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Remixing an Orgrimmar Guard transmogrification

Remixing the Orgrimmar Guard for transmogrification
Two weeks ago, we took the Stormwind Guard on a shopping trip and got them a whole new wardrobe. This week, we're giving the Orgrimmar Guard the same treatment and then stopping at Gallywix Pleasure Palace on the way back for mai tais.

When I first started planning a new look for the Orgrimmar Guard, I thought I'd look to Garrosh Hellscream for inspiration. Both his outfits in Wrath of the Lich King at Warsong Hold and now in Cataclysm as the new warchief show off a darker look to the Horde that I wanted to capture. Walking through the streets of Orgrimmar these days, you see a city that has become more militaristic and uniform, and the old guard outfit doesn't quite fit in anymore. Even the Horde banners are a darker red than they once were, which doesn't match the red shoulders and accents of the old guards.

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Transmogrify your way into the Orgrimmar guard

So maybe you don't really want to be an esteemed member of the Stormwind guard, or maybe you just don't play a plate-wearing class. Well, there's good news for you -- if you happen to wear leather, that is. The Orgrimmar guard -- not to be confused with the Kor'kron that watches over the Undercity -- has been a fixture in Orgrimmar since the days of vanilla, well before Garrosh's makeover of the city. And the guards all wear the same distinctive outfit, though it isn't anywhere near as fancy as the plate of the Stormwind guard.

Back in the early days of Warcraft, Stormwind was one of the first cities developed, and it got a lot of attention to detail -- like the guards and those fancy helmets they wear. In contrast, Orgrimmar changed several times before finally getting to what we saw in vanilla. Alpha videos of Orgrimmar show how much the city developed between alpha and release. The Orgrimmar guards don't really have any special pieces of gear, nothing that is unique to their particular model like the Stormwind guard.

And back in vanilla, there were a lot of player complaints about how Orgrimmar wasn't really fancy at all, compared to majestic city streets of Stormwind. Regardless of favoritism complaints, there's one good thing about the somewhat bland looking Orgrimmar guard -- they are incredibly easy to copy. In fact, every piece of gear on the Orgrimmar models was taken from armor available to players ... which means it's easy to get your hands on.

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