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The Queue: The Hugh Hefner of Dragons

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about Dragon Age: Origins. Adam Holisky be your host today.

I want to be sure I mention a few things to start off the week with.

First, thank for all the wonderful questions lately! The variety and in depth thought being put into them makes this column much more fun to write. If you do have a question for us, just leave a comment or send us a tip and we'll try to answer it. If we don't answer it, leave it again. We can get upwards of 60 or so questions a day, and we obviously can't answer all of them.

Secondly, I know we've mentioned this before, but I just wanted to reiterate. Ask A Lore Nerd has become part of the Queue, so we'll answer a couple lore questions each week. The take quite a bit longer to research and fact check, so the answers won't be as often as normal gameplay and theory questions, but we'll still get to them!

In fact, let's start off with a lore-ish question now.

Jealouspirate asks...

"What's with all these dragons and their consorts?"

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Argent Tournament rewards found

MMO Champion has posted some of what are believed to be rewards from the Argent Dawn Tournament coming to the servers, and they are pretty awesome. All of the rewards will apparently be purchased with a new currency called Champion's Seals, and those will be earned from doing dailies, some instanced activity (likely a type of mounted combat -- think PvP-esque, but against mobs), and all of the other various tasks the Argent Dawn is lining up for us. The Tournament itself will appear in 3.1 (and Alex has already posted a great gallery of what it looks like on the PTR), but other activities won't appear until a later content patch.

There are epic weapons for everyone (right now priced at 25 seals, though that may change -- the weapons seem to be a little higher 5-man Heroic level), as well as blue boots, belts, gloves, and neckpieces for most classes and specs (all just 10 seals -- about equivalent to the Revered options the endgame reputations). Additionally, you can get tabards for each faction city (at 50 seals, that seems expensive, but they could have a special proc or ability granted with them), you can buy specially colored faction mounts for 100 seals, and at the top of the heap is an Argent Hippogryph for a whopping 250 seals. Seals, it seems, will also be able to be exchanged for reputation commendations, so if you just want to rep up with a certain old faction rep, you can do that, too.

Pretty enticing. We have yet to see how exactly seals will be earned or how easy they'll be to come by, but it seems like Blizzard is planning to make this a catch-all option for endgame in terms of picking up rep, mounts, or gear. Just like the champion tabards let us choose just how we could earn rep for the endgame factions, the Argent Tournament appears to be a chance for folks at level 80 to pick up whatever rep or options they like by doing whatever the Tourney offers.

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