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Forum post of the day: Epic choices

Even without a release date, we can all feel Wrath looming. Whether it's pouring over the new specs as soon as they become available, saving materials for future Death Knights, or leveling up an alt to send as a main character to Northrend, we're all prepping to take our adventures into Northrend. Many wonder how far their gear will carry them toward level 80.

Many players were frustrated that their hard-earned gear was quickly reduced to obsolescence in Burning Crusade, and fear that that will happen again. Manbearppig of Frostwolf wants to know if gearing up a character now will be a good way to spend time. Some point out that better gear earned now will translate into easier leveling in the future. In a similar thread, MVP Faizaniel of Dragonblight stated:
My scrubby non-purple gear is getting replaced pretty fast; high-end gear, not so much. While it's unlikely that you're keeping much from level 70 at level 80, it's really up to you whether the benefits of getting to use the nice gear now, and having it help you level more quickly once Wrath comes out, are worth earning the gear now.

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Nefarian says buff warriors!

So the guild Obsolete on Azjol-Nerub decided to run Blackwing Lair one last time to get their shiny Tier 2 pieces. According to the warlock Evriya, everything worked okay up until Nefarian, who did three class calls in 15 seconds and then turned all the living casters and rogues into warriors. Yes, turned them into warriors, complete with rage bars.

I did not believe this at first, but Obsolete has some pictures and videos of a paladin with rage bars up. Evriya believes that everyone somehow got stuck in berserker stance. After some urging from forumgoers, the guildmates went to a warrior trainer to see if they could train extra spells, but were instead stuck with a bunch of mana-using spells and no mana to use them with. They took it all in stride, though, inviting people to come make a level one alt on their server and "duel the one and only Rageadin."

Luckily for Obsolete, GMs went and fixed their characters one by one, so there won't be any 25-man all-warrior raids in the near future. Best thread comment: "So that's where all the rage went!"

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