassinate

When I first saw this video, I couldn't believe how horrible the rapping was, or why it was in such a low voice. Curious, I checked out the music video that it was parodying, Concentrate, by Xzibit. It turned out that Nyhm's version is actually better by a long shot.

Nyhm, rebounding from his disastrous Pretty Fly for a Draenei, decided to make a video, Assassinate, for the rogues. Apparently, he likes to hide out on alts and has grown to love the class. The machinima is designed to fit around the song. While not flashy, it does the job just fine.

Excellent comeback to PFfaD, Nyhm!


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WoW Moviewatch: Pretty Fly for a Draenei

Machinimist Nyhm of Hard Like Heroic and Ni Hao fame is at again. This time he mashes together a 9 year old Offspring song with the lore of the Draenei to explain why those blue skinned Alliance freaks are always on the run. Bonus: Davey Jones squid face reference!

[via WarcraftMovies]

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WoW Moviewatch: Just Loot It

Though you may argue Nyhm's singing ability, you can't debate that he's a clever lyricist with a talent for WoW-humor. So if you've enjoyed Nyhm's previous work, chances are you'll enjoy his latest, produced for Warcry. (And if you don't? My magic 9-ball suggests trying again later.) While you may not agree with Nyhm's seemingly pro-ninja message here, I doubt you can make it to the end without cracking a smile.

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WoW Moviewatch: Hard like heroic

Today's MovieWatch features another silly piece by Nyhm of Can't Pug KZ and (more recently) Death Knight Spree fame. I'm also sure many will be glad to hear this; Summergale is back helping her favorite Blood Elf Warlock out in this video too. Be advised the video is one great big sexual reference, and therefore is extremely mildly NSFW. But there again, we know you're not wasting time at work, right?

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WoW Moviewatch: M A.G.E.

In the newest video from Nyhm, creator of Can't PuG KZ and Death Knight Spree, we're treated to his newest spin on things going on in WoW. This time around Nyhm actually decided to jump from his beloved Warlock and give us the skinny from another caster class -- the Mage! This one features a parody of a 50 cent song and some pretty witty observations about Mage group utility and abilities. We all know Mages are the best snack machines in game, but you have to admit that Nyhm's served this tasty Mage treat up with style.

Bon Appétit!

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WoW Moviewatch: Can't PuG KZ

Apparently you can't PuG Karazhan -- which is to say you can't successfully raid "KZ" with a Pick-Up-Group of random players -- but that doesn't stop Nyhm, who, in the spirit of Weird Al, brings us another of his own lip-synced machinima music videos about World of Warcraft-related acronyms (his first one was OP). He's picked up quite a bit of notoriety since his first music video, and he even has a commercial in this one.

He also uncovers the mystery of the secret origin of the draenei.

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WoW Moviewatch: Just so OP

Nyhm is a blood elf warlock who is just so Over-Powered that he wants to sing about it. In the spirit of Weird Al (you might recognize the tune) he brings us his declaration of just how OP he is.

The thing I like about this is how he pronounces "OP" as if it were "oappie" or "oh, pee." It's a good song to bring a smile to your face.

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