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What to expect when you're expecting patch 5.4

poor xan'tish
You might not be completely familiar with all that's coming in WoW's next major content patch, set to be released on September 10th. That's understandable, because there is quite a bit coming; this one is surely a doozy. To make sure that you've got all your mechanical chickens in a row as patch 5.3 draws to its inevitable close, Community Manager Daxxari has posted a nice, comprehensive guide of all the things you can expect from the patch and how to be properly prepared for them. There are class changes, new currency, a new PvP season, the Timeless Isle, some changes to professions, as well the end of the stories of Battlefield Barrens and the current incarnation of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

With the end of this patch, and all the big changes that the new one is bringing, it makes sense to have perhaps a small bucket list of things to accomplish before the 10th. A few things in particular you might want to do include: The post also includes some useful tips on how to make sure the patch update goes smoothly, and where to go for help if it doesn't. Be sure to check out the entire thing over on the WoW official site, and good luck getting ready for patch 5.4!

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New features coming to Brawler's Guild in patch 5.3

c'thun faces down the brawler's guild
For those of you who have mastered the secrets of the Brawler's Guild and are hungry for more, community manager Crithto has some potentially tantalizing things to look forward to in patch 5.3! Members will now have the opportunity to achieve rank 10, and there will be eight new boss encounters against which to test your strength. Those bosses are being kept purposefully under wraps for now - no head starts on strategy, folks!

Another new addition will be an item called a Challenge Card. Using a Challenge Card will give the player a quest that allows for yet another new encounters to be unlocked. In addition, once you've defeated a boss, you can speak to the Challenge Card NPC for the opportunity to revisit the fight if you so desire. So for those of you who have been wanting the ability to face down a boss more than once, your wishes shall soon come true. Also available will be player VIP lounges - for those of you with a high enough ranking, of course! There will be unique Alliance and Horde areas, but if you play Alliance and have completed the 5.1 quest lines, you may already have a passing familiarity with your spot.

Happy brawling in 5.3, and a good shiner to you!

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Cataclysm hotfixes for Dec. 27

Community Manager Zarhym's list of Cataclysm hotfixes has received yet another update Dec. 27. I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat when I first saw today's list. Is that a Tol Barad fix? Be still, my beating heart! Has Blizzard finally -- Wait. Never mind. The fix won't really fix anything. Still, maybe it's a sign Blizzard's noticed how broken the zone is. Here's the fix, along with a few other interesting changes:
  • Winning as an attacker in Tol Barad now rewards players with 1,800 honor points, up from 180. Winning as a defender still rewards players with 180 honor points.
  • Vashj'ir archaeology dig sites no longer unlock for players. They felt too punishing without additional benefits compared to low-level sites and were much more difficult to obtain artifacts in due to the way Vashj'ir navigation works.
  • Gyreworms, Enormous Gyreworms, and Gorged Gyreworms no longer drop money or elite-level loot.
For a complete list of the latest hotfixes, check after the break.

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