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Ghostcrawler returns to the conversation, talks about hit and expertise on tanking gear

Wrath saw an amazing level of developer communication with the community. In Cataclysm, that's shifted more toward a one-way conversation of large brain dumps that occur every month or so. Today, however, we have a surprise post from Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer) saying that he's going to be having more conversational blog postings at a greater frequency.

This is great news for the community -- we'll have more of an insight into the design decisions happening at Blizzard, understand better why folks like Ghostcrawler are making the choices they are, and no doubt get that mystical pony.

The main point about Ghostcrawler returning, as written by him, is:

When we started these blogs, the idea was to foster developer communication to the players without some of the inherent problems of posting in forums. Some players have pointed out recently, and we totally agree, that the blogs up until now have been from a very high vantage point. We looked for topics with universal interest that would feel important and newsworthy. That has worked overall, but we also feel like we've lost something from when I used to be down in the metaphorical trenches talking to players in the forums.

So we're going to try something a little different. We're going to unleash some blogs that are much more conversational and less proclamational (that's a word now). If we deliver on this, it will hopefully feel like you're eavesdropping on our design meetings. You won't always learn a lot about exciting new features coming to the game, but you will (ideally) learn something about the design process itself. (When we have big, exciting news to share, or 'State of the Game' style blogs, we'll still do those as well.)

Ghostcrawler's full post, along with all the tanking discussion, after the break. And for the record, his post is titled "Coffee with the Devs." Just remember, he likes gin in his coffee (although what kind, we don't know ... yet).

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