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BlizzCon ticket sales open thread

We will be tracking ticket status throughout the ticket sales process this evening, once they start up roughly an hour from now. That will get a status post all for itself here on our front page, which we will update throughout the evening. This post is not that post. This post is's ticket sales open thread! What's an open thread, you ask? Wikipedia says, "An open thread refers to a blog post where readers may comment and discuss any topic that they choose."

Looking for entertainment while waiting in the ticket sales queue tonight? This is the place to be. I'll kick things off with a link in the comments below. Join me and jump right in! Oh, and while you're here? If you haven't entered our Ethereal Soul-Trader contest yet today, you really should.

Filed under: BlizzCon's "I'm waiting for the priest info to drop" open thread

Since there's a lot of you up with the staff tonight waiting on the priest class announcement, we've decided to throw up an open thread here on the site. It's our first one of these, so let's see how it goes.

What's an open thread? From Wikipedia:
Basically, talk about whatever you want. I'm going to start posting stupid music videos and 4chan links. The only restriction is that the comments cannot be inappropriate -- both language and link wise. Depending on how this goes, we might do this again tomorrow night or in the future.

So... open thread go WoW multiverse!

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