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Get yourself a Dire Raven in 2.4.2

I've been playing my Hunter lately, and while some Hunters are extremely loyal to their pets (sometimes carrying them through the entire game), I'm not so much -- I switch pets all the time. That's probably why my favorite news from 2.4.2 so far is the little note under the Hunter section: Dire Ravens will now be tameable.

Mania is excited because they're a new form for pets, and they may even be a new family. But I'm more excited because the raven, in its current form, actually also is used as the Night Elf Druid's flight form. Finally, I get my very own Druid to run around and tank for me. Unfortunately, it won't be able to switch into bear form, and Regrowth isn't an option, either, but it will definitely be nice to have another bird of prey in the mix.

No word yet on which abilities they'll have, but if they follow Owls or Vultures, they'll probably come with at least Claw, Dive, and Screech, and maybe Bite if we're lucky. If I can get one that actually says "Caw," or even "Nevermore," I'm totally sold.

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Breakfast Topic: Make up your own mounts

A poster on the forums asked about whether people would like to see spider mounts in the game. It's true he was just asking out of boredom, but to me this actually an interesting question. We have the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal, of course (pictured here, courtesy of Wowhead), but that's more or less impossible to get now, and it's not exactly a spider in any case.

What sorts of new mounts will there be then? Nethaera responded: "I couldn't tell you what possible new mounts there will be. :( Perhaps a little further along we'll have information on more of the fun features that are getting added in with Wrath of the Lich King."

What mounts would you ask Blizzard to put in the new expansion? Flying machines are already going in at some point, and bats and hippogryphs have already been mentioned. How about rideable owls? For land mounts, maybe you could ride on the shoulders of your very own yeti! Better yet, what if we could pilot our own slow, yet moveable siege weapons?

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