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Forum Post of the Day: The ten commandments of PvP

There aren't really any hard and fast rules to PvP success, but there may be some guidelines worth keeping in mind. Like these, a list of ten "commandments" and six etiquette suggestions from Anacin of Thrall. Of course, everyone has their own opinions, but Anacin gives us a good start.
  1. If you do not enjoy PvP, play on a PvE server.
  2. There are usually several zones to choose from for your level. If one is overrun with the opposing faction, choose another zone to quest, grind.
  3. If you get ganked by a high level player, get up, dust off, and keep fighting.
  4. If you are getting camped over and over, ghost, and move to a different zone.
  5. Travel with friends to keep the ganking to a minimum.
  6. Be alert. Players will often attack you in the middle of a fight with a mob.
  7. Stand and fight when you can. Some of PvP is human nature and no one likes a pansy.
  8. There are always players willing to help if some rogue is having fun at your expense. Use the chat channels to call for some back-up.
  9. PvP is war! If it moves and you can kill it, do it!
  10. If you find yourself throwing things at your three-hundred dollar monitor, seek immediate psychiatric help. It's only a game!
And for general etiquette -- if you're in the mood to be polite? He suggests the following...
  1. If an opposing player is grey to me, I leave them be.
  2. I avoid enacting revenge. It wastes time, and nets me nothing.
  3. I will either wait for a player to finish a battle, or I will help them kill a mob before I attack them.
  4. If I beat a player, I move on. I do not 'camp' the corpse.
  5. If I am traveling with a high level friend, I ask them to stay out of my PvP battles.
  6. If PvP gets aggravating, I log on an alt on a PvE server and take a break from it.
And poster Sylviarafael adds in the following simple advice for those playing on a PvE realm who don't wish to involve themselves in PvP at all:
  1. Don't type /pvp.
  2. When you mouse over something else on the screen, if it says "player", do not attack it.
  3. If a player in your own faction is green (not blue), don't heal or buff them.
  4. If you somehow manage to screw up 1, 2, or 3, and end up dead. Wait five minutes. Heck, make it six. Go take a facilities break or check the forums or something. Then, go back to your body and rez. You've lost six minutes. Take a deep breath and move on.
So, anyone else have helpful PvP advice to add in?

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Forum Post of the Day: Randomly funny things in Outland

Have you seen anything in Outland that's just made you stop and laugh? Commenters in this thread are sharing the humorous things they've found in Outland, starting with this random chatter you'll find if you idle in Honor Hold for very long:

Magus Filinthus says: A mailbox? Well is that not the salt on the wounds! Twenty years cut-off from the world and now a mailbox! WONDERFUL!

Ah, so many funny moments, so little time.

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Forum Post of the Day: Mr. Trade Channel Price Police Guy

If you've ever tried to sell anything over a public channel, I'm sure you know this guy. As soon as you announce the price, there's always at least one person who's happy to chime in and explain, with a lol or two, how there's no way that item is worth that much and how either you are an idiot or anyone who might buy for you is an idiot. Always a fun conversation -- but, really, you're going to have to read this post by Undertow in order to get a proper appreciation of Mr. Trade Channel Price Police Guy.

See previous forum posts of the day.

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Forum Post of the Day: Will you miss 40-man raids?

Foton over at AFK Gamer pointed me in the direction of this post, which asks how many people out there are going to miss the 40-man raidstravaganzas that we won't be seeing in the Burning Crusade? I sort of agree with Foton, who says, "I'm not missing them even now as we wait around for the expansion to go live." Of course, not everyone agrees on these things -- for various reasons. Sure, such a large group of players gave encounters a great epic feel, but less-so when it's 20 people paying attention and carrying the weight of 20 people idly tapping keys while watching TV.

See previous forum posts of the day.

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Forum Post of the Day: Will Blood Elves be that bad?

Blood Elf paladinSome people have predicted doom and gloom as the result of the introduction of the Blood Elves to the Horde side of the game. A "pretty" race will only bring the worst elements of the Alliance over to the Horde side, some argue. And the flood of rerollers -- Horde and Alliance alike -- will be social outcasts in Horde culture, which has in part defined itself in opposition to such conventional beauty. This poster ponders whether the Blood Elves will end up being something of a third faction, disliked by both Horde and Alliance. Me? I wouldn't be surprised to see some anti-Elf movements in the weeks following the release of the expansion -- but I will be surprised if it's not all but forgotten in a couple months' time.

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Forum Post of the Day: 12 Nights of Raiding

Since it's clearly impossible to go through the holiday season without at least a few dozen parodies of The Twelve Days of Christmas, I offer this thread, courtesy of Rhelk from Maelstrom. In which we see a raider's perspective on the holiday's festivities. And if you don't like the original poster's take on the subject? Join the sing-a-long and add your own verses!

Here, I'll get you started off:

On the first day of Raiding, my GM gave to me...

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Forum Post of the Day: I rolled a healing class because...

Tauren druidAs a priest, I can relate. I rolled a healing class because I wanted to feel like I was making a serious contribution to any group I was in -- a contribution that you couldn't start the instance run without. Maybe it was a long history of being unable to find healers for groups when playing characters. But I've had my share of rough times at the healing game, and seem to get yelled at for not healing in Alterac Valley as often when I am healing as when I'm not. So why did you roll a healing class? This thread delves into the mysteries of why healers roll healers -- and why not all of them did it to heal. And, hey, if nothing else, it's worth a few giggles.

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Forum Post of the Day: Single player instances?

If you've been playing (and trolling the forums) for any amount of time, you'll know that the argument made here -- for challenging, instanced, single-player content -- is not a new one. This thread has all the usual responses, ranging from definitions of "massively multiplayer" to suggestions that solo instances would be impossible to create to suggestions that class-specific solo instances would be perfect. However, there's a lot of good discussion in the thread -- highlighted by a post by Tseric attempting to explain why this type of content is not feasible.

If it requires too much healing to complete, pure melee or casters are impeded.

If it requires significant amounts of dps, you either have to spec and gear properly for one, single dungeon or pure dps classes simply have a leg up.

If you can't tank or mitigate damage effectively...well, you're dead at the first pull.

Therefore, if you reduce group size and composition to a single participant, the more generic and easy you have to make the dungeon.

And of balancing nine class specific dungeons? Tseric quips, "Do you realize how much time that would take?" And you have to admit -- he's got a point. Would you rather see Blizzard spending their development time working on nine different variations of the same dungeon, or working on nine new dungeons everyone can see?

Of course, as painful as my last PuG was, I might prefer the solo content anyway.

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Forum Post of the Day: Pay to play

Power Word: FortitudeOh, sure, we all pay our $15 a month to play, and I'm not referring to that. No, what I'm talking about is something a bit beyond that -- paying people in-game to play with you. Poster Cruc on the general forums complains of an inability to find priests for groups -- and that the last time he was looking for a healer, the only thing he got was an offer to heal the group in exchange for 2 gold per player. As a priest myself, I've occasionally been offered gold in order to heal people -- as if an offer of gold will suddenly make me forget that I have to log off in 10 minutes. So is this just supply and demand at work? Or is requiring more than a standard share of the loot in order to participate just being greedy?

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Forum Post of the Day: Is this against the ToS?

Poster Gnipgnop claims he's taught his pet cat to play World of Warcraft -- and wants to know whether or not this is a violation of the terms of service. Tseric responds to the thread with a cop out answer -- but inquiring minds really want to know! I've chatted with a guildmate recently about teaching a cat to play World of Warcraft, and we feel that a hunter would be the best class. You'd just have to do some heavy keyboard remapping: bind a fourth of the keys to autoshoot, another fourth to pet attack, another fourth to tab targeting, and the rest to assorted directional movements -- combined with some cats' natural fascination with keyboards, and it could work! (Of course, you would have to take over the controls to tame new pets, sell phat lewts, etc.) So, Blizzard, intelligent people everywhere demand an answer -- is it against the terms of service to teach my cat to play?

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Forum Post of the Day: Guild halls

Though many MMOs do have some type of guild housing available, World of Warcraft doesn't have any such option, nor are there (to my knowledge) any officially acknowledged plans to create them. However, there are players out there who would very much like to see some sort of guild housing in the game -- and some of them have hit up the suggestion forums with incredibly detailed proposals. Poster Kinn presents us with an in-depth (too in-depth to be succinctly summarized) look at what guild halls could be like, and the thread has garnered over 20 pages of mostly positive responses.

So what do you think? Would such a system benefit the game? Would another type of system be better? Or is guild housing a silly idea in the first place?

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Forum Post of the Day: Guilds and the constitution...

Maybe this is just a very sad attempt to troll. Maybe the person posting it is actually trying to be funny. At least I hope so -- because it's very difficult for me to understand how someone could really be this dense. After all, this is America and we all have a constitutional right to be a member of a raiding guild -- and have our choice of phat loots, of course. If you wonder -- like I do -- which constitution the original poster is referencing, poster Mikey makes a good guess:

Congress shall make no law obliging any class to spec a certain way, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom to whine, or to make forum posts; or the right of the people peaceably to raid, and to petition the guild master for a redress of grievances. Furthermore Congress shall not make any law mandating the use of ventrilo, nor shall the burdensome system of Dragonkill Points be applied to any resident, be they citizen or foreigner.


[Thanks, ChrisM]

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Forum Post of the Day: Stupid little wishes

I found this post hiding away in the suggestions forum listing players "stupid little wishes" -- minor (some VERY minor) changes to the game that they'd like to see in the future. Top of the list and a personal favorite is "I wish my guild tabard wasn't tucked into my robe." (What can I say, I've always thought that looked sort of silly.) Do you have your own list of Warcraft's little annoyances? Perhaps you should add them to the thread and we'll see if any of them get changed in the long run. (Not that I'm saying it's likely, but anything is possible!)

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Forum Post of the Day: Blood Wars of the Bloodsails

Bloodsail reputationNot familiar with the Bloodsail Buccaneers? Well, for those of you out of the loop, the Bloodsails are pirates, and mortal enemies to the goblins of Booty Bay. Some inhabitants of Azeroth have chosen to pursue a pirates' life -- but many become discouraged when they realize they've given up access to all goblin cities and questgivers. So it's no surprise that the Bloodsails have banded together to demand more recognition and benefits befiting their status.

Yarr, mateys!

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Forum Post of the Day: Where's the flavor?

Draenei priest quest text
This thread brings up an interesting point about the minute differences between the various races. As far as gameplay goes, rarely is there any significant advantage to playing one race over another. So where is the flavor? Shouldn't the different races have a different feel to them -- beyond different skin textures and flirts? Priests get special class abilities based on their race, so why not expand the idea to the other classes, and give each racial option a unique feel?
I would personally argue that the priest racial abilities are a complete failure, with several very powerful abilities and many useless or nearly useless abilities, causing constant conflict within the class. But that's not to say the concept is flawed, just that any such abilities would have to be very carefully considered.

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